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Our international students that have attended and currently attend this school have felt welcomed by the entire school community, been offered a quality education, and were given multiple opportunities to excel both in high school and their college years beyond. We highly recommend this school to future international and domestic parents and students.
Pioneer Valley Christian Academy is an excellent college preparatory school. As an alumna of PVCA, I was well prepared for college and graduate level studies. I knew that my teachers cared about, not only my academics, but also my social and spiritual well-being. I attended PVCA from K-12 and have made life-long friends through my experience there as a student. Currently, PVCA offers many clubs and activities, sports, and college prep courses to a diverse population of students. PVCA strives to have a safe and beautiful campus with a new state of the art athletic facility and Media Center. The faculty and administration are highly qualified professionals who seek to instill a solid education from a biblical worldview to their students. The parents are encouraging, involved and supportive. I would highly recommend PVCA as one of the best schools in Western Mass.
I am an Alumni of PVCA and new parent. While I prepare to raise this child I reflect on my experience at PVCA and consider what kind of educational experience I want for my daughter. I want to partner with a school that will help prepare my child to skillfully negotiate life. I am so thankful that my parents sacrificed financially to send me to PVCA during the most formative years of my life. After graduation I felt prepared from an academic as well as a spiritual, and moral perspective. I know my fellow graduates would agree the faculty and staff at PVCA poured everything they had into us as students preparing us for the uncertainty of life after high school. The small class sizes contributed to a specialized and individual experience. Considering the craziness in the public school climate, Is hard for me to relate based on my positive experience at PVCA, and I can’t wait for the day when I get to walk my precious little girl through the doors of PVCA for the first time.
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The school is a welcoming environment for parents seeking an education for their children that prepares them for college while also incorporating the Bible into their daily curriculum. The teachers and staff are amicable, and willing to confer with parents about their children's progress in the classroom. The facilities are satisfactory, and the recent athletic facility expansion gives students a great place to condition themselves as athletes, or for personal use. As an alumnus of PVCA, I can confidently say that this school has benefited me by more than prepare me for college, and develop my faith in God.
I have been at PVCA since pre school and I enjoy how tight knit of a family it is. Everyone knows everyone and has relationships with the teachers and faculty.
Pioneer Valley Christian School is a place where students are encouraged to do their best not only for themselves, but also for God. The school does an exemplary job of preparing its students for any type of college educational whether local community or ivy league. Because of its small class sizes, students create bonds with each other and with their teachers that are not possible in a large public school environment. Because there are not hundreds or thousands of students, clubs and sports are not on par with public schools. Pioneer Valley Christian School just completed a large state of the art gym to show its new investment in the physical wellbeing of its students.
The teachers want to see you succeed both in college and in life and they sincerely care and pray for you. They over-prepare you for college and academically they better than any public school in the Valley. The school's sports teams are poor but they do show promise with our brand new gym with two basketball courts and a practice and game soccer field, and new tennis courts.
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