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The experience I had with Pinnacle High School was very positive, the school upholds a very inclusive environment with hundreds of different clubs and activities to join. The school maintains a strict anti-bullying policy, and a suicide prevention program, allowing it's students to feel safe and heard. Along with mentally, the school also meets the needs of each and every student academically, fully preparing them for college.
Pinnacle offers challenging courses and a safe learning environment. The Paradise Valley School District needs to offer a Physics 3 course.
I absolutely love Pinnacle and am so happy I have gotten to spend the last four years there. From the teachers to the athletic events, Pinnacle is definitely the go to for the ultimate high school experience. I can honestly say the past four years, I have met amazing people, learned a lot, and have had the time of my life. I will undoubtedly be sad to leave Pinnacle after this year, but will always remember the awesome times I experienced. If you're hesitating about choosing a school in the Phoenix area, choose Pinnacle, I promise, you will not regret it.
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GREAT HIGH SCHOOL!!! I love going there. I love big schools and Pinnacle is one of the biggest school in Arizona.
Pinnacle High School has amazing teachers, facilities, and is extremely safe. That being said, it is lacking in advisors and challenging courses that will prepare you for college. As a freshmen in college, I wish that I would have been more prepared for the rigorous courses I am enrolled in now. However, I appreciate the pleasant 4 years I spent at Pinnacle High School.
In my opinion, Pinnacle has a very enthusiastic and spirited student body. This is evident through school events and functions and affects the atmosphere of the school as a whole. There are a variety of classes offered, and the quality of teachers varies by subject. Through my own experience, I have found that our best and most passionate teachers work within the Foreign Language department. They possess a drive for teaching unlike any other staff members. Pinnacle offers clubs for just about every interest, allowing students to broaden their horizons through extracurricular activities, an opportunity not many students have at other schools. This has personally made it possible for me to choose a major of interest for my continuing college education. Through my involvement with DECA, and the support of my advisor, I have decided that a business major is right for me.
I liked the overall atmosphere and the people. It felt like there was community and there were plenty of ways to connect and get involved in the school and clubs. The teachers are amazing and I like the way that they relate to the students on a level that made it feel like a safe environment and that you could go to them if you needed help with something other than school work.
Pinnacle is good for your studies, and most of the teachers are good at their subjects. They have classes like anatomy and English that you can apply duel enrollment for to have early credits for college. They have good resources and will help you get on your way to graduate and go to college. The school Is a little over packed so it's kind of hard to meet up with counselors to talk about stuff since they mainly talk to seniors to make sure they get out on time. However , overall, it is a good school.
My experience in Pinnacle has been amazing. The teachers are all caring and nice and want you to succeed. The teachers make the hardest subjects easier to learn and will help anytime if someone is struggling. The counselors are really trying to get involved with the students and are really trying to give us the best path for every student. At schools, there is a lot of bullying but at Pinnacle there's no bullying that I have seen and every student is trying to help in classes. The classes are extremely fun and get you involved, teachers do a lot of different labs and get the students moving around and using our minds for things in the real world and not putting our noses in books the whole day.
I attended pinnacle high for 4 years and was very involved with sports and extracurricular activities and the sports programs are some of the best in the state. I loved the class sizes and my teachers were very involved with each student. My experience at pinnacle was one to rememeber
While academics excell, there is a heavy club and sports bias from administration and teachers. The school culture is toxic, my thought caused by the undiverse body of students (mostly white, upper-middle class). Administration is inflexible with students unless they are “well liked” or have a favor called in.
I have attended Pinnacle throughout my whole high school career and I believe that funding for academics needs to change. All funding goes to pinnacles' special football building and program which isn't even very good it just promotes bad egos and cockiness.
I appreciate the diversity of clubs available on campus and the teachers willingness to sponsor clubs that the students believe have value. There were many opertunities for students to get involved in the school if they took the initiative. I would have liked for the arts to be more represented in school in general.
I really liked all the opportunities to get involved in school. I highly recommend joining clubs and playing sports because that’s really what makes or breaks a high school experience.
My experience at Pinnacle High School was amazing. The staff was caring and treated everyone equally and taught an important lesson to all students, which is to treat everyone equally and people followed that rule. Along with this, the different clubs I was involved in, such as Speech and Debate, treated me like family as well as the other members. Qualities such as those make me not want to leave high school, but as well as all the nice attributes there is one thing I would change about the school. I would want to change how the sports teams are segregated. Not the different sports, but the levels. When I played basketball freshman year I was on the JV and Freshman team and had only freshman friends because that was my grade level. The others barely acknowledged me or the other freshman as well. If I could change it I would intertwine team bonding so that everyone would feel comfortable on any team they were apart of.
Pinnacle is an amazing school with a large student population that is full of diversity. The entire school is fenced in and watched by security guards, you have to wear a student ID at all times, these are checked by guards whenever you need to leave school early along with a note from the office. The academics are very well rounded and the teachers who work there are very invested in the students educations. The variety of clubs and sports is astonishing.
Pinnacle is a large school with many options to get students involved with each other and the school.
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Worst four years of my life, the faculty was very mean, and uninterested in the bullying problems their students faced. There wasn’t any bullying programs in place, and the school put all its money into its sports programs.
My time at Pinnacle was nothing short of amazing. Pinnacle provided a very safe and secure campus, so there was never a need to feel worried. Pinnacle's teachers were nothing short from well-educated and strong, and the information that I learned will be used the rest of my life! Thanks Pinnacle!
Pinnacle High School is where I opened and closed the doors on my high school experience. Throughout the past four years, Pinnacle has taught me how to find balance in life and make the most of all situations. Above all else, Pinnacle has shown me how to surround myself within a group of people catered to my liking.
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