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This school is by far the worst school my children have ever attended!!! It lacks basic structure. Administration is the root of the problem, why? They do not communicate with parents and they make constant changes to the "schedule ". An child comes home and tells me, she went on a field trip and I had no idea!!! They will tell you same day.....hey, we are having early out so make sure you pickup your kid!!! Or this week, there is no school on such and such day.....NO DUE TIMELY PRIOR NOTICE!!! And don't expect spelling lists, or reading lists, or any type of homework. They are not academically challenged at all!!!! In summary....this is a free childcare. Your child will fall behind in comparison to other kids at other schools. Administration and teachers care about their paychecks and extra curricular activities. That's it!!! No emphasis on education at all!!!! Oh and a is VERY DIRTY AND NEGLECTED! Your once healthy child will CONSTANTLY get sick!!!
Pinnacle is a good school if you like technology. The teachers are really nice and help you get good grades. The thing I would change about Pinnacle is definitely the school lunch or the cleanness.
Small class sizes to help promote a better learning environment. They are always striving to assist with helping students with excelling in learning such as the concurrent enrollment program for students.
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At pinnacle, I have grown so much as a student, but also as a person. Here I have had so many athletic and academic activities and all of the staff is so motivating and 100% there fpr each individual student. We're a small school, but a big family.
My experience at Pinnacle Canyon Academy has been really great. I have a great relationship with all my teachers, and the students. I had moved in beginning of junior year, and everyone was so welcoming. They really care about you and your future here, and are willing to invest so much into it. They have even paid for me to start college classes! We also get many opportunities to work with the elemetary kids as this is a k-12 school, which really makes us come together as a school, and give you a family feel. I would change how hard it is to get a meeting with my counselor. Since, we have such a small school a have one who counselor who looks over everyone, and sometimes it gets a little hectic. Other than that I genuinely love this school and I'm proud to be a pinnacle panther!
I liked the chance to take different classes that you normally can't take at school. I also liked how the teachers had a connection to the students and knew how to help everybody in their own individual ways.
It is all electronic school. It makes doing homework easy and continent.
Most teachers go beyond what they are supposed to to help those in need of help. Pinnacle le is great
If I had to go back to high school, there isn't another place I'd want to go. I loved the experiences I had in and out of class, the dances, the clubs, the teachers, the friends I made, and the things I learned. It isn't a big school, which is why I think it has the ability to mold each student individually, instead of sculpting students on a general whole.
After Mrs. Obama had the law passed that all the food needs to be healthy for the students, school lunch seemed to drop in quality, and fast. There was little variety. However, the staff in the cafeteria always made a point to accommodate for students who had specific allergies or diets.
I did not get to know the office staff as well as I would have liked, but I knew several students who became such good friends with the staff that they would pop into the office several times a day to talk and say hello. I think that in most schools, staff members-especially seem almost unapproachable. That definitely was not the case here. Our school had a strict no bullying policy, as well as attendance policy, and staff members made sure to enforce dressing appropriately.
I loved my high school experience. A big reason for that would be the teachers. They knew what they were talking about, communicated well with students, and always went above and beyond to give students learning experiences that would stay with them after graduation.
There were several clubs to be a part of, and a fairly high variety as well. For instance, there was an art/design club, a video game club, dance club, and a creepy pasta club, to name a few. There were also groups you could join to study, dances, and many other events going on after school throughout the school year.
The sport and athletic facilities are great, for the few sports Pinnacle High offers. The Principal and founder of the school wanted to focus less on sports than the average high school, so that there would be less separation within the student body due to cliques. However, sports players still had a great team performance most games, and a large portion of the student body would participate in supporting the team, even when it came to games away from home.
After graduation, I was a little nervous to head off to college. Pinnacle had a lot of programs that helped get kids ready for the "Real World," and I'd been a part of a few of them before. I took a college class in high school to try it out, so I knew what to expect after graduation. The following fall semester, I started school at Snow College, and managed to pull straight A's. I decided not to work right away so that I could focus on school. Spring semester, I tried transferring, but there was a glitch in the system, and I wasn't able to try again until now. Overall, I would say that I'm ready to take on this semester and work as well. I am ready for the "Real World."
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