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Pines Middle School Reviews

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My experience at Pines Middle has been truly great, I’ve attended the school for all three grade levels. I felt that the dress code was fair enough. You’ll notice it’s mostly enforced on sixth and seventh graders though, I feel like many of the teachers there work with true passion and at their best abilities. If a student needs to seek help they can go to their assigned grade level center which also have guidance counselors, who I have to say, are amazing. The principal is a very strict but inspiring, and caring person. PMS also has very good technology, books, clubs and decent lunch. They have also most recently re-painted the school and it looks amazing. Fights are nothing new, people don’t always get along but there are always consequences for every unwise and pointless act. Now that I’m off to becoming a freshman, I am beyond thankful for the opportunities and great teachers I’ve been taught by at this school, and I only hope the school continues to strive for success.
Teachers were great! The environment set was amazing and we were given many opportunities to thrive. Usually kinesthetic learners dont get too much hands on work to learn but Pinea offers not just that, but also includes a variety of ways for teachers to present lessons. Teachers took their time in explaining and did not rush. The experience was a great one.
Some of my favorite teachers were a t Pines Middle. My cheerleading coach was amazing. The principal, Mr. Campbell, is strict, caring and funny. I will always love Pines Middle!!
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My experience with pines middle school was unique and i 100% regret it, the bullying is terrible and the teachers don't care, its very unsafe and health conditions should have the school shut down. Teachers are terrible and hate there jobs "beside Mr. Williams ill talk about him later" so much that when i asked for help math teacher Ms. morgan said " should have payed attention"
Mr . Williams is by far the best teacher there and really cares about his job and his students as he controls the classroom and making learning instruments fun and entertaining. My grades going into this school where AABAA leaving they where ABDFFD
All the teachers I've met in Pines Middle were great. They always helped students when they needed the extra help and would even have Saturday school and FCAT tutoring classes after-school.
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