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Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School Reviews

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Incredible teachers, the most amazing experiences, and a very tight-knit peer group all make PVCICS an incredible choice for any student. There is a great deal of diversity of interests in the class -- students hoping to become neurosurgeons, fashion designers, experimental physicists -- and everyone brings a unique personality to the classroom. Because of the student:faculty ratio, classes are fairly small, so these personalities are each appreciated to an even greater extent!

The IB program is also a hugely important aspect of the school, and it provides a very rigorous education that many colleges have a great deal of respect for.
The academics at this school is amazing, with the International Baccalaureate program. However, the school does not focus on extracurriculars, athletics, or the experience of their students in the school.
I liked the small size and the teacher to student ratio of the school. The challenging curriculum of the IB has aided me in my journey of being the best student I can be. The diversity and overall liberal mentality of the school makes it easy for students from all backgrounds and identities to feel welcome.
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First off, as a recent graduate student from PVCICS, I can only give my review on the high school.
The school has fantastic teachers who are extremely willing to help the students to learn. They also put in a ton of effort into making sure the students are doing well in the IB program. The IB coordinator is extremely organized with years of experience in IB prior to teaching in this school, which helped my class to navigate through the IB program with minimal confusion. The only thing the school doesn't have is the space and a cafeteria. Other than that, the school is fantastic and I highly recommend it if you want your kids to learn chinese as well!
This school has a great Chinese program that helps all children understand not only the Chinese language but the culture and traditions through learn and school events. PVCICS has a great curriculums for all grades that will be beneficial to every students furture. I love this school's opportunity along with IB curriculum that will help all high school students for college. I would definitely recommend this school to all kids wanting higher level learning.
Small school, but a close community. Been here since 10th grade. This is the only IB Chinese immersion Charter school in Massachusetts.
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