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Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School Reviews

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Arts are (obviously) very good. Wish there were more healthy food options in the vending machines, also wish the Ultimate program had been a little stronger. Has been some issues with the administration the past few years but overall it's a great place
I really enjoyed my time there. I graduated in 2015, and have kept in touch with my close friends from there. I'm incredibly grateful because had I gone to another school in the area, I would have no doubt been at minimum an outcast or forced into a corner with all the other students like me (performing arts students), and at maximum bullied recklessly by the sports-focused world of most schools in the United States. Instead I got to go to a school made up entirely of those people in the drama department at a normal school.
This is not a good review but it is the truth.From the first week of 7th grade the talk was about transgender, being gender fluid,bisexual, pangender etc. This school dwells on a persons sexuality. This is a big topic all year. I swear that school brainwashes these young children into being confused about their sexuality. They have walkouts. If a child does not go then the other children single them out and bully them. This is a fact.There is not a lot of respect for the teachers. The big statement is "I feel threatened or intimidated by your words". This is not what I expected the school to be like. It's a Performing Arts School not a circus.There are some good teachers. I do know for a fact that when they have had walkouts a few of the faculty members did not want to go and were forced to by superiors.
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PVPA is great for students who need smaller classes and are interested in the arts. The teachers are very understanding and are overall great humans. In the past two years though there has been a shift and change in power so time will tell if the school will adjust properly and give students support that was lacking before the change. Students are involved in so much of the school, this includes school groups fundraising to do things they are passionate about. It's a good school if your student is involved in the arts or they will not get far as the requirements for graduating are long because of the classes in the major needed to be taking. The school day is unusual as students from 50+ towns come to PVPA.
Overall I had a great five years at PVPA. They make your education and the arts a priority. As well as making sure everyone is included and comfortable
loved it. would do it again
I absolutely loved this school. While some teachers are better than others, overall I felt I got a very high quality education.
The school has several different extra-curricular activities ranging from Ultimate Frisbee to Catalyst Dance Company. There are always opportunities for students to get involved. There are three different dance companies, all with different concentrations of dance. There are five sports teams; girls Ultimate, boys ultimate, Varsity Soccer, JV soccer, and JV Ultimate. There are also many different shows for people to get involved in, and every art is incorporated. Visual Artists make the scenes, and run back stage, dancers choreograph, actors act, and singers are often incorporated into the musicals. The students love the availability of the clubs and the administration is always very supportive of the activities.
If I were to do it all over, I would without a doubt attend PVPA. PVPA is a school that incorporates the arts and creates a safe learning environment for all the students. Its allows students to experiment in different forms of art and offers many platforms to present the art.
Each teacher has a unique teaching style directed to a specific learning style. The problem with that is, if a student does not take well to lectures, for example, then they have to seek extra help. Overall, the teachers are very informed and can thoroughly teach every part of their lesson plans. Most teachers can find a way to make learning more interactive and engaging for the students. All teachers do a wonderful job or incorporating the arts into the curriculum. Most teachers make themselves available for extra help, and are very approachable. I have no problem going to any of my teachers and asking clarifying questions or for extra help.
The only extracurricular activities at this school are mainly ones to help students make their grades or catch up on their missing credits.
I think the academics are very productive as a school, but I think that the scheduling process could improve within the next school year or so.
I honestly couldn't see a reason why someone at PVPA wouldn't feel safe. Everyone here at the school is well accepting of everything and everyone. There wouldn't be a reason that I could think of why someone wouldn't feel safe.
Everything at this school helps students to be a better person and it motivates them to do great. We don't have a wide range of after school activities because the school day is so long, but everyone here at the school supports everyone in some way.
My experience at the school has been an experience that is well unforgettable. Also, I think the thing that makes the school unique is the fact that it is a performing arts school that also focuses on the academics and the well being of the students.
A lot of the teachers at PVPA take the time out to help every student that needs help. I think there a lot of great hard working teachers there at the school, that truly care about the students and their well being. At PVPA, teachers don't look at students as paychecks they look at them at human trying their best to get an education.
Always go above and beyond.
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This school is very accepting and the students are diverse. The teachers are very kind and always try to help you do your best and succeed. Sometimes the administration can be aggravating by not listening to the student body and their opinions.
Every day at PVPA since 7th grade I find myself becoming the amazing person i've always been told I would become. Coming to PVPA has taught me responsibility, compassion, and expectancy. It has shown me the joy and importance of learning knew things. PVPA pushes me a little bit further than I think I can go so that when I go home I know I've achieved something. It gives me hope that I will grow up to be a strong adult who is determined and passionate about my work. It has and will continue to teach me that we never stop learning or growing; there is always room for improvement.
I feel as though my school is extremely safe. There is a proportion of teens at the school who do participate in the use of recreational drugs, but never at school or during school functions. I find that in every situation there is always some one to help whether it's a student or teacher or nurse, there is always someone there to support you. We also have monthly inspections because our school use to be an office building so it needs to frequently be checked for fire safety codes, we also practice fire and lock down drills.
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