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I love Pioneer High School! The atmosphere, teachers and other student made my life a joy every day!
This is a fine institution that I chose to attend through their School of Choice program. However, I am somewhat surprised at some of their less than stellar teachers, mainly in the English department. Ann Arbor is already an incredibly racially diverse area, however not so much economically or politically.
Pioneer prepares you extremely well for college but it restricts you from feeling like an actual adult. educational reasons, I'm very glad I was able to attend this high school
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Diversity of student body, and course offerings, excellent preforming arts program. Many teachers and students of high academic performance which contributes to the high achieving community.
Attending Pioneer High School has overall been a very positive experience. The teaching staff has been very helpful both in academics and in my personal life. There is a wide range of ability and competition at Pioneer, which fosters learning and competition for any level. The only negative things I would say about Pioneer is that there isn't always enough counseling staff for all the students and that the bathrooms aren't always very well-maintained.
My favorite part of Pioneer High School is the diversity here. There's a club for everyone, and it's fairly diverse.
I have had the best experience at Pioneer High. Entering as a freshman, I was immediately welcomed into the culture via the sports team I was passionate about and the band program. Upper classmen guide the younger students and teachers are caring. The whole atmosphere has been positive and helped me reach my goals and prepare for college ... and I had a lot of fun doing it.
Pioneer High School prepares students for college and real life. They are very good at providing the resources necessary in order to be successful. The academics are excellent in that they are rigorous and challenging. The school has many opportunities for students, regardless of status or background. There is a lot to do at Pioneer and ways to be involved: clubs, sports, student council, theater, etc. I love Pioneer and think that it fits my needs as a student.
I graduated in 2016 and throughout my time at Pioneer, I had so much support from all of my teachers, councilors, and even other students. I felt a sense of community at Pioneer, though I wasn't apart of any sports teams in high school, I always felt like I fit into a group somehow. All of the teachers and staff made every student feel welcomed and helped as much as they could for those who were struggling or needed a bit more assistance. When it comes to high school, every student is trying to find themselves, which can sometimes cause conflict between peers, but Pioneer does a very good job at creating outlets for students to talk about the things that they are struggling with and dissolving conflicts between students or even with teachers. Honestly, I wouldn't change anything about Pioneer, my time there was great and I felt supported as I left Pioneer, embarking on my new journey.
While I was enrolled, principal changed pretty much every year. It was going through a phase. But teachers there are mostly excellent, except few who's bad but you'll meet those kind of teachers in every other school as well.
Pioneer High School offers a diverse, competitive environment with classes that both challenge and educate students. The school has top programs in both music and sports, giving its students an opportunity to excel in the things they are interested in. There truly is a perfect niche for everyone, and although the school is large it is not easy to get lost among the crowd.
Many teachers are very nice, but some don't seem happy. The administration pretends to care about you but will yell at you to get to class when you still have 5 minutes left of passing time.
Right across the street from Michigan Stadium we have Pioneer highschool. One of the largest high schools in Ann Arbor area. I have many warm and fond memories of walking down those halls. With teachers who care, friends who you will bond with forever and resources to propel you into your future career, I can say Pioneer was one of the best experiences to have. And I know that this school is able to adjust to anyone who has had a history of struggling with school or have met other obstacles along the way. Pioneer will prepare you with the tools and skills you will need for a life time of success. Thank you Pioneer.
Although I don't have anything to relate it to, Pioneer was a pretty good experience overall. I enjoyed the variety of classes, the laid-back atmosphere, and extra-curricular in which you didn't need much experience in any of them to join. I disliked the fact that the honors classes were too difficult but the regular classes were so easy that it was difficult to concentrate. I feel like teachers expect us to put in more effort than they really do, and that is what is most frustrating about Pioneer. Teachers need to plan out classes better, promote more resources, and reflect on themselves before jumping to conclusions and continuously blaming us.
Good school, prepares you for college very well. Lots of AP classes options. The teachers could be improved.
Awesome school! Good but not overwhelming competition. REALLY bad food. I suggest you eat at home. Awesome special education support and mental health support. We have 8 minutes of passing time (as of 17-18 school year) so you have much time to get to your next class. Big school though, sort of looks like a mini mall stretched out on the outside. Three floors. Warning, expect a broken or slightly messed up bathroom stall per bathroom.
Great variety in courses and caring teachers. If I had to go through high school all over again, I would definitely go to Pioneer.
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There were a lot of good things about this school, the academic experience was rigorous, most of the teachers were amazing, and the people there help create a friendly learning environment.
I liked the teachers, my classmates, and the overall atmosphere. Pioneer helped foster my love for school and provided me with a multitude of extracurricular opportunities.
Pioneer provides an excellent education that many students often fail to realize, when in such close proximity to a major university. Pioneer allows students to create their own education, to push for more classes, better classes, and to advocate for a more equitable school and community. Of course, there are those few "off" teachers, but there are also the crazy ones: the ones with the fire in their eyes, and a passion for teaching.
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