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Our school has been in its existing facility for the past 10 years.
It is a small, family oriented, student centered cozy environment. If one is into factory like few thousand student schools, Pinnacle is not the place for you. However, if you are into a safe, caring environment where everyone knows everyone, this is where your child will blossom. Limited resources but the school gets the best out of it. This is not a place for the teachers who are so used to tons of resources that large school districts can offer. This is a place for teachers who believe teaching is not a job, it is a responsibility.
This is our 7th year with Pinnacle Academy in Oakton. Our two boys love Pinnacle (Kindergarten & 5th grade) We feel very fortune to attend this unique private school. Besides great education and discipline, Our 5th grader made invaluable friendships throughout the years. Faculty & Staff is extremely supportive and guided by the professional principal.
Parents voice is very appreciated and respected!
My son at the first grade attending the Pinnacle Academy. This is his 2nd year. The school provides a kind of family environment where my son enjoys better education in that regard. The parents with a good percentage of European background would make the school more international and diverse.
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Pinnacle Academy offers a warm, involved environment, in which students get into active engagement. The diversity in the school is strongly from native citizens whose origin lies in Europe and Asia. The teachers are very cooperative in the learning environment. Most importantly, however, the school is strictly concentrated on college readiness. They are partnered with the local community college, and high school students starting from ninth grade have the opportunity to become a full-time college student, earning college credits in high school. This opportunity definitely gives a significant advantage of us over regular high school students. The involving engagement of this school definitely contributes to my overall experience with it.
Teachers are very friendly and knowledgable. They spend extra hours when needed. They are dedicated.
Most extracurricular activities are Science and Math related, I'd like to see more athletics.
My 3rd grade daughter and 7th grade son are going to this school. Teachers are great. They really pay attention to student's performances. They are very dedicated, they spend after school time if needed. Special focus on Science and Math is what I love about this school. It is a very friendly environment, many events and social activities to get parents together.
They provide healthy lunch and student arrivals and departures are monitored and supervised.
I am expecting more extra curricular activities, however currently school is mostly concentrated on math and science, so most extra curricular activities are about science and math.
My 2 kids going to this school one in 3rd grade and other in 7th grade for the last 2 years. School is specialized in science and math. Teachers are very dedicated and spending extra hours to get students ready for science and math olympics. They have principle coffee hours and parent/student events that helps getting to know other parents and socialize with principle and teachers.

My kids are very happy going to this school.
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