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I would rather gouge my eyes out then come back to this wasteland of a 'school'. Teacher that seem to hold the knowledge of a third grader and the admin are the biggest bullies on that campus. Blatant misuse of powers left and right.
It’s it pretty great school. Very diverse. I feel as if the school is very welcoming and helpful when it comes to any questions or needs one may have . Pioneer helps you achieve your goals and prepare you for the future . Wether it is for a job, college , social skills , you name it pioneer high school prepares you for it all .
I am a current high school sophmore at Pioneer, and for the most part the school has been great, with active student involvement and a variety of extracurriculars. Rallies are the highlight of the school; our leadership and service learning is held to a very high standard. Sports-wise, we have talented coaches that help us succeed. However, Pioneer does have a few shortcomings as of acedemics. They only offer certain AP classes certain years, for example, they alternate offering AP Physics and AP Chemistry. Also, some teachers do not seem to care about a student’s education, with being absent for multiple days. Yet, multiple teachers are better and I have a handful of teachers I can go to if I ever have trouble. We have a plethora of councilors that are always ready to help with anything, and the access is right at out fingertips.
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Pioneer High School is a pretty positive place. The students and teachers make up a community and everyone who wants one has a place.
In my opinion, Pioneer High School is a rather average school. Our school spirit it lacking as no one is really hyped up or willing to attend school events and dances with the exception of some people. Clubs also aren't that big at Pioneer and don't really receive any or enough recognition. Juuls and vaping are also a big issue here but the administration hasn't really done much to help resolve the issue. However, people are pretty friendly and I haven't really seen too many fights occur in the four years that I've attended Pioneer. For the most part, Pioneer is pretty safe school. Academically, we have a balance of good and bad teachers here. The amount of knowledge a student obtains really depends on the teacher. The academic counselors aren't that helpful but they can help answer some questions about college. Overall, I've had a decent experience at Pioneer. I can't say that I hate the school, but I can't say that I've loved it all that much either.
My experience at pioneer was not the worst or the best. The one biggest downfall pioneer has are the teachers and their style of teaching. Academics at pioneer I would say is the worst aspect due to the staff. Each year myself along with my classmates have had it fair share of horrible teachers which has reflected poorly on my transcript.
Pioneer is an average school with nothing special to offer. Its music program is a sham, with a teacher who has no idea how to teach. There is no choir, as the school refuses to hire a new teacher. The math department is a joke- there’s a reason the average sat scores are low in math. The English department isn’t as bad as math, but liberally biased and not a good choice for students gifted in English, as the common core curriculum is designed for the most basic teaching. The food is terrible and unhealthy, and the administration does little to solve huge problems such as 20 year old textbooks and unsanitary bathrooms. There is no school spirit and students are always busy smoking in the bathrooms or getting in fights. Unless you have a passion for drama and want to work with the drama department here, go to Leland- it’s just down the street and does everything better.
There's a saying I hear about high school a lot. "I'm glad I did it but I would never want to do it again."
I graduated from Pioneer in 2018. I really enjoyed my time at Pioneer. However, the school lacked spirit, but academically the teachers were pretty good. All the good teachers mostly taught the advanced classes which I took a lot of so I got pretty decent teachers most of the time
The counselors were very helpful in helping you apply for colleges. and one of my teachers always pushed me to do my homework. But Isay they should focus on doing more school activities and the students are very rude. but the staffing there is great.
I liked how easy it was to locate any sort of student resources for college preperation , even if there was a long wait list it was worth having to deal with unnessesary meetings. Regarding the other aspects of student life such as food, sports, and clubs none were particularly outstanding compared to other schools
Pioneer to me was very welcoming. The school felt safe and just a place where you can be yourself. Pioneer isn't known for having cliques, so it makes the high school experience that much better. Everyone can be them selves and be accepted. You had kids on the football team while also in drama and NHS. Something that can improve is beatifying the campus.
The students and staff make everything so inclusive. Students are respectful towards each other and there’s no scary high school cliques going on. It’s a good social environment.
I went to Pioneer my senior year of high school and within the one year I attended I made life long friends and met teachers that I still stay in touch with.
Ever since Pioneer HS got a new principal, things have been only going uphill. He wants the students to be eager to come to school and to make sure they get the more out of their learning experience. When the SAT comes around, he uses the school funds to buy practice SAT books for the students and holds study lessons during free periods in various classes. Also, instead of ignoring the long forgotten mini gym at our school, it is under construction to become the new weightlifting room. Not to mention our track and field are now being redone. Pioneer is a great school with hard working faculty who wants to make the high school experience more enjoyable.
Pioneer gathers students from Almaden Valley and around the surrounding area. White supremacists have existed on campus, however they are stifled into obscurity as others attempt to gain admissions into top colleges. This is usually very rare as the teaching staff are not all excellent: math courses lack teachers who are adept at teaching and knowledgeable about their subject. The college and career center will not aid efforts to reach Ivy Leagues or top 100 schools, everything relies solely on the student's effort and drive to succeed.
The administration does their best to support students and continuously gets better every year. They are enthusiastic about providing the best education and take threats to the student body very seriously. AP tests are subsidized if the student fills out a Free Lunch Program form, reducing the hefty price tag to only $5. This encourages students to self-study for AP tests even if they don't take the AP class.
Teachers are great, but administration doesn't take things seriously. Not much school spirit. Lots of bullies and sometimes doesn't feel safe at school.
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What I like about Pioneer is that there are very good opportunities available, and teachers are very helpful. Also great in sport. What I would like to see improvement in is diversity and variety of class options.
Going to Pioneer was the right choice for me, and overall it has been a good experience. I’ve had a lot of really good teachers and interesting classes
Pioneer High School is a pretty good school with average teachers. The school is very diverse and students are friendly. The school has improved a lot since my freshman year.
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