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Pinson Valley doesn't earn the name to be a failing school. The staff is great, decent students. However, the safety of the campus is not exceptional.
My favorite experience at Pinson Valley High School has been marching in the high school band. Our band program is excellent and grows bigger every year.
This is my first year attending Pinson Valley High School. The falculty and staff this school a safe and welcoming environment. Each day, I am motivated and encouraged to do my best. I think Pinson Valley High School is overall the best.
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I would like to see the lunchroom food change to something students will eat. And I enjoyed how supportive Pinson valley is when it comes to activities.
Pinson Valley High School is a great place for all students to come and learn. There are opportunities for anyone to excel at what they love to do. The teachers are all friendly and helpful and the classes provided are some of the best.
Pinson Valley High School is a great school with great teachers serving the students and community. The teachers make it their main goal for student success. There is also a great administration team on campus. Every student at PVHS feels love and acceptance.
Attending Pinson Valley High School was an amazing experience! Within my four years, this school has helped me evolved into the person I am today. As a freshman, I entered high school shy and timid. I would have the tendency to believe participating in extracurricular activities (except for sports) were lame, and were not the activities "everybody" was doing. By the start of my sophomore year, with the help of my teachers, administrators, and friends, I learned how to become a leader, and not to be what everyone was, but to be myself, and go the path that God purposefully placed me in. By the end of my senior year, I participated in my school's theater department, Dual-Enrollment Program, cheer team (as mascot), and SkillsUSA progam (as President from 10th grade - 12th grade) earning multiple awards and honors.
What I like about Pinson Valley is the sports, extracurricular activities and the teachers who care. I would like to see better lunch selections and for the students to have a voice.
Attending Pinson Valley High School taught me to make the best out of situations. Comparing my previous school to Pinson made me realize that there has to be a change in Jefferson County School Systems. There are the basic ----- at Pinson Valley such as: primary sports, Honor Societies and certain clubs that are common( chess, key club, math club, etc...) but it lacks motivation in some areas as well as freedom for students to go beyond what they have imagined. Although, Pinson Valley cannot do much about the lack of funds it has, the things I would like to see change in is the persistence teachers should have, the power students should have to use their imagination to go beyond ordinary school rules and more opportunities for the community to come together.
My experience was good I was able to make friends easily. The sport games were always fun. The teachers and staff work hard to get us college and career ready. Also there were many school activities. What I would like to see change is the quality in the building and more money put into the fine arts than the sports.
My high school experience was great and I enjoyed my time at Pinson Valley High School. I believe that every teacher I had genuinely cared for each of the students and their education. if I could change one thing about Pinson Valley High it would be that each student is treated equally and that their would be no favoritism toward a student due to their race or ethnicity.
Pinson Valley is an extremely diverse school with many, excellent vigorously working teachers and staff although we have very limited funding and therefore limited resoureces but we prevail through our adversity and strive to promote achievement,respect and success
No one really gets bullied or discriminated against. It is truly a place where students can express themselves and be unique. Something that could change is how the food isn’t really great. I feel like we should have better food as it affects our mental focus.
My experience at Pinson Valley has been a great ride. I have only been there since my sophomore year , but every moment has made me come to the conclusion that I am definitely going to miss it when I go off too college. From the teachers , to the Sports, I highly recommend for anyone to attend Pinson Valley.
Pinson Valley felt like a family. The majority of the teachers are helpful in understanding the needs of he students. The councilors have been supportive during my college and FAFSA applications.
Pinson Valley has changed my life in so many ways. I've had some of the best and hardest times, but wouldn't change any of those moments because they have shaped me into the woman I am today. Pinson Valley has so many academic opportunities to really try and discover what I want to pursue in college. I'm so thankful for all the staff that have put in the continuous hours and hard work to help me get to where I am today. Pinson Valley has been and always will be my home.
What I like about pinson valley high school is the administration cared about your future and goals. Things that need to change is that we need more resources.
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I came from another district that i loved and this does not compare. I do have A's and B's but did not need to take a full load of classes. So i take three classes a day and then go to work. The Band is below par, you don't get all the information you need upfront, a lot of the teachers are split between us and the middle school. Councelors are pretty good. Football is great, a winning team. But they also have toshare with the middle school. Glad to be graduating this year. Otherwise it'dbe pretty boring.
Through my years at the high school, I’ve seen so many people become great leaders and most importantly a diverse group! Everyday I️ experience teachers who help you become a better student and always give you opportunities to be better!
I like the school culture over all at Pinson Valley, the environment on game days and the way most of the students react to each other is pretty special. I hope they change the way they prepare students for college. I honestly feel unprepared to start college classes because the work we do at Pinson is simply "busy work"
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