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I like the communication people talking to each other. Students, teachers, administrators talk to each other. This community is like one house, everyone who lives here know each other. The most important thing that I would like to improve are the teachers, teacher so who work here are not all college graduates.
some of the teachers i know act like students and that's probably why most of the students love their class. even if the teachers act like students they teach seriously and make sure the students have decent grades and are to class on time.
some of the clubs are some-what okay. the art club, national honor society, and many other organizations are exciting. the students are committed to their clubs.
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It's great and they are a lot of athletic facilities available.
The teachers were very helpful, knowledgeable, and a lot of them knew many great facts about anything. Some new teachers had difficulties dealing with some students who were the trouble making type but, they had to cope with it do what was necessary to be sure it did not affect the focus of others. Grading was one of the flaws that some teachers had when it came to being caught up and some students received zeros for something they turned in and unfortunately some were finalized and could not be changed or altered. I like to teaching styles they used and being able to understand everyone's learning pace. At the end of the day the teachers did an amazing job.
The resources and facilities available were decent because it was a little difficult to find a computer when the library was filled. Not a lot was available like these college prep resources but we received good advice from teachers mainly. I wouldn't say it was great nor was it bad but it was something that we could work with.
I thought the school was very great, but I was not a very social person and quiet. I would want to do it all over again and push myself even more to do more socializing and doing much better academically. I liked the friends I have made on the way and the teachers I have grown to know as a person and they were like a parent figure to me because they always pushed me to do better and achieve more.
The school's after school programs and organizations were very great. A lot of students were constantly staying after school to do something they enjoyed or catching up on late assignments or if they were in need of a tutoring session. Everyone had a place to go to and they enjoyed it very much. The after school activities included Art, Culinary, Student Council, Nursing class, Tutoring, 4-H/Agriculture, Rodeo club, Sports, or just reading a book in the library. Overall i loved the choices that were available.
Like any other school the students divided themselves up into groups that match their personality. For instances there would be group of rockers, people who played basketball, student council, smart and popular people, and other sport or clubs. I think peer pressure was used within these groups ,however, I don't know why or for what reason. Most of the students at the school were Native American, but we had a fair share of oriental students like Philippine or Chinese or Caucasian. Student involvement was decent, however not many were involved. Many students believed that the student council put themselves on top of everything and they thought they were labeling themselves as rulers of the students and others did not like it. Fortunately there were other clubs that they could join and the most popular was the art club and I agree that the art pieces they established were fascinating and many were very cooperative.
The High School had a dress code that consisted of white, gray, black, and teal shirts with blue jeans or khakis. Shoes must be worn at all times and no gang affiliated clothing can be worn including hats inside the building. Attendances and tardies took a toll on those who were constantly late to class and most were always suspended and had meetings with their parents. The principle and assistant principle were usually the ones to assist to these problems and they were reasonable. I think the bulling part of the school's policies should be strengthened because I was bullied my whole years of high school and yet only one teacher did something about it but the principle nor office staff was involved. The teacher I spoke to was my Agriculture teacher and she witnessed the bulling firsthand like another teacher did, but she was the only one who actually did something and since she knew my bully and her parents she decided to take matters in her hands and had a parent conference with the bully and her parents. They were convenient and the bully never bothered me again. I am thankful for her help and I think more people should be like her and not avoid it like the other teacher I had mentioned.
The academic level at Pinon High School was great. On the Navajo Reservation Pinon High School was awarded 2nd out of multiple schools on the Navajo Nation in academic achievement. The classes I attended provided me with a challenge that the teacher thought was fit for everyone in the classroom. In most of my classes were took lots of notes, had lots of homework, and had multiple of projects in a week. I thought that the workload was good stress and it kept me busy and that's what I liked about it. The teachers were very awesome and took the time to know everyone's learning pace and capabilities. I like my teachers very much and many students including myself have learned a lot from them about the subject they taught and about life after High School.
Mostly my feelings and some of my classmates are a bit nervous to be moving away from home for school because it is a remote area and most colleges or universities are farther away. I think the school did a decent job at preparing most of the students, mainly in education. Some post graduates would visit the school and talk to the seniors about college life and how they are handling things and being away from home. Unfortunately many students have dropped out of college because of homesickness and financial needs. In my opinion I think there would have been more that the school could have prepared us for and the senior adviser worried more about the seniors who were at risk of not graduating than other students who were getting by with C's and had no idea how to fill out scholarships, applications, or required testings, so I think the adviser should have stepped up a bit more and tried to work with everyone instead of a certain group.
Pinon High School is located in a very remote area of northern Arizona and due to that a hospital about an hour away branched out a clinic in Pinon. The clinic as well as others located around the reservation established a program called "Teen Clinic" and they send some nurses, doctors, dieticians, nutritionist, and counselors nearby to the high school at least twice a week. When I go to the Teen Clinic I usually get great services, but the wait is overbearing because of limited staff and over a hundred students in line. As for the issues many students are involved in, the Teen Clinic staff are helpful and aid the students as best as they can and also encourage them and help them get through their presence in drugs, alcohol, and they also promote safe sex. When I was first entering High School I sensed that the students were involved in these doings and I started to see them decrease when the Teen Clinic started coming more often. My own personal experiences included the nutritionist and counselor because at the time I was going through a difficult path, but the doctor i seen was so helpful and cheered me up and I trusted her like she was my best friend. Overall the services are outstanding.
I can honestly say that the High School I went to was great. I didn't go to the cafeteria much because I was always so fond of the library so I would stay there and bring my lunch from home, but there were times where I actually went to lunch with friends and they had a lot of meal choices as well as a veggie and salad bar with tasty condiments. The snack station charged for the snacks but they had lots of good choices like granola bars and juice. Some picky eaters might say the opposite, but a majority of students were happy with what the cafeteria had to offer.
The school itself is pretty small and easily navigated. The students are typical but there are some very outgoing students in student leadership. Whoever is in student leadership basically determines how fun your year will be based on school activities and events
Due to our current food program, we have different varieties of food. There is also many sides to choose from such as vegetables, fruits, and salad. The program allows all the current students to eat free. The program allows us to eat a healthy balance of food. We are also provided with snack to purchase.
I am not particularly involved in the sports but at Pinon, PE/Health is a requirement to graduate, so that is what I will base my review on that. Student involvement is great because sports bring out the competitive nature in everyone but dud to limited facilities and equipment, we only play the main sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Football, and Soccer. Everyone gets very involved and do their best to rush the other team. It does not matter whether or not you are athletic. Overall, the Sports & Fitness program at our school is okay. In addition, the programs reach out to the surrounding public.
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