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Overall it’s a good school. It has a great academic system but it’s not very diverse. Teachers easily have favorites, and a lot of bad things go around about students that even teachers talk and know about. There are some great teachers which you can trust but not many.
Pioneer Academy, while small and lacking in certain areas, is a great option for those desiring a school with effective teaching in STEM and ESL. They tackle mathematics with numerous AP courses, constant practice from the SAT or ACT, and intelligent teachers. In addition, by being a native English speaker, I can personally vouch for the swell incoming foreign students every year who learn to speak basic English confidently and proudly by the end of their year. However, its small size, lack of emphasis or desire on having a physical, academic and cultural presence outside the school campus can make it feel isolated, causing it to be a possible turnoff and source of frustration to kids who may look for those types of characteristics in their school.

And so, with all things considered, I would definitely recommend visiting Pioneer Academy.
THIS SCHOOL IS TERRIBLE. I am a student that has been going to this school just because there is nowhere else to go. I warn you, the teachers are sexist, rude, and they do not care. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL. The classes were seperated in to classes A and B for the first time this year. I was placed in a class that i didn't like since i was alone with non eof my friends so I went to the staff that is in charge of that, and he said "I cannot. I am not letting anybody change classes. There are other people that asked me and I didn't allow them." So I was like, okay if its like that I get it. AND THEN A FEW DAYS LATER A GIRL, A GIRL THAT WAS IN MY CLASS WENT to THE SAME TEACHER AND SHE SWITCHED HER CLASS. This school is literal garbage. The highschoolers also smoke and I find ciggarettes on the stairs and outside of the front lobby ALL THE TIME. I hope you listen to me and save your child.
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This is a great and a creative school. My daughters make excellent progress and are proud of their school. Staff go the extra mile. I am very happy with this school so far.
Pioneer Academy is located in a wonderful neighborhood to live in. The school is very safe, clean, and high end. The school has a lot of success in local competitions and college acceptance rate is 100%. K-12 it has really strong academic curriculum. It has a very welcoming and friendly environment.
My child goes to Montessori program at Pioneer Academy. I’m very happy with what my child learns at this very early age. It’s a great school!
My son attends Pioneer Academy; he transferred oversea, I was scared he might have struggles but the school natural acceptance to new comers and help of teachers made him to go over all struggles so smoothly. I am thankful to all middle school teachers. Technology friendly teachers communicate with students and parents and keep everybody informed and update.
My son graduated from Pioneer and got several good college acceptances.
Academics and college guidelines are excellent. Also, they just start Montessary PreK. Heard lots of good things about it...
Pioneer Academy is a very good school with decent teachers and administrators. Teachers are very helpful, all teachers spare so much time for office hours with students
Great environment, you feel safe and as if you're at home. College readiness is great, everyone is committed to getting the students into good places. Overall, it needs a few improvement, but nothing is perfect.
The staff at Pioneer Academy really care about their students. The administration listens to your suggestions and acts on them.
Pioneer is a closenit community of students who are like family. Everyone knows each other so it isn't hard to become friends with people and continue those friendships. It's a very community-based school to be honest. Other than that, however, the school administration dedicate a lot of their time and effort to make the school a better place for students in terms of education, extracurriculars, and campus community. They have a long way to go before they're able to accomplish that, but they do try and put their effort into everything they do.
Pioneer Academy is truly New Jersey’s best kept secret. My son boards there. The teachers are very committed to their students and the curriculum is very challenging. The facilities and labs are top notch. Although Pioneer is a small school, it offers courses that none of the other schools do. The information about this school here is incorrect. My son compared his SAT score with many of his classmates. Most of them scored in the top 10 %. Knowing this inspired him. He worked hard to improve his score. After taking the exam for the second time, he got a perfect score in math and a near perfect score in the verbal section. Many of the graduates go on to Ivy League schools. He is also impressed by the mannerism and kindness displayed by most of the Pioneer students. It is an exceptional college preparatory school and I highly recommend it.
My experience in PioAcad was OK. The food is awesome and fresh. It is Halal at the same time. I had some problems with some of my teachers, there are really good teachers as well but still there are some who makes problems.
If you want an excellent academic environment where students are taught not only in accordance to common core standards but also beyond these standards, this is the school. The students come from good, morally founded homes so you won't see the issues with drugs and alcohol that many other private schools have. Pioneer has a nurturing and caring environment where teachers are dedicated and are willing to go that extra mile for the students. The college entrance exams speak for themselves. For being a small school their students jave been accepted to Harvard, MIT, Princeton, etc. If you want an athletically inclined school...this is not that school , but if academics and conservative values are your can't go wrong. - Diana Santos, Bloomfield NJ
Pioneer Academy is a good private school with a very comfortable and close environment. Although the sports facilities are lacking, the school has shown consistent improvement over the years.
Great school with passionate teachers and good resources. My kids started Pioneer this year and they love their school which makes me happy. The school is offering a wide variety of clubs and after school activities.
Pioneer is a great school with passionate teachers and good resources. They are offering wide variety of clubs and activities. My kids love their school and teachers. It is a safe environment for my kids.
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This is an excellent school but not know by many.Very good facility with quality of education and affordable tuition rate.Impressed so far what I have seen Keep it up
Health and Safety seems to be a major concern.
There is a growing amount of extracurricular activities. I highly recommend Model United Nations and the Robotics Club. They have many medals and Pioneer is very well recognized is the competitions that they attend.
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