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I'm surprised Pinewood is not ranked higher. As a parent and follower of this school for decades I can tell you it is among the best in South Georgia, period. From academic preparation for college to environment to safety to athletics there isn't a school in the area, public or private that compares favorably. They do a great job in all aspects. I have nearly two decades experience teaching in public and private schools. This is one of the very best and has been for a while.
I’ve never been to a school quite like this thing before, if you are in a situation and don’t want them to call your parents good then because they have no involvement with the parents what so ever and don’t even get me started on that blob of a headmaster who thinks he knows what he’s doing
I loved the family atmosphere, but didn’t like the lack of diversity or the heavy focus on athletics. The upper level math science and English departments (AP) are phenomenal, but the social sciences are not the best.
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Pinewood Christian Academy has been the place that I have called my second home for most of my life. Each student can feel like the part of an amazing family because of how small the classes are and the accepting environment. Since I am a Christian, PCA upholds the values that I like to see placed in school systems, and because not everyone that attends this school are Christians, PCA also recognizes this and doesn’t pressure students to conform. The college preparatory curriculum challenges students and helps them receive a rigorous education. The education that they receive prepares them for their life after high school and predestines then for success. Overall, this school has been a wonderful experience for me, and I will forever be proud to be called a Pinewood Patriot!
Excellent staff and administrators! Student body is extremely close and very much like a family. Teachers are very knowledgeable and up to date on technology in their area of study.
Pinewood is a wonderful school. I am in my fourteenth year of attendance there, and I cannot imagine myself at any other school than PCA. Since K-4, I have grown and developed into a well-educated and mature young adult because of the relationships, friendships, classes, extracurriculars, and overall experience at Pinewood. It truly is an amazing school, not just for learning materials in the classroom, but for growing spiritually.
The school has changed to a healthy menu. Every morning we have to option to pick our lunch. We have lunch accounts and just scan items we eat. Most are prepared that morning so it's all fresh.
The school does a great job at making me feel safe. We have practice drills for intruders, bad weather events, fire drills, etc. Our headmaster tells us how we do each time and sends emails home to parents, The teachers all act as if we are their children so we know we are safe and they will do everything in their power to keep us that way. For the most part it's healthy. For athletes we have an orthopedic PA that donates his time and is at each game and comes by practices during the week. Even during summer he will check on students to make sure all healing well. If anyone is sick the teachers are proactive in wiping rooms and reminding clean habits.
At our school there is football and basketball for grades starting in 5th -12th. There is softball, track, baseball for grades 6-12. There is tennis and golf too. They are adding wrestling in the next year. The fan support is good. For most away games and we have several 2-3 hours away our support is almost equal to home teams. We have fairly new facilities and some new equipment. Student athletes are encouraged to take weight training as elective or come in after school to continue staying fit year round. Homecoming week is amazing and that is when our school spirit is at its highest. At each transition or sports we have a banquet to honor and recognize the players and their accomplishments. The parents cook for us and we all have great time. It's really like big family dinner and games are just family events.
I arrived at PCA in k-4 and I graduate this year. Not only have I learned from academics that the teachers have taught, I have learned life lessons from life long friends. I thought I would fail Chemistry but the teacher is so good that she intrigued me to go for it and I ended up with an A. This school is awesome for especially cause class sizes are small and teachers have time to help students. I would choose this school again due to the quality of teachers and the people that go to this school care about learning and building friendships too for life.
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