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The IT here clearly fail to prove that they are competent in their job. I once took my chromebook to the IT room because one of the keys stopped working, I sat in the room as they tried to fix it for almost a whole period, and eventually they gave up and told me that they will get it back to me later. I didn't get it back until almost 2 weeks later. The same problem happened a second time, but instead I googled the problem and fixed it in about 3 minutes.
From the very beginning of attending this school, it didnt take me very long to see how the administration at this school views its students as inferior, and takes every opportunity to express this. If the plan of this school is to prepare its students for adulthood and independence, over-restricting them like they are small children is far from the best approach. The incompetent teachers that are frequently being hired here prove the seriousness of the teacher shortage in Indiana. In a few classes I would have to open the book in my free time and learn the material myself, since the new teachers and their 'innovative teaching strategies' failed to teach me anything. With each passing day, the food (if that's what you want to call it) is getting exponentially worse. I understand that there are health guidelines that the lunch foods must follow, but I believe they can be followed without making the food look like plastic furniture store decorations.
It is of my utmost belief that most of the teachers don't actually have degrees from college, this theory is pointed to by the fact that there are criminally underqualified for their job, they are the "bottom-of-the-barrel" when it comes to teachers. There are some genuinely good teachers though, but they are few and far between. The school has double standards for athletes though, giving football players special help rather to people that actually need such help. Administration is completely incompetent, making assumptions instead of coming to actual logical conclusions. This includes but doesn't exclude jokes, and reading of controversial literature. Screw this School
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To give you an idea about how bad this school is. Imagine a less enjoyable version of prison, that is my school. This school, although having some genuinely good teachers, those are few and far between. Instead there are straight out of Ivy Tech (No Offence) teachers with new teaching "strategies" that make the class incomprehensible, making such things as homework needlessly complex. Another point to be made is the IT Department is absolute trite that doesn't know what they are doing, literally hiring substitute teachers as a IT Technicians, showing the shortage of workers needed to run the school. A lot of classes tend to be so incompetent at teaching material, making class so dumbed down that to stay ahead of the curve of such classes requires ignoring lectures and reading the book and learning the material on your own, kinda beating the purpose of having the class in the first place, and because of that we have one of the cheating rates in the state of Indiana.
I liked how the community is so well knit together and everyone helps out. This shows how much support all our athletic and academic teams get. I also enjoyed how the teachers actually care about you and they get to know you on a personal level so that they can teach you better.
Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School is a small school in a close community. The teachers are attentive and caring, and the student population is kind and hardworking. However, Pioneer doesn't have the funding to do everything we wish to do. The astronomy club, for example, would like to build an observatory, but the funding would take years before they could even start to have enough money. The building itself could also use repairs, such as a new ceiling.
The teachers here aren't even second rate, the administration is incompetent, the IT people are beyond useless, watching videos on youtube to fix problems they don't fix anyway. Somehow we have the highest rate of cheating and still have some of the lowest scores in the state. This school has food that tastes like nothing but despair. It has the texture of wet cardboard and the portions are awful. This school leaves no room for growth for students who actually don't want to live in the basement until retirement.
The slush machine operators do not seem to understand that ice melts over the period of an eight-hour day.
Ok where do I start? First, the IT are useless they sit around and most likely watch videos all day on how to fix the problems then never fix them. Second, the teachers are terrible, the decent teachers are not allowed to teach the way they should or effectively. Third, the lunch is horrendous the "flavor station" has no flavor, and the lunches are bland and are TERRIBLE portions. Fourth, the health and safety of this school is TERRIBLE, the hand sanitizer stations are almost always empty. Fifth and last, the administration, they hire "teachers" with the least experience with high school education, they fire the teachers that are competent and are worth something, and they focus all funds and attention they can towards football rather than teaching the "hicks" of the area to be productive members of society and pick favorites. Pioneer High School is a sports organization that is contractually obligated to teach math and english.
There aren't many students, so everyone knows everyone. With a small student count, there is more one on one time for teachers and students.
As a longtime student of Pioneer, I am biased to the school, but my overall experience was a positive one. There are not many classes offered since it is a small school, but the ones available can be very informative and everyone knows everyone here, so it's pretty friendly. The school spirit here is pretty big, although it has died down in the last couple of years. If you like small schools that promote closeness between students and teachers, then I strongly recommend this school.
Bullying is coming down over the past few years. Not too much of it goes on, but there are some kids who just don't know when enough is enough. The security cameras are in each hallway and are constantly monitored to oversee the activity in the halls. The school nurse is fairly nice and does a really good job with what she does in her office. Overall, the school is fairly safe since the doors are now covered up with a sticker to where you can't see inside the school from the outside and the doors are set on monitors to where you have to buzz into the school just to get inside. The cameras are all around the place and if something were to happen, the police would be there almost immediately since it's a small town and the cops are nearby the school almost all the time.
There are different things for different people. There's at least SOMETHING that each student is interested in. Most of the people who are in clubs usually join the pep club or art club. Those are probably the most popular of all of the activities. The administration supports the activities immensely and do what they can to help out.
It wasn't a terrible experience. I mean, I've been here my entire life and grew up with all these people. I know everyone in my grade since the school is small. I love the small school atmosphere, but at the same time hate it because there's not much that's offered to the students. This school is big on academics and huge on sports and athletics. Everyone takes pride in what they do at the school. The staff are super enthusiastic and really supportive in all of the students. The music department is making a climb again in numbers because we are getting the support we need and the respect as well. Small school equals a small band and we do what we can to make it survive, but it's getting better and better each year. Overall, the school really isn't that bad.
Some of the teachers are amazing and I've gotten to know them a lot better just by talking to them. Some teachers are clearly better than others just based upon their teaching styles and how they handle the classroom. I love the fact that our band here is getting more and more recognition now. Before, our band used to get nothing. Absolutely, nothing. But, with the newer principle and athletic director, not everything specifically centered around football or basketball anymore. Each sport gets their attention along with each activity. Some teachers are really good about putting grades in the grading system and others aren't as great at doing that. But, overall, the teachers are pretty good since they push you to your limits to see how willing and capable with getting out of your comfort zone to do new things and they help the student as much as they can since you can only lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.
Athletics are top-notch. Pep club and art club has many participates and they participate in many activities with the support of the teaching staff. There are several academic clubs like Quiz Bowl and Academic Superbowl that many participate in. The administrative staff never fails to have the back of those that participate.
I think personal experiences is just that. YOU have to put your foot out and partake in the experiences that make school worthwhile. I participated in sports and band and an endless amount of clubs and I was always doing something of that nature. When I wasn't participating I was still there cheering along my peers. Anybody that I have come into contact with that says, "Oh this school sucks." Never participated in the extracurricular school functions. That is what makes all the difference.
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Most of the teachers I have had throughout my school career have been more than helpful in any and all circumstances. There have only been two teachers that I can think of that seem to do the bare minimum, but you will find bums everywhere you go. Those two teachers do not even compare to how wonderful the others teachers are. When someone needs helps, they know that they can always go to a teacher for advice and help in whatever topic. So overall, Pioneer's teaching staff is great.
We love the small town school atmosphere!!
Im so happy that I made the move to Pioneer. I enjoy knowing my classmates and having a great bond with my teachers.
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