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Pinkerton is an excellent school with amazing opportunities, but the school as a whole is ran more like a business than a school. They don't take into consideration the financial needs of students going to the school. I have been given amazing opportunities at Pinkerton and the facility as a whole is amazing, but there are just some kinks that could be fixed if they would listen to what students need.
I love the opportunity that Pinkerton has given me. I have gotten to explore so many different subjects just in high school. Being on such a large campus with this many options has prepared me for college in so many different ways.
Overall i did not have a bad experience at Pinkerton Academy, but there are things that are very good and very bad about the school. The English department prepares you so well for college writing, but on the other hand the math department does not. They have very nice sports teams which are very competitive, and buildings with state of the art learning tools. It’s a very big school, can be compared to some colleges. There are options for every student to be involved and is very accepting of everybody. The school is very good in many aspects but does have its flaws and overall if you are determined to do well at the school the results will clearly show.
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Pinkerton is a great place to have friends and make new connections, and they teach you a lot. Of course once in a while you get stuck with a strict teacher but that happens everywhere. But overall my experience has been pretty amazing I made great new friends and I learned what I wanted to do with my life after high school.
Large school with lots of opportunities if students want to get involved. Lots of sports, clubs & school spirit.
The sports teams at Pinkerton Academy are first rate and highly competitive. All of the teams compete and do very well each year. You need to be very serious about your chosen sport because there is always a large turn out for tryouts and getting on a team can be difficult. The school is very large so it is easy to get lost so to speak. If you get involved in sports and clubs then it can be a great HS experience. There are many clubs to choose from, if you look you are sure to find something that interests you. On the academic side there are many levels of classes for each subject and many class offerings.
I had the ability to take a variety of subjects and learn what I wanted to, incuding programming, electric circuits, and european history.
i liked the big campus and the ammount of people. what i would want changed is that the administators and staff are nicer and more helpfull.
I really enjoyed going to Pinkerton Academy because I enjoyed being able to have that college experience. The size of the school makes it a lot easier to be college ready knowing what you're getting yourself into with the large campus.
I loved going to PA. The arts programs were great, and well funded! My time spent in the PA band, chorus, and the Pinkerton Players are times I will never forget, and cherish everyday.
I liked all the career opportunities that they provide you with and all of the involvement that the teachers have. It should be more diverse and accept more neighborhoods into the school. It should also get better and more options of food for the students.
Since pinkerton academy is a very large school, it allowed you to reach out and find new friends, other then the people in your town. It opened so many new doors with all the clubs and sports you could try out for or be on. There were many school activities that were put on that you coukd go too.
Being at Pinkerton Academy for four consecutive years has shown me the culture and the feel of being a student there!
Administration is very kind. If you are respectful and abide by the reasonable rules at the school, administration, teachers, and faculty alike are unlikely to give you trouble.
There is a wide array of clubs available to people of all different interest groups. If you are an outdoor person, you may find interest in their Bass Fishing Club. If you enjoy computers, anime, Japanese culture, or even Harry Potter, there are clubs for that, as-well! There is little difficulty finding people with similar interests to yourself here!
If you require assistance with learning, coping, or managing high school in any way, the school counseling office and 504 rooms are always open and eager to help those who need it! This school is great for anyone looking for a warm, safe environment to learn and flourish as a student!
Great school. The academics and sports were stellar. Teachers care for you. Administrators are hard on students but this prepares students well for college. I felt like I was ahead of everyone in college because of the academics I received at Pinkerton.
Pinkerton has a very good image but the image can be deceiving. Two things I will say is that yes, there are endless opportunities if you apply yourself and the amount of clubs and activities is amazing. But administration is a nightmare and students can very easily fall through the cracks and not perform well in school due to the high expectations and so-so teaching. Some teachers here are amazing, and some not so much. The math department here is horrendous. I once was in honors algebra at my old school and this year I had to drop my math course due to the insufficient teaching. But on the other hand the English department and CTE is amazing. Pinkerton has its ups and downs but the main thing is, is that if you apply yourself, you’ll come out with endless opportunities.
During your first year of college you have to meet a lot of new people, and your old high school is a popular go-to for conversation. Quickly I learned that my experiences at Pinkerton academy were much better than some of my peers had with their old high schools. I actually love to talk about Pinkerton so much I feel like I'm bragging at times. The large, beautiful campus and amazing repertoire of career-specific classes were the two most important things to me.
Great school with lots of opportunities for just about anything you might be interested in! Very supportive teachers and a really great administration. Had a great four years!
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Like Jetton academy provided me with some of the best teachers and the best courses I’ve ever taken. The school spirit, the beautiful outdoor campus, and the challenging curriculum fostered the perfect high school experience. M
Excellent selection of classes to really experiences everything you want. The teachers I've had have been very friendly and really wanted to see me excel in my work. They're always there to help when I needed it. The large campus really prepares you for the college like campus and the students are mostly good. Everyone is different and it's great.
Great school after you get used to walking on a "campus" freshman year. Sports make it hard to participate because there is only one JV team and one varsity team for class sizes ranging from 850-1200 students. Not really fair
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