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Pioneer Senior High School Reviews

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I loved the teachers and the staff. They cared about you and they were always by your side. Everyone was friendly. I think that some things could change. Such as, they need to reduce the amount of bullying.
Pioneer is a very good school when it comes to traditional education. The lack of diversity however does not allow students to explore learning of people.
Pioneer is part of a 4-school district that covers quite a lot of surface area around several small towns. It's quite rural and not very diverse, but it certainly has its merits. For those interested in farming, there are classes offered to directly suit those needs and even has a small barn on campus for extra experiential learning. There are several grass soccer fields and a nice turf field for the football team. Since I've left, they've totally refurbished the science labs and renovated the music suites. The music department throughout the entire district was phenomenal. Chorus is offered from 3rd grade up, band and orchestra from 5th grade up. The high school performs a musical every year which is always excellent, with students and community members alike welcome to perform in the pit orchestra. There are also quite a good variety of classes provided, including a decent selection of AP courses offered for potential college credit.
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Pioneer Senior High School is a small town high school with each year's graduating class having just short of about two hundred students. The feeling of community is strong; teachers, faculty, and students know each other by name and are willing to offer help or guidance regarding any subject matter. The population at PCHS is accepting to all genders, race, and identities but can only benefit further by discussing and understanding more about them.
Pioneer is a very small school in a very white community. There is little diversity but the classes available and staff is very good. The administration is decent but not the greatest. the school has multiple college classes to prepare students for college if they choose to do so. The school also has a large quantity of clubs and sports that you can join.
Pioneer Senior High School has been quite a ride from the beginning to the end. I've made some of my best friends being involved with the school and the various clubs it has to offer. The school treats everyone as an equal, and the teachers are personal and care about their students very much. The only downside is that the school doesn't have a lot of diversity, however the diversity that is present in the school is well appreciated, and very well respected.
Amazing arts and music department. The foreign language department is a little lacking though but overall amazing school.
It's an okay environment. The students are very narrow minded and picks on others since there different from eachother. Teachers don't really deal with bullying. Other than that the teachers and learning environment is amazing.
The music and art departments provide the most after-school and extracurriculars therefore creating an environment conducive to creativity. A lot of people are involved in the yearly musical production, whether they are onstage, behind the scenes, or in the pit orchestra-- even community members get involved with that. There is a yearly publication of an art magazine. Instrumental students are permitted to stay after school to take extra lessons or just practice alone. Really anything artistic is promoted in this school.
My favorite experiences from this school include all the non-traditional methods of teaching and outside-the-classroom activities that are still educational. Both of these are extremely memorable things for me and are part of that which I will cherish for the remainder of my life. Out-of-class activities include a number of field trips related to the topic of a particular class and non-traditional teaching methods include incredible educational games and experiential type activities.
There is a great variety of different teachers for different subjects so even if one teaching style doesn't fit with you personally, there are always other classes and topics available to look forward to throughout the day. It's really easy to find several teachers you really mesh with and come to care about and think of as great friends and mentors.
We have soccer, indoor and outdoor track , football, baseball, softball, cheerleading, tennis, swimming and wrestling. Other clubs include musical organizations, foreign language organizations, religious groups, NAtional honor society, and other various groups.
I wouldn't change it for nothing, I was able to be involved in musical organizations and multiple teams and was accepted by all teachers and friends. The teachers are very nice and can almost be like a friend to you. I would go back to this school because it is small enough so you everyone and all the teachers. This school is unique because it gives everyone a chance and involves everyone into all events.
The teachers are very helpful and give students the opportunities the students need to pass. The teacher grades evenly and gives notes in multiple ways. Many of the teachers go to outside class events for school clubs, sports events, and organizations to help support all their students. Teachers come from multiple towns and bring thoughtful insight about worldly events To help students be more worldly and gives students many ways to connect to teachers in everyday lives.
They have the most extracurricular activities i've ever seen. Most kids stay after school to do them in out school.
Parents really support students and focus on there kids grades but also focus on after school actives also
The teachers are very nice and always willing to help you when you have the need.
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I have loved almost every moment I have had at Pioneer. Highlights include joining Pioneer PRO (community service club) and participating in community events; taking field trips to labs, colleges, and theaters; getting inducted into the National Honor Society; and earning top grades, ultimately to be selected as Salutatorian of my senior class. The fact that so many classes, such a variety of technology, and such quality teachers gave me their time makes Pioneer the best high school, in my eyes. I have met so many people and have participated in so many activities - academic and extracurricular alike - that have all influenced me in different ways. I have grown to realize that the small town I live in is actually not that small.
The food at Pioneer is actually not that bad. Every day they is a different special, or the usual alternatives - salads, subs, chicken, or pizza. There is a variety of snacks that has since decreased from the new federal guidelines, but that is not the school's fault. As I lack a lunch period due to the packed schedule that I chose for myself, I have only my peers' opinions to go by. I have frequently heard good remarks about different specials, like double-dog Tuesday and taco Wednesday. Pricing is never usually an issue, because those who cannot afford regular-priced lunches can get reduced-priced lunches or free lunches. My school is very accommodating for those with special circumstances.
Teachers take disciplinary actions only when necessary, and that is not very often. In school suspension is generally the route administrators take in regards to discipline. Administrators are very aware of any activities that are against school policy. Posters hang all around the school with our anti-bully motto, "See a bully, stop a bully. Make a difference." Frequently I hear teachers reminding students of the dress code. "Please take your hat off, sir," rings in the hallways between periods. If students fail to listen, and generally only a select few fall into this category, then either privileges are taken away, such as going to the library during study halls or renting laptops, or students are subjected to lunch detentions or teacher detentions.
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