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I attended Pinewood for 8 years and even though the school is small there isn’t a limit to the activities one can be involved in. By your senior year you not only know every person in your grade, but are friends with people who you will know for life. The teachers are all very qualified and approachable as well as dependable. Your teachers become your friends by senior year and some have been your coaches, club leaders, directors, etc. The head of school is very student oriented and part of the activities taking place on and off campus. Overall, pinewood is a family and with the school being K3-12 you have a chance to interact and set examples for new generations helping each student to be confident leaders in society.
Pinewood is a smaller school, which helps with a close knit family type feel. It definitely feels like the teachers care and want you to succeed. Everyone knows everyone and the culture around school is be honest and kind and hold people accountable for doing the same.
What I really like about Pinewood are the small classes. What Pinewood can work on to better the school is become more diverse. The is a small percentage of African Americans that are accepted to this school.
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My overall experience with Pinewood has been great. It didn't start out that way but they worked with me and helped guide me to where I am today. I am really happy about my parents making sacrifices that allow me to attend Pinewood.
This is a phenomenal community where I'm proud to see my child stride confidently to school every day. I'm entrusting Pinewood's outstanding faculty with my most prized possession, and I know I've made the best possible decision!
Pinewood is a wonderful environment. Candidate for the best school in Sc. It proves great preparation for college enrollment. Teachers are outstanding and passionate. Adminstration cares and is embolden.
Pinewood is a relatively small school but that’s to be expected with a private school, the teachers there are really great people. One of the things I would change however is the shaving policy and maybe allow juniors to leave campus as well and exempt exams. Overall tho a great school that I loved attending
From our three year experience, we would say that your child must be a serious, almost shy, focused A student or they will be unhappy here. Teachers will not put up with big personalities and will do what they can to suppress. There is zero diversity. The sports are continually rebuilding because there is a big turnover at this school. Again, if your student works well in a very small structured setting they will do well here. They will have the same teachers throughout their years. If they do not continue these high grades, they will be pressured by teachers and guidance. Once you commit there is no refund so be very sure this is what you want for your son or daughter.
I have gone to this school since the 2nd grade and loved it ever since. They have such a family friendly enviroment and take time with each student. They make sure that your kid is doing well in school and at home. They take time to meet with each student even if the student thinks they don't need it. When I am older and having kids I will defintely be sending them to Pinewood.
Pinewood well-prepared me for college with challenging courses. Teachers were always available to answer questions or provide extra help before and after school. Small class sizes were great for encouraging open and honest discussions. Pinewood's honor code and character education/leadership classes helped us as students take pride in ourselves and stand up for things we believe in. The community service component encouraged us to think outside ourselves to make a difference in the world.
I love this school, my only regret is that I did not transfer sooner. There are a variety of classes offered for those at the CP, Honors, or AP level. They offer multiple classes that I would not have had the opportunity to take otherwise, mainly in my science courses. I would like to see the school broaden the focus from a few athletic teams to supporting all sports equally. Overall I think this is an amazing school, especially for those willing to challenge themselves academically.
Pinewood is a fantastic school full of opportunity! I have three children enrolled at the school all with different interests and abilities. Pinewood treats each child as an individual and manages to bring out the best in each of them. Anyone who is considering sending their child to Pinewood based on academics and opportunity in the arts, athletics and service to the community should know this school is excellent to help your children grow and achieve their full potential.
It is an amazing school. If your looking for the best education and to help you prepare for college this is the perfect school for you. Smaller class sizes and the teachers are always willing to help. Very family oriented. Campus and school is well maintained. I absolutely love my school and I don't see anything I would change. International children attended because of Pinewoods top ratings. It is absolutely a privilege to attend.
There are a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities for a diverse amount of students to get involved in
The student to faculty ratio is very good and provides for the individualized attention that every student needs to succeed in and out of the classroom
Communicate well with the students

Very knowledgeable of what they are teaching
The clubs are very entertaining and allow the student to voice their opinions on particular subjects or be involved in something they are passionate about.
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The school is very awesome in the fact that it serves as almost a feeder school to colleges because of how devoted they are to seeing kids going to college and the connections they have by being a college prep school, which is one of the main reasons I would go to this school again. I wouldn't go back to the school because of a few things. One is the way the money is spent in the school in athletics and extra programs. The football team always receives so much more money than everything else which makes sense because it generates a lot of money for the school on game nights, but it isn't fair to the rest of the sports and clubs like arts and music to be tossed aside almost. Another reason I don't love the school is because of some of the decisions the school leaders make as a whole, whether it be how to spend the money they have (many times on pointless things the students don't need or want), or how to deal with certain situations that are against the honor code, and the dress code. The dress code is a big issue for many students. A lot of the students tend to dress "preppy", so the honor code isn't a problem for them, but many, including myself, don't like to dress up much and like to be casual. Sweatpants aren't allowed which is very ridiculous. I'm paying a lot of money to go to a school, they shouldn't tell me that I can't be comfortable. Another thing that I've heard from girls is about the three-finger rule for sleeves and the finger-tip test for shorts. Most shorts that are made now are going to be pretty short, and I understand not being too revealing, I don't appreciate too much showing, but it's very hard to find shorts that are going to fit the requirements the school has for them. And the shirt sleeves having to be three fingers wide is a bit ridiculous. Boys won't be distracted by seeing a girl's shoulder, it's not a big deal. It shouldn't be a specific and set-out guideline by the administration for what is and isn't too revealing.
The teachers are always available for extra help and try to get everyone involved while trying to make it fun. They challenge students and help us achieve the goals they set for us most of the time. Many times, though, teachers tend to get a little careless and look over the students with out taking into account something the student may have to add or if the student has a question. The grading is also sometimes inconsistent. Sometimes the teachers will take off more or less points from one student's mistake than another student who made the same mistake. Overall, the teachers like teaching and try to be very loving, but sometimes they trip up a bit.
The extracurricular activities to me are neither outstanding nor mediocre, more average.
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