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Looking back, Pinewood was the right community for me because it let me get out my comfort zone and join clubs and organizations I would've never tried to join if I had gone to public school. I do believe that pinewood could work on finding a new campus that they can actually renovate because in terms of faculties the place is outdated, but the surrounding area is nice, but I understand that it is hard. It just seems unfair that they spend so much money renovating the lower campuses.
This school has an amazing community feel that will not be matched anywhere else. The teachers genuinely care about your learning and success and will go far out of their way to help their students. Truth be told, one of my teachers answered a question I had about some calculus homework in the middle of a wedding. That's dedication!!
Overall, I had a very good experience with this school. The school’s biggest advantage would be the student body. Everybody is very close and if you are new it’s quite easy to make friends and cement them. My only criticism would be that you can’t expect everyone to be perfect(and you will know everyone very well, good and bad). Come in with high hopes, but be ready for some downs.
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Girls basketball is awesome. Campus is a bit small. Teachers and counselors are very good. Enjoyed my four years of high school at Pinewood playing varsity basketball.
Pinewood is completely safe. I can leave my iPad at school and still find it a month later! In addition, the students at Pinewood are nice and don't make anyone feel threatened. People are always willing to help out!
really safe school and neighborhood, no physical bullying but some verbal
Lot of variety for small school
hard, small school, bad at catching cheating, many teachers still really try to help students
Depends on the teacher, large variety of teaching styles and success in teaching styles
Theatre is super fun here!
I love this school. I can't see myself anywhere else and, though I am excited to graduate, I will definitely miss the Pinewood family.
I love my teacher! 99% of them really seem to understand me and treat my ideas with respect. I love how teachers just facilitate discussions instead of lead them.
The facilities at Pinewood are great, but they could be better. they do not own the land, but lease it from a local school district. Most of the buildings were built in the 50s and are showing their age, but Pinewood does a good job at upkeep and modernizing where they can.
The administration at Pinewood is excellent. They are caring and supportive. There are no silly zero tolerance policies. They work through issues as they happen and work to resolve any negative issues the right way. Communication is great and as a parent, I feel very in the loop.
Basketball is the top sport at Pinewood and our girls team has multiple state championships. Participation in sports is very good and everyone supports our teams.
It is hard to quantify the caring, accepting and nurturing environment at Pinewood. My son came in the 8th grade from a local public school where he needed to not be himself in order to fit in and not get bullied. At Pinewood, he has come out of his shell and blossomed into the person he wants to be. There is no need to pretend to be something you are not. He is accepted and treated with respect. I say a thinks almost every day for being at Pinewood.
We have yearly fire and lock-down drills and the administration and staff are great at communicating with the students and parents. We feel our boys are very safe and supported at Pinewood. Access to a school counselor for personal issues is wonderful
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I feel prepared because I have lots of skills from classes here that will help me through college level classes
we could use more options for curriculum, but the ones available are good
The board makes all the decisions, they are all related, and we have no connection to them at all
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