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I liked the people but at the same time not the people.. the things that need to change are the kids and how administration handles them better.
I liked that it was a smaller school so when it comes to having access to tutors and any extra help, it is easily accessible. However, I would have liked more options for clubs and to be able to have had a more LGBTQ+ inclusion.
I love the spirit of the school that comes from the administration. Our school principal Ms. Bo has amazing spirit, is always positive and always supportive of any and every team on campus. They have amazing facility such as coach carr, Mr. G, Mrs. Perez, and Mr. Mendoza to name a few. I would like for the school to help students prepare for college a lot better I feel like a lot of students are not aware of what it really takes to get to college but that also has to do with the perseption of a student and their willingness so you can really put it on the school, so I guess just to give more exposure. Other than that I would just say the only thing I really didn't like about pioneer was that student were not allowed to wear hats such as ucla, usc, etc. Because they didn't follow school colors but dodger hats were permitted for the series that was really unfair. Otherwise it's honestly the best high school in the district and I can't wait for my last year to commence
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The best party about Pioneer is that it’s a small school and your able to talk to your teachers and really be able to communicate with staff. There is a reasonable amount of sports and clubs/ activities to join. Although many students don’t have school spirit but overall it’s a good school to go to in Whittier.
As this high school resides in a low-income area, it lacks funding for necessary AP classes in order for students to be on a college-ready track. It is sad to say that only the top 10 percent of the students are given or know about the very scarce resources that are there. All or most of the creative art classes are being cut also from lack of funding.
I enjoyed my time here at Pioneer High School. From the moment you step in you are welcomed by the principal, staff or security. The teachers are amazing here. This school is great in every subject from physics to art. The councilors were good as well. This campus is also small. It can be a pro to certain people. since it is small everyone is well connected and it is like a family vibe.
A great school that offers many opportunities and resources, so you will not be bottlenecked if you wish to succeed. Excellent teachers and staff with amazing character and teaching capabilities.
Although Pioneer is a small school staff is great and make you feel at home. It's nice to see the staff around campus you most likely will at least get to know someone from staff. Everyone is nice and willing to help you out in order for you to succeed they care about you.
This is a great school. The staff there is very helpful and are always willing to go the extra mile for the students. The Drill team at Pioneer High School is the best around.
Pioneer high school is small but has so many big opportunities. Everyone here is so friendly and the academics are great. The athletes here train hard and stick together, id know since i am in water polo and swim.
My overall experience with Pioneer wasn't too bad, but was good being able to experience high school for these past 4 years. My high school experience could've been better and if I was able to make a change, I'd get more involved in the school and make better memories here. This school will always be a big part of my life and I will remember being here for four years and all the great teachers I had.
Pioneer High school is a great school that has very good, involved teachers who want nothing more than to see their students succeed.
I enjoyed the school because of its small stature, coming from a bigger school like Shurr in Montebello, it was great no having to run from class to class, Pioneer had wonderful faculty and they each had their own unique way of letting you understand what they were teaching, the music program made my school life there soar, being a part of a group and learning together helped me solidify my friendships and memories of that great school, thank you Pioneer High
Pioneer High School is a small public school. Although some sports within the school are not as great as they could be, the academics are amazing as well as the teachers.
Pioneer High School is a smaller size school which allows students to be able to make relationships with teachers and staff. The school has a very welcoming environment and is a school where we all know each other. It is a great place to thrive because although we are a smaller size school we do have many clubs and activities for students to explore their interest.
Pioneer High school was a great experience while attending there. I had many fun and exciting times at Pioneer High School. Pioneer excelled in wanting their students to go to college and further your learning. I felt like prepared me very well for college and thank the whole faculty for their support.
Teacher and her teachers aide are highly unprofessional. Lie about students to get them in trouble. Don't care if the student needs help or asked for help. Get ignored when trying to ask questions, and have sarcastic answers for the students. Mrs. Reynaga and her clowns of Teachers aides ( Ivan and Desiree). Horrible teacher that like to put down kids that are actually trying to learn. There are a few great teachers that need to open their eyes about this Mrs. Reynaga.
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Lots of spirit and many students with potential. However, many students are not getting involved in school activities anymore.
As a high school senior attending Pioneer, there were many bumps in the road as I completed each task both in the classroom and outside. Overall, I gained much experience and learned that confidence is key when struggling with overcoming certain challenges. People like my peers and the staff helped myself greatly in progressing as a student each and every year. Though, sometimes teachers were unable to assist in my difficult times and peers were unable to truly understand my individual conundrums. Through it all, I proudly express my overwhelming accomplishments despite many barriers and conflicts.
Pioneer is a great school that focuses on academics. It may have a small campus but it is always clean making it easier for students to spend time in the quad either practicing for their next compitition or just hanging out. The teachers are great and always ready to help.
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