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I loved my high school because of all of the teachers that helped me get through it! While attending PHS I met a lot of educators that had a strong impact on my education and my life. While I loved most of my teachers, my senior English teacher was, by far, my favorite. Mrs. Bolyer was the most caring teacher I have ever had. She loved her students, loved English, and loved connecting the two. Throughout the course she helped me understand English literature and pushed me to love such a unique subject all while being organized and stylish. I will forever be grateful to her!
I have earned 50 de hours for college through the NSU program. Has saved my family thousands of dollars toward college. This has prepared me for success and preparation for college.
from me being at Pineville High School since Freshman year I have seen a lot of change for the good and a lot that has been bad also. That just come with life though but from what I have seen they always keep teachers that care about how u are doing. In and out of school and ones that are trying to advance you in what they know u can do better in. What I feel is a great things because then they know that they are not alone in what they are doing and if it gets to hard they know they have someone they can turn too.
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Pineville High School has a wide variety of clubs, sports, classes & extracurricular activities to get involved with so you should never feel left out! All of the teachers, faculty, staff & administration are very helpful & kind & willing to do anything possible to help. Everyone here is very friendly & kind & supportive. We all support each other in tutoring, school work & are all very friendly with one another. I had had a great high school experience here!
I've gone to Pineville for four years. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming all the time. I made the closest friends here and so many doors have been opened for me. I truly feel prepared for college.
My high school experience was the absolute best. I made such strong relationships with friends and teachers that I will have forever. Pineville has so many clubs and groups to be a part of that makes everyone feel like they belong and to make a memorable high school experience.
Pineville offers AP and Dual Enrollment classes and so many options for artistic kids with the electives available. Art, music, theatre...they have the best!
I have enjoyed my time in Pineville very much. I enjoy the theater productions and sporting events that happen quite often. The teachers understand the material and are always willing to help anyone who is struggling with the material. The administration is nice to everyone and is always friendly. The school is kept clean by a group of very hard-working people. The only thing I wish to see change is that those who write on the walls and make things harder for others are found more quickly and stopped.
I went through a lot while attending Pineville High School, both good and bad. Luckliy, there were more good memories than there were bad. I really love my teachers and the other faculty members. The janitorial staff works hard to keep PHS clean, and the cafeteria staff members are very kind.
I participated in theatre and choir all four years of high school. The theatre department is exceptional. The caliber of the shows produced are far superior to most high performing arts schools. Although this is the performing arts school for Rapides Parish, the theatre department is underappreciated and not funded by the school or district. It relies on its own earnings and parental support. My academic classes, including dual enrollment classes, were good and for the most part, the teachers were supportive of the students. Dress code, primarily inability to wear school hoodies, and student parking were concerns. Overall, Pineville High School is the best school in Rapides Parish.
Pineville Highschool provides many opportunities for students. Safe environment and overall awesome experience.
I loved it, nice experiences, students pretty friendly. Lots of clubs and activities to do, you could find anything to do there. I have made many friends over the years and I am going to miss it when i graduate.
The school is pretty good as long as you stay on top of your classes and grades. The faculty is pretty nice and will cooperate with you if there is a situation.
Pineville High School is the worst school I’ve ever been to. The environment is terrible and drug-filled, and the classes don’t cover enough information.
As a freshman at Pineville High School, I have had a great experience so far. Every freshman has a mentor that helps guide them through their freshman year. Pineville High School has many different clubs for all students to be involved and they give a warm welcome to any and all students.
Pineville High School is considered an island of academics and arts in Rapides Parish. There is so much positive energy, and it is very family- oriented. The faculty is very qualified and very hands- on. The teachers care so much about the students and genuinely desire for them to succeed. The community is also very active in student- life and contributes to the atmosphere of the school. Most importantly, the students are very engaged in the classroom and are involved in multiple extracurricular activities. At Pineville High School it is accepted to express individuality and versatility. The school expects nothing less, and it is perfectly fine to be different!
Pineville High School is truly my second home. I had never been super excited to get up in the mornings and go to school until I started 9th grade at PHS. The teachers and administration take pride in creating an atmosphere of love and positivity. They all do their best to cater to the need of every child in every way and propel us to learn and mature for the four years they have us. If I had it to do over again I would change nothing, because I believe I have had the best high school experience that I could have ever imagined.
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I like how interactive the teachers are. They are very involved and care to help students. Also, the school spirit is overwhelmingly great. If I had to choose something to change, it'd be more opportunities for advanced classes, such as Dual Enrollment, Gifted, or Advanced Placement classes.
I would like to see the overall atmosphere change. It is not very diverse in administration or teachers. There are few teachers that truly care.
Pineville High School has the best theater department and has so many opportunities for students to get involved. We have clubs like student council, Anchor club, and Key club to clubs like Knitting Club, Ukulele club, Young Women Empowerment Group, and more. You can even make your own club as long as you get a teacher to verify and lead it. Pineville High School is also very diverse and does not discriminate. Teachers will help out a student however they need it
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