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As a parent I am very pleased with the outcome of both my children's educational and academic experience.
PCSS is a very diverse school, there are students that have a background from all over the world. Very easy to make friends and memories. The classroom sizes are up to around 25-30 people (depending on the class), however, having classes with those 25-30 people almost all day everyday helps create such a strong bond of friendship it is amazing. The teachers are there to truly help you succeed and will go out of their way to do so if you show them that you want to actually succeed. There are many clubs that students can join and everyone is welcome to try out for sports (as long as their grades are up).
I liked the strong encouragement to take advanced classes and the ability to talk to the teachers easily.
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The Pioneer Charter School of Science experience for me hasn't been that great but it has its moments. I do appreciate its rigorous educational system. It prepares you for college so that when you come to that point in your life, the amount of work will be achievable due to the school's manor of preparing students. Some things I would like to see change are some of the teachers and classes. Most classes that we are being provided with are perfect, in terms of college preparation. But a few of the teachers being provided to us to teach these topics may not always be effective in their process of teaching the students. I believe there are others more qualified to teach the subject in a manor that comes off more simple and enjoyable. Also classes many students feel like they are stuck with classes that are way below their educational capacity, and many believe it won't reflect what they will really need to know for college.
PCSS was able to teach a hardcore curriculum that allowed many students to do well on MCAS and SAT/ACT.
I was given many opportunities at PCSS that I would not have had at a regular public school. In PCSS I met many people from different cultures and religions because it is very diverse. They're are many teachers that have taught and lived in other countries so they can offer insight and teach students in effective ways. Many teachers have more advanced degrees. Two of my teachers had doctorates in their subjects. Included in our required classes were SAT and ACT prep classes and college readiness classes. I was given the opportunity to take a dual enrollment class at a nearby community college and many AP classes and challenging courses.
Pioneer Charter school is a school that focuses on academics. The administration pays more attention to the school's reputation rather than how they school is doing. It stresses students out with all the work.
This is a very diverse high school and always pushes/challenges you academically. They help you a lot and have strict policies, however they need to work on providing more aid and scholarships to Seniors and o be precise in the teachers that they hire. Meaning, they need to look for teachers that have experience with teaching adolescents and look further more into teachers other then their degree.
PCSS places a heavy emphasis on STEM courses and does not provide its students with much in the way of afterschool activities. The course load and time commitment required, however, does help prepare students for rigorous college academics.
Pioneer was a new more rigorous environment for me. I was coming from a Catholic school when I first started off, and academically 7th grade was my worst year. The people are what make the experience for you. The school is such a small place that you have no choice but to be close with your peers, and this forms an unbelievable bond. The rest of my years at Pioneer including this one, my last, have been filled with trials and tribulations involving teachers and administration. The students are not always heard in situations involving their own concerns about their education. Going back to the close knit community, students always help each other succeed.
Pioneer Charter School of science is a good school for smart people or those who excel in studies. The ones that do not excel in school should not go here as they would not get the help they need
Really really great school! The teacher and staff's focus is to give each of their students a great education so that you are prepared for college and success beyond college. PCSS offers tutoring Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays, so much diversity in the school, and since the school is small, it's easy to make friends and almost everyone knows everyone. It's like your second family over there.
The education overall was excellent. The Choices and faculty made it difficult for me to learn occasionally .
This school has an okay variety of clubs and activities, but there should be more. They have a lot of academic clubs but lack clubs of dance, step, art, culture, and other more entertained clubs. But, the administration is always there in hearing people out and providing for the students.
At this school, I got many experiences and working hard both mentally and physically. I enjoy being able to be competitive in sports and being able to stand out in many ways as a student. However, there needs to be more fun events for high school students to take part in along with more school vibes! Come on Panthers!
The teachers at Pioneer do their job and try their best in helping out the students. They push students a lot in them being responsible for their own work and working hard. Many teachers have a different way of teaching and some may be kind of difficult to understand especially for math. However, there are always people you can find for help.
The school is always promoting ways to get people to not bully. They have security cameras in every class room and lock the doors. It is a very small school so it will quickly be noticed if someone that does not belong is there. Visitors are required to take a picture and wear a visitor ID.
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Not a ton of extracurriculars. Have to get involved to find them. Would recommend doing sports because being on the team creates long lasting friendships.
It is not your typical high school experience. I had a graduating class of 54. With that being said, we all pretty much do very well. This school is focused on academics so the social scene lacks at points. Pep rallies are in uniform and like an hour long. So if you are going to school to get into college this is the school for you but if you want your normal high school experience.. RUN!!
The teachers at this school genuinely care about the students. Although the work load is heavy, it is possible if the student is willing to try. The teachers are also heavily available outside of class time such as during lunch, after school and even on Saturdays. You really can get the help you need if you put in the effort.
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