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I believe Pineville high school is a rather nice place to be. Least it's better than most places. The faculty have a bad problem of not being patient with students and blaming them for actions they never performed. The teachers tend to be on the good side though, most are very understanding and are strict when need be, like a good teacher should be. Some though I would say are not as they should be. They swamp students with works and give them impossible times to complete these assignments. Overall I can say it's a good school, but it could for sure be better! Personally being on the baseball team and in the choir I can say that these are two amazing programs to be in. They both have amazing coaches and instructors.
My overall experience with Pineville High School was positive, however there are some things I would like to see changed in future years. I am a STEM student, in particular an aspiring computer engineer. At PHS, there are NO
fully computer science oriented classes, making it nearly impossible to study programming before college. College level computer science is extremely difficult without any prior experience with coding and/or hardware tinkering. Therefore, this is one thing that I would love to see changed. I genuinely think that it would improve the schools rating a ton and they would see a lot of growth in both numbers of STEM students and appreciation from said students.
They help you through the problems and they have so many activities. They have clubs for your interest. They have good administration that will help you out if you need help.
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Pineville High School is an amazing school. Most of the teachers I have had over my high school experience have been great. They've taught me a lot of valuable lessons, whether it be school or life-related. Pineville's atmosphere is just filled with joy. I have enjoyed attending this school for the past three to four years.
Pineville has such a welcoming and loving atmosphere. Everybody there feels like they belong because truly have great students and staff and no one feels out of place. The amount of clubs they offer is insane. There is a club for everyone.
Pineville High School is a 9-12 grade school located in Pineville Louisiana. The school environment is firm, fair, and consistent!
They help you learn what you need to know to go to college. The environment at Pineville is kind and friendly.
I learned a lot from this school. Most of the teachers are great. What I would like to see different is the administration. When someone complains about a bad teacher they should look into that. Especially if there are more than one complaint.
the teachers focus on really helping the students learn to pass. they don’t tolerate the bullying. pineville also is a very fun and interesting school to attend.
Pineville High School is a great school. Wonderful teachers. Pineville High School has many clubs that one can join. Pineville High School offers dual enrollment classes that you can take to have an Associates Degree when you graduate.
PHS is not for everyone it is more of a theatrical and academic oriented school. So, if you are looking for of more a sport focused high school this is not the one. The teachers all range from lenient to strict it depends on who you end up with but they are all very good teachers. I have particularly loved all of then teachers I have had so far they have been willing to help with what I have needed and what I don't understand.
Pineville High School has increased my knowledge, wisdom, and social skills. This school has opened many and multiple doors for me.
I’ve been at Pineville high school for 4 years I graduate may 8th 2020. Being a rebel is awesome you learn what it’s like to be your own person. My experience I had ups and downs but to make a experience great you have to be willing to try.
Pineville High School is such an amazing high school that has great opportunities. They have clubs and sports for just about everyone. The faculty and staff are so amazing and caring. They will constantly go out of their way to help any and every student.
I absolutely love Pineville High school, students are treated fairly and equally , and the educational opportunities there are plentiful. Many extracurricular activities are offered as well, giving students a break from school life, and a chance to be involved in a healthy, fun, school activity. Pineville High School prepares all students from sophomore year for college. ACT tests are given and preparation is given for all students. Safety drills are done monthly to ensure students knowledge of what to do during a emergency. School Culture is great as well, the diversity of students is unseen as everyone in the school are treated as equals. The musical classes and art classes are all highly appreciated by higher administration in the school, so are the sports teams.
I liked that Pineville High School is serious about our education and is very helpful in hard situations. I would like to see the stairs,rules,and parking lot for the students change though.
The school has tons and tons of clubs. It's really great. The teachers are also super helpful and are willing to help any student that is willing to put in the effort for their grades.
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I liked the education. I liked that I had a few friends. I’d like for them to change the way they handle bullying. No one should tolerate it no matter how good you have it with the disciplinary action. I’d also like for them to change their ways and not make it all about their sports. Their music department is amazing more amazing than what they’d think however sadly when someone signs off for football there’s the whole news channel station there to capture the moment.
I met most of my best friends through pineville. I also am a cheer leader and that helped me gain so many relationships and connections throughout my high school years. Now that I am a senior I can look back and say I will miss high school and all of the memories.
Pineville is a very big, nice school. The students and teachers make Pineville a great place to learn and make memories for the rest of your life. Teachers are always very helpful and everyone is involved!
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