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Pioneer Charter School of Science II (Pcss-II) Reviews

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I've been to this school for Five years and it can be very stressful. The amount of homework is a lot but it's worth it. The school prepares you for college and the workload.
The great thing about it is that you finish the high school math classes that most schools take over the 4 years in just 2 years so you can take AP or advanced math classes for Junior and Senior year. There are also some other advanced classes you can take such as AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or AP Biology.
This school is a very difficult school academic wise. However, it is a school that will most definitely prepare you for college-level classes. The uniforms are annoying, but other than that it is a good school.
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Their communication is trash. The sports are terrible; the boys soccer team is cancelled because the school did not pay the soccer coach, so he quit. The food is not neat and is Muslims cannot eat the meat (no alternative food choices).
Pioneer Charter School of Science II is a great school education wise, but I feel that it is the underdog still in competition to the school located in Everett. The school itself has a wide variety of backgrounds, this is one of the more diverse schools many of its students have attended. I know that the school looks small, and like maybe only kids from Saugus, Lynn and Revere might go there. You'd be surprised with the amount who come from Danvers, Somerville, Medford... etc. This school might not be most favored but it sure does prepare you for the road ahead.
I have one of the best experiences at PCSS 2 and I couldn't have asked for more. I feel very ready for college and the academics and activities are wonderful and you get to explore a lot.
The school is great and rigorous with academics, and the teachers are very willing to help you if you are struggling with anything. The school is small, and that is either good or bad depending on the person because you will most likely know everyone in the school. However, there isn't much choice in classes and extracurricular activities due to the limited number of teachers. You won't find the "high school" experience here if that is what you prefer. Overall, it's a great school that will prepare you for college.
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