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Pioneer Valley High School Reviews

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It was an okay school... There was a lot of unfriendly people when I went there. I got more help at a community college than this school. It's not worth it.
Very good school overall. It's what you'd expect from a typical high school with a little more too it. Teachers and faculty are great.
Very nice high school! Like all schools, it's not perfect but overall, its a nice new school. They have been improving, and that's great. They are also utilizing green energy, which is nice for our environment. Their staff are very comprehensive.
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At Pioneer Valley I feel safe every day when I’m as school. I really like that the teachers go out of their way to help me when I need help. The teachers are nice and they love to help the students.
As a student as Pioneer Valley for 3 years now, I would say it is definitely one of the most pleasant public high schools. It has its quirks and downsides, but coming from an agriculture town it embodies more than just that. Pioneer Valley pushes its students to be the best they can be, and to leave Santa Maria and become successful. It isn’t the best high school in terms of academics or test score, but in terms of happiness and school spirit it is.
The campus is well maintained. The teachers are great and they make an effort to help students and they set a great example for the students. The school offers advanced classes for students who seek a higher education. The school has college advisers on campus to help students make decisions about their future. The school has plenty of clubs and allows students to create their own clubs.
Personally, the drama program at pioneer has been able to provide this amazing atmosphere that most clubs can’t provide, and luckily the school continues to support it. As well, the classes are decent for in allowing me to grow and learn effectively.
The best thing I experienced at Pioneer Valley High School was finding meaningful friendships in people who I had known for years but not very well. I had overall positive experiences playing water polo and swimming, despite few victories. I enjoyed it because through the struggle, I bonded with my teammates. In terms of academics we have many excellent teachers and good AP opportunities. I also felt there were certain events that occurred on campus that created an emotional burden on myself and my peers, including hardships, deaths, and scandals. High school was the site of my first romantic relationship, which was also quite unhealthy and ended in great emotional distress. In large part my high school experience was disappointing as I felt trapped among teachers who I perceived to be uninterested in my success and I did not have many friends at various points.
Really supportive staff, very involved with helping the students achieve academically. There are tons of clubs to choose from that help each individual students find there place and be comfortable in the school. The students are very friendly overall and are very involved with the school. School spirit is very strong and going to support sport events is the fun thing to do.
Overall, PVHS is a pretty great school. As with most high schools, it is what you make of it. Its all about your own perception.
I’ve gone to Pioneer Valley since I was a freshman and could say that I’ve enjoyed my time there. Most teachers I’ve had are very helpful and thorough in the way they teach their subject. There are plenty of clubs and sports to be involved in and they really stress getting their students ready for the next step in their educational career
It's an awesome environment! Everyone's friends with each other. We support our players especially our Football players. Our ASB is very out going and has fun dress up weeks and rallies so everyone can participate in them every other Friday on our school theater.
Attending PVPA has been the greatest decision that I have ever made. They take a different approach to teaching and as a result, students have a boost in self esteem. Small class room sizes allow student and teachers to interact closely with each other leaving little room for failure. From Academics to Performances, teachers/instructors are there to help you succeed and all involved have a wonderful time in a daily basis. I enjoy going to school each and every day and will miss everyone when I graduate.
During my four years as Pioneer Valley, I enjoyed the teachers I had and how helpful they were. I also liked being a part of a diverse and friendly campus.
Pioneer Valley is a good school. It offers multiple classes, many of which are college-level or challenges AP classes. I wish they would offer more electives on different subjects and add more foreign languages. Most of the teachers there are amazing, some should be reviewed for negligence.
Pioneer Valley High School is a good school. Starting off with there beautiful campus which is one of the best in our district. Then our Academics are also one of the best in the Santa Maria area. Overall PV has a great learning environment and is a great school to attend.
The academics should be more focused on, but the sports teams are well recognized and considered the best.
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At Pioneer Valley High School I had the best school years in my life. I would go back and redo it all over again without regrets.
I had suffered bullying due to a car accident I had when I was eleven, but when I started the ninth year at Pioneer Valley High, no one ever called me: SCAR FACE.
I was in MESA. MESA meeting was during lunch time. I had the opportunity to go to UC Santa Cruz, CalPOLY, and many others school to compete. I also would get the Academic Performance award yearly and was awarded the Spanish literature certificate during graduation. I felt that at PVHS I got noticed.
I also joined cross country in the ninth grade and was on the soccer team. I had a blast getting to know my couch and my teachers. The teachers that inspired me and helped me in my education includes Mr. Karamitsos, Mrs.Ruby, Mrs. Peinado, Mr.Casillas, Mr.Flores, Mrs.Lucero, Mrs.Kelly, Mr.Brent, Mr.Glenn, Mr.Harper, and Ilac.
Pioneer provided a large variety of classes, clubs, and programs for all students to participate and take a part in. All students had a wide selection of clubs and sports that they can be a part of. Additionally, Pioneer Valley would put a lot of effort into classes, rallys, dances, programs and field trips in order for the students to make memories, learn, express themselves and enjoy their high school experiences.
I love how at Pioneer Valley High School how teachers are always there for their students. When ever a student is having trouble with anything the teacher is always there for them. I have had a great experience with all my teachers so far. If I could go to any school in the district I wouldn't change schools. The school I am attending right now is honestly the best. I know mostly all the staff members on campus , because I am always talking to everyone. The sports at our school, have a great sports system.
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