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Pineywoods Community Academy High School Reviews

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Personally, I have had a fun and interesting experience at Pineywoods. There are always adults willing to help the students - whether it is to help with homework, applications, or even with advice for a situation. While this true, I do believe that the school could improve on the clubs and organizations aspect, which they have been working on but, it still needs work. From what I have recognized there is a budgeting issue between organizations and that the school offers to pay for certain clubs or organizations. I additionally feel that portions of the administration does tend to favor certain clubs or organizations over others, which is something the whole school has been able to notice recently and I do hope for a change in that aspect also.
When I moved to Pineywoods, I found the student body to be incredibly diverse as far as race, ethnicities, and even religion considering the fact that it's a rather small school. The teachers were fantastic and willing to work with me and other students on anything we may need help on. The school also has an early college department and I really appreciated the opportunity offered by that to actually attend dual credit classes at the local community college and get a head start on my college career.
Its an overall good school. i would just like to see the dress code be dropped and the administration to be a little less strict
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I did very well at this school! I started when I was in the seventh grade until I graduated from here. The elementary teachers, I really did not care for, but the high school teachers and counselors were the best I've ever experienced! They work with you until you get what they are saying and if you don't, they try to find as many different ways possible to help you understand. For the counselors, they help you with one-on-one time to get you the classes you need to graduate and that fit your schedule. All in all, this school I would reccomend for the older kids.
Mostly, the only thing I mostly like about my school is that we have a chance to graduate with a associate's degree. What I would like to change, is that the high schoolers shouldn't have to wear a uniform.
Pineywoods is a great school! Awesome teachers, counselors, administrators, and all the other staff members. Pineywoods has a few cons, but overall the education is there! Including early college classes! Pineywoods is continually improving and growing. And as a current senior, I am very happy to have spent a total of 10 years at PCA! Go Timberwolves!
I have grown up at Pineywoods Academy, the teachers are absolutely amazing I cant think of another place I would rather be than there when it comes to my education.
Curriculum is great and can learn easy,
The guidance counselor is always on task helping other
I attended Academy of Hair Design, beauty school, thanks to this school for its early college status and i loved it! I would choose this school first thing but i want to thanks God that i entered at a good timing my freshman year.
Tutoring you can find quick when needed it is excellent and can get it whenever.
Athletics is great. Half the students in school or more is involved in sports like basketball, track, cheer, drill, golf, cross country and tennis.
The teachers here are the best! They help whenever you need it and goes out of their way to help pass the class.
Theirs a lot of student involvement when it comes to going for something you want or everybody wants. Theirs not a racial diversity between anybody at this school, it is a small school everybody knows everybody and get along great in and out of school.
Most students attending Pineywoods Academy, including me, attend Key Club for it is a fun club to be in. We help out all the time , each month their is something new to do to help out around the school also outside of school.
The school nurse is very helpful when needed. Nurse Debbie knows everything that she needs to know whenever he or she is sick. She helps kids from pre-k to high school to all in one day and can keep up with everything with help of her other nurse. She loves helping everybody and doesn't stop helping until they feel better.
As for sports, PCA has the bear minimum. They have cheer, basketball and tennis teams. PCA's one strong suite is its' state recognized choir.
As for clubs and other organizations, PCA is barren. We had junior naitional honor society and national honor society members and a Key club along with an art club, but that was all.
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We never had any sort of bomb threats at PCA, but there were two occasions where an unidentified individual came onto campus by following a student through what would have otherwise been locked doors. It turned out that these two people were parents who were looking for their children and simply didn't use the front entrance.
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