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The small school setting makes for a close knit community that provides great support for one another. Academics are challenging, but the teachers are great. Athletics, overall, are average, but soccer and lacrosse teams are very good.
Pingree is an amazing school. All of the teachers are extremely passionate and care about each of the students. The school is definitely small, but it allows you to meet pretty much everyone and be able to have your voice heard. The weekly morning meetings are a great way for the school to come together and connect, as are many of the different arts and athletic events they put on.
I loved the staff at Pingree. Each and every teacher, professor, staff worker were friendly, welcoming and helpful. The course load was rigorous and challenging. There were plenty of opportunities to receive assistance and better yourself. The school prepares you well for the college academics.
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Best place to find out who you are! I loved being able to figure out who I was going to be in my life.
Pingree is an exclusive rural/suburban day school committed to developing its student's character, social awareness and consideration for others. It low student/teacher ratio & Harkness Table approach teaches a team approach to education & problem solving. Students are required to participate in a different competitive seasonal sport after school each day for exercise, team building & to change up & increase contact with other students in the school.
The school promotes academic & athletic excellence. Every team member plays. No one sits on the bench. The school actively pursues racial diversity.
Literally the worst school. Soooo overpriced!!!! And I wish I’d never come here. The people are all dumb underachievers and it just sucks. Ugh
I am a senior at Pingree school and my choice to come to Pingree was the best decision I have ever made!
It’s pretty meh. I haven’t really enjoyed it here. I’m a graduating senior. But what up Dr. Johnson! He cool.
As a parent of four Pingree students I have been enormously pleased with every aspect of the school. It has a tremendous culture for a high school from the faculty down to the student body. The teachers and administrators truly care about the students, want them to succeed, and give them the tools to do so. The students at Pingree are just super; thoughtful, kind, bright and engaged. The community is strong and parents are involved. There are outstanding opportunities for travel, service, athletics, and arts. Pingree has it all.
We have two children at Pingree this year. Our eldest daughter is a senior and our son is a freshman. The experience for each has already proven to be unique and individual. However, there are several things of note that they share as students at Pingree: rigorous academics, dedicated teachers and staff, innovative approach to learning, welcoming student body, opportunities to stretch through clubs and extracurricular activities. We are thrilled with the education that Pingree provides for our children.
Pingree was the best educational choice we made. Our sons graduated this year into highly selective colleges. They are well prepared to tackle the workload having gone through Pingree. At Pingree they made a diverse group of close friends, played varsity sports even becoming captains, expressed themselves artistically and were challenged academically. I loved the fact that as a day school, my children were home every night to share their day with us over dinner. My only regret is that I don't have another student to put through this excellent school.
As a parent I could not be happier with the education my kids have received at Pingree. From the beginning I was impressed with the faculty. They teach in a way that gives students a love of learning, which sparks curiosity and leads kids to strive for academic excellence. It is a community that is accepting, respects creativity, and independent thinking. I love the fact that Pingree knows each child. No child gets lost or overlooked. I also think the advisory program is unique and valuable for all. Athletics are also a big part of school. The facilities are beautiful, teams competitive and something for everyone. Both my kids (graduate and current junior) have loved every minute of there time on the field or court. I have a graduate who is currently a freshman in college. Over the last six weeks she has commented on numerous occasions about her Pingree education and how she believes she was well prepared for the transition to college.
Pingree blends the art & science of developing student leaders and individuals to be all that they can be. It's academic program is rigorous and innovative. It's philosophy of encouraging to stretch their minds and interests is second to none in the area. It offers an array of extracurricular activities to expose its students to new interests and areas of passion. From sports, to art, theatre, music, community service, and virtually any club you can think of, Pingree students are exposed to a community of excellence and exposure to trying new things and dreaming big. All why they are mentored by an individual advisor who meets with them weekly to hear how they are doing and truly provide a differentiated learning experience.
Fantastic experience for our children! Small school feel with strong community, but rigorous academics and opportunities to participate/ lead in arts and athletics. Very diverse given size of school. Incredible faculty, outstanding school leadership and visionary Head of School. Pingree is a gem that has been found by a few; many still to discover its brilliance!!
Pingree has so much to offer for any type of student. It is a kind and safe community that allows kids to explore a variety of subjects and activities.
I have recently visited their new Athletic building for a basketball camp. My sons were super impressed and I am considering sending my sons here when they are old enough.
The moment you step on campus, you know you're in for something special. All the faculty and staff are motivated to do their best for the student population, ensuring they have ample opportunities to learn and grow. The students here are inspiring individuals capable of immense creativity and compassion. There is an air of community no matter where you look-- camps running during the summer; athletics, arts, and academics in balance; small class sizes; and a genuine interest in providing the best learning environment from the athletic facilities to the grounds to the new academic wing.
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I can say honestly that Pingree has really shaped me into the person that I am today. The faculty is amazingly responsive and the community bond is strong. The food could definitely be improved, and the administration is working on balancing the level of work. I'm incredibly prepared to tackle college, and I have great friendships and connections that will support any career I intend to pursue.
My time as a student at Pingree was four of the more formative and rewarding years of my life. The close rapport I established with my peers, teachers, advisor, and coaches allowed me to grow both as an individual as well as a member of a close-knit, kind, and powerful community.
I could not have asked for more from my Pingree experience. By the time I graduated, I had a resume filled with achievements, volunteering, and leadership roles. I formed strong relationships with my teachers and felt comfortable to text my Class Dean when I was running late or joke with my history teacher. As much as Pingree focuses on a challenging, well-rounded curriculum, it also emphasizes humor, fun, and exploration. Having just completed my first year of college, I see that Pingree prepared me to succeed beyond high school. Many of my college courses have been less engaging than my high school ones, and I definitely miss the student-teacher relationships I was spoiled with at Pingree. Pingree emphasizes access for all; I received financial aid and throughout the years was assisted with the cost of books and a program in Spain. Without its dedication to accessibility, I would not have been able to attend Pingree or experience all of the amazing things I did during my time there.
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