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Pioneer-Pleasant Vale High School Reviews

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The environment is super friendly with faculty being very involved and helpful. The school is big on sports but I wish they focused more time and money on education and other extracurricular activities other than athletics. A lot of the teachers also coach sports so they don't take teaching the actual class as serious as whatever team they're coaching.
I think this school is decent. It could be better in many ways. I feel like the students don't really get along at times. And the teachers pick and choose their favorite students, and the rest of us don't get the help we need. But we do have really good sports teams and they all work together pretty well.
If I had to re-do high school, I would still go to PHS.
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The food could be worse, so no complaints.
Not many people get in trouble, so it is rare to see dicipline
Sports at this school are fantastic!
The teachers do their very best to give us a great education.
There are plenty of organizations, clubs, and activities that student's can join. Pioneer is a small school so they don't offer tons of options, but there is a variety of organizations to choose from.
We have rules that are zero tolerance with bullying. Bullying is not accepted. The school is very safe and we have security cameras and all the students know all the emergency drills.
I have attended both the schools elementary jr. high/high school. I have gone to this school my whole life. I love it and wouldn't go to any other school. It is a small school in the country by itself,so we aren't even a hometown school, so I have grown up with mostly the same people in my class from pre-k to my current senior year. The teachers, faculty , and staff are really nice and truly to care about the students.
We have a very good principal and office staff. Our guidance counselor is very good as well. They help and encourage us and also like to make things fun when they can. They have set good rules about not tolerating bullying and violation of the dress code.
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