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There are a few good teachers, but the majority are mediocre. The schools bends over backwards for sports players, opting to not fully punish them.
I have particularly enjoyed the honors and AP classes at my school. They have readily prepared me for college workloads and I feel confident in my ability to handle college after having taken these classes. This school cares about its students and I always feel that there is somewhere or someone to go to in order to find help.
I loved the atmosphere at Pinnacle, I loved being able to see my friends everyday. Majority of the teachers are amazing and have changed my life.
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I would like the school to be more conscious of the effects of excessive homework on mental health, and the students to be more open minded.
Overall great experience. A lot of information and communication to help prep for college throughout the 4 years. Would change the science department and the consistent issue with teachers in science.
This school is good for if you want to go to college for any science, math, or engineering type of degree. The music and arts programs are underfunded and have limited options. For art we have ceramics and drawing. For music we have concert and marching band. I feel that Pinnacle needs better arts programs and more funding for them.
The best way I can describe this school is with the word "medium." It's never been quite the best school, but I can't say it's the worst school on the face of the planet. Despite the prominent elitism, racism, and overall poor quality of life at Pinnacle, I have amazing friends that go there too. I wouldn't give them up for the world! And there are some amazing teachers that have changed my life (shoutout to Ms. Martiny)! I will say, they have it plastered on the front of the school that it's an "A+ School of Excellence" when it's anything but... (I'm not sure what the rate is now but it is not an A+, just trust me on that one)
Pinnacle High School has very helpful staff and an excellent education system. They have very good quality athletics and fine arts programs. My only problem was the amount of students that were accepted. Many of the classes were far larger than they should be. Otherwise, I had an amazing experience and made wonderful friends along the way.
Pinnacle High School has generally been very enjoyable to attend, and I personally have had good experiences with both my teachers and my peers. However, Pinnacle High School has had some problems concerning bullying in the past that would be very important to address in the future, as both friends and family members who have attended the school have had problems with bullies.
Overall, Pinnacle High School is an overpopulated school with teachers who deserve more than what they're getting. The academics are inconsistent with some subjects having better teachers than others. Despite some petty issues like sanitation in the bathrooms and outdated textbooks, Pinnacle is extremely lucky to have the funding that the do compared to some other schools in the district. Many of the students who go to PHS do not understand the privilege they have. It is also very obvious that sports are valued more than some of the art programs such as choir and drama. The clear imbalance is disheartening considering a school is more than just a football team.
I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is involve in student movement and other extracurriculars such as Mentors Club and Outdoors Club.
A combination of fantastic curricular and extracurricular opportunities, along with a solid base of common core subjects taught well and efficiently make Pinnacle High School a top pick for High Schools in the Phoenix area.
snotty staff who doesn't care about you, mean girl drama, had to get a restraining order on a kid, very many drugs
This school has amazing teachers is English, Math, Spanish, and Science. The performing arts is lacking. But all in all, a wonderful school and a nice community.
A good school with good people. Teachers mostly know what they are talking about, but like all schools, a few poor teachers as well. Can't speak to how the school adheres to 504 or IEP's. Wealthy area and most kids come from high-income families. Good athletics. No IB program. AP classes are offered.
The experience at Pinnacle High School is truly what you make of it. You just have to find the extracurricular activities, the classes, the friends, and the like that are right for you. It can be challenging, and there will be struggles. You just have to keep your head up and keep trying to make the best out of your experience. Pinnacle offers a wide variety of clubs, sports, and classes, so it is easy to find the things that interest you and meet new people with similar interests. The academics at Pinnacle are wonderful, and I highly suggest taking at least one honors or AP class during your time at Pinnacle. I've had great experiences with all of my teachers at Pinnacle. Most of the students are generally nice as well.
i went to pinnacle all 4 years and i loved it .its a great place to go to school and to make friends . the academics at pinnacle are 5 stars , the teachers are 5 stars
the clubs are 5 stars , the safety is 5 stars
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I have learned a lot throughout my years at Pinnacle. The teachers are very helpful and care about you as an individual. The school spirit is huge and the football games are always super fun to go to. I also love all the people I've met there.
The school provided me with a lot of opportunities to try new things. Those included AP classes, clubs, volunteer work, sports, and networking with my teachers to learn more about certain topics that I was interested in.
I loved being apart of Pinnacle Theatre Company and being apart of Pinnacle football. Being part of all the shows and learning how to act in front of so many people. Pinnacle taught me how to believe in myself and to care for my classmates.
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