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I love that Pinole Valley provides a safe community. The school also has a large diversity in students which means there’s a lot of culture involved in the school . Overall, the school and staff make it clear that they want the best for us students. They are willing to support us and give us the resources we need for our future.
I liked that the teachers that taught the upper division classes were very devoted in helping the students get a good education and seemed to enjoy their job. They were also able to connect with the students so that the students would be properly engaged in the subject that was being taught. I also liked that I was able to have the freedom to express who I am and make friends with people who have the same interests as me. What could be improved is that the lower division and necessary classes for each grade level could be better taught so that the students would be more inclined to want to learn and then be able to graduate to the higher level courses.
Overall, you could do a lot better, but also a lot worse. I think most of my complaints with school are just a result of the current state of U.S. education in general. It doesn't mean that those problems don't exist, but I find it somewhat hard to specifically rag on my school when the issues are greater in scope.
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what i love about Pinole valley is a lot of the recources and friendly staff. the many clubs and activities including sports as well.
The school is alright. It's just personal issues I have with people there that get in the way. One improvement I'd like to see is a better theater program and better understanding or focus on visual and performing arts.
I am currently a junior at Pinole Valley High School, and I have to say I have gotten a lot out of the experience. There are so many extra-curricular activities- anything you could want- and if they don't have something you can make it!There is a lot of student involvement in school activities and the appearance. Even though we are currently in portables, we have student art hanging out and tons of school spirit! Spirit weeks, dances, rallies, sports games featuring some of the best players in the district. There are several academies that promote career paths but you don't have to commit to one if you don't want to. You can make whatever you want out of your time there. Overall, my experience hasn't been too bad.
It isn’t what I expected a public school to be. There are many kinds of people, so those who come won’t have a hard time finding people that best suit them. Teachers are really fun once you get to know them and although many of classes teaching style are hard to follow, understanding how it works and setting your mind to find a new way to retain information, I guarantee you you will slide through all your classes. Overall, I’m glad I went there because the experience and the people I met all contributed into turning me into someone better than how I used to be. We surpass peoples expectations of us.
Pinole Valley High School has been recently known as Portable Valley High School. Starting my freshman year, we have been in portables while our new school is being built right next to us. It was supposed to be done, but now being a senior having never seen that school even close to being done, I'm not sure of any of those projection dates. However, Pinole knows how to make any place home and give it character, and my experience with all of the teachers and staff here and the great programs we can still keep running has been great.
PVHS hasn't been the most visually appealing school, but the people that fill it compensate for it. All of the teachers that I've had had been great, even some of the ones students complain about. Although, even if some of the teachers are nice and good people, you may not learn as much about the subject. The academy program they have is very helpful in getting a head start in a major or career you're interested in. The band teacher is the best!! The principle is a good man and so are his co-workers. Even though the school has its faults and imperfections, I wouldn't have wanted to attend anywhere else.
Pinole Valley has a good staff and good teachers but the facilities aren't the best. Currently, we are in portables and have no real school. When the weather is bad, we have no real escape from it. Our new school is being built next to it but the construction is taking so long that many students will go through all four years and never experience the new school. The bathrooms are also very gross and they run out of toilet paper and soap all the time.
Pinole Valley is a very diverse school full of opportunities academically and socially. PV has many sports and clubs along with a great variety of students. The school has improved since the early 2000s and although we are in Portables, it's a great crowd of talented people.
Pinole Valley is an interesting place. The portables that are currently serving as our classrooms are in constant need of repair. We are all counting down the days until the reconstruction. However the band, choir and academies are all fantastic. Some teachers (specifically those teaching underclassmen/lower-division courses) could make more of an effort with their students. There is also a problem with teacher attendance.
I’m only a sophomore but I know people like to say that PVHS is a horrible school and so much other stuff. But it honestly is one of the best. The diversity is the highest in the district and the teachers are so helpful when you need it and you can go to them with personal things you need help with too. I wouldn’t want to go to another school. The only not so good things about it is at this moment we are in portables whole our new school is being built and the lunch food absolutely sucks. Everyone wishes they wouldn’t have closed the open campus they had when my parents were in school. If we could go to mod or Jamba Juice or chipotle or red onion, places like that. Even Walgreens to get something to microwave since some teachers have them. Students would probably have a better attention span because they aren’t starved with the horrible food and the simple and sometimes unhealthy snacks from home. It’s not always easy to prepare lunch every single day.
Although there was some tough parts of the school such as school lunches, the sports teams not being great, or the best places to practice since our school is under construction, it was a good experience. The admin was always involved and knew everyone by name, and did there best to make school enjoyable. Also, I met teachers that changed my life and have been a positive role model in my life and will continue to be in my future.
This school is an okay school. As a freshman I may not have as many experiences with the school as many,but as many of you know we are not even in a school right now. We are currently in portables which means walking in the rain heat and wind. And as well as no lockers which means we have to have all of our supplies in our back pack whilst walking across campus all day it tends to hurt our back. The food is okay the selection is not much but tolerable. The teachers are okay
I liked the teachers at this school, they are all pushing forward and hope to see you succeed in life. The people are ok for the most part but you meet the better people during the things that happen after school.
It was a good school to attend if you wanted a very school spirited place to attend. The atmosphere was great. Throughout the tests the teaching level decreased a slight bit but I have good grades in college and they take part in that.
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I loved some of the classes during school. Most of the teachers in the school were happy to give me the opportunity to learn. The problem with school is that we are low-budget, so the textbooks and materials that we would get would be in bad condition. We also have a problem with facilities as students would break and vandalize bathrooms, making it unusable. And as usual, school lunches are terrible. But I believe what makes this school shine is in its clubs. The amount of clubs are tremendous and offers what is expected for a club and a passionate community with it. The clubs it has to offer are: marching band, science, robotic, community sevice, anime, home economic , speech and debate, animal rights, rocket science, math, dungeon and dragon, and much more clubs to offer. There is a whole bunch of clubs to choose to fill your passion into. While our school doesn't have the money it needs, Pinole Valley never fails to show its spirit.
i would want the school to change the classroom books, provide better food, and good quality desks and chairs.
Almost all the math teachers don't seem to mind if people don't pass, the bathrooms are disgusting, and most importantly, we are in portables because our new school is being built but kept being put off and delayed.
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