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Pioneer High can be a very difficult environment to be in. There are people on campus that make it worth it, but there are others who make the environment here... toxic. The education is questionable, and overall I've had a decent time studying here, but I wouldn't do it again.
My 4 years at Pioneer High School have been very good. Teacher are very engaging lots of opportunities and options. Overall very good.
There's a lot of opportunity's here at this school. There's a person at every corner to help guide you along your path or if you just need a helping hand.
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The teachers are amazing and kind, they always willing to help their students with anything they need. The programs at Pioneer High School is great: POP room, Learning Center, etc.. I joined sport and clubs which help me to grow and meet more people.
Pioneer is okay. a lot of student diversity but there always seems to be something going wrong with the school. It is a nice environment but multiple things seem to be wrong with the directory. Other than the fact that Vp's and principles are a bit "not there" the teachers and other staff are extremely caring and are the heart and soul of the school.
The teachers have made my experience at Pioneer the most enjoyable. I believe I have met even some of my favorite teachers of all time. Most of the teachers are there because they want to be and have no problem hrlping students whenever.
My experience with Pioneer High School was very memorable. I made many lifelong friends while attending this school. The students were always eager to learn and participate. The four years I spent there seemed to fly by too quickly. I especially enjoyed participating in the sports and clubs on campus. Our team members were very supporting of one another and always tried their best. I would definitely recommend this school to incoming high school students in the area.
Pioneer High School is calm and clean for the most part. Students did not get into too many or any serious problems. The teachers didn't seem to care much about the students actually learning the subject they taught but rather us passing the courses. I wish they would have actually been serious about us learning rather than just getting a good grade.
They need to invest more into clubs, arts, and music instead of a great deal on sports. And it would be great to see more community involvement.
Resources are great, teachers are supportive of education, and the school has a good sense of community.
What I like about Pioneer High school is the teachers and curriculum. The teachers really try and help us out in anything we need. They are very generous, and go out of their way to make sure we get the help we need. The class options range from cooking to psychology to Calculus BC. The wide variety of AP classes , with one of our hardest being AP Physics and AP Calculus BC, prepare us for what college will throw at us. Diversity is clearly present at Pioneer, and I believe overall this is a wonderful school.
A lot of the teachers are really great and really wish for your success. We are a pretty average school when it comes to sports and academics.
The campus is very nice and there is a lot of diversity at that high school and all the teachers are very nice and help you a lot with your work
The bathrooms were awful and there were very few teachers that didn’t do a good job, but overall everything else was great. Most teachers go out of their way to help you, and they make it very engaging so that you won’t lose interest in what’s being taught.
I loved some of my teachers and classes, but other classes failed to offer much, because good teachers leave Pioneer in search of higher pay. However, we do have a strong ASB program and great clubs!
The teachers I've had seem to honestly care about how you're doing and making sure you actually graduate on time.
It not the best school. Some of the teachers don't take the time to help you. Its almost like you have to teach your self, because there is no help.
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I recently graduated from Pioneer High School and my favorite memories were from being on the cheerleading team. I enjoyed almost all of my teachers but especially my English teachers. I never had any problems feeling unsafe here and I will miss Pioneer High School.
First off, I enjoyed my high school experience greatly. The teachers were amazing. They were willing to provide us with any extra assistance we needed. They were always willing to go above and beyond their reach just to make sure we were 100% satisfied with what we needed assistance with. The school provided many advanced courses that I took advantage of. I could confidently say these courses helped me not only expand my knowledge, but it also helped me show that I was prepared to go to college.
I overall enjoyed my experience at Pioneer High School. The teachers and staff are very committed and motivated to helping their students succeed in school and home life, as well as life after high school. The only main problem I had while attending was that the attention and dedication towards all the sports was not evenly distributed. More attention was given to the more "popular" sports even if they were not succeeding in the seasons, while the other sports that were not as popular, but were succeeding were not given much attention. But, all in all, the experience was a good and positive one, and I'm glad that I attended and went through what I did.
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