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Pioneer Junior High School Reviews

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More often than not the teachers are fantastic. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same for you.
When I was there, there was a LOT of clubs, which was really cool for a junior high.
Typical food from the district, it's pretty good in general but definitely has some meals people tend to avoid.
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It's a new administration now, but when I was there, the job was done and done pretty well.
PE is separate of course, but is a pretty solid and diverse program. Intramural sports became more popular as other schools cut junior high sports.
Pioneer is a fantastic junior high and really prepares you for high school. The transition from elementary was scary, but not too bad, and going into high school I felt pretty darn confident, but knew that a big head wasn't appreciated at Upland High.
Very diverse school with a lot of different ethnic backgrounds and religions. People fight and disagree, but in general, like Upland High School, the bullying is minimal and people get along pretty well.
The nurse is very good at taking care of students, but knows many go in just because they can. Safety is a high priority at PJH and it is very clear at all times, but not overwhelming.
I would absolutely recommend Pioneer over any other local junior highs, of course over Upland. It's a solid school with a solid staff that still cares for students and understands the need to transition into high school.
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