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The last good teacher left at the end of the 2013/14 school year. The rest are there for a paycheck.
Dress code is over-enforced, teaching to the test is all the admins want, bullying by students is ignored, the principal herself is a bully to teachers and parents. The office staff is pathetic, they show little to no emotion or are rude. The counselor is not aware of basic needs and has little interest in assisting students who need help.
Chess club and chorus are ok. No other sports or clubs are encouraged.
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Leaky roofs, mold, and the heat and or air are always on the fritz. The gym and hallways smell like mold and urine and some teachers have become seriously ill from mold. Parent involvement is non-existent because the principal is so overwhelmingly hateful. Teacher's could use more parent involvement but no one wants to be treated so poorly by the admins.
Bullying, theft, illness, & filth are a serious concern at Pines. The nurse is spread between two or more schools, the "counselor" is a joke, and the receptionists will let anyone walk right in without a second look. You can smell a combination of mold and urine as you enter the building and two of my children reported German cockroaches in the lunchroom and hallways. On one occasion my middle child told me that there were mouse droppings on the bookshelves of the library.
My experiences with Pines Elementary have spanned 3 children from 2006 to 2013. In the past several years Pines has become absolutely terrible. The administration is arrogant, tyrannical, and extremely racist. I had to remove my youngest child from school because she was constantly being bullied and she was being taught by a poor excuse for a teacher. Homework assignments were sent home on print outs written in street language with no concern for grammar or spelling. Whenever I went to the school to address the bullying and the inability of the teacher to use appropriate and professional language i was ignored. Ultimately I felt that it was safer to home school my daughter than to leave her there to be attacked not only by students but by racist teachers. Her reading & comprehension, and math skills suffered greatly in the short time that she attended Pines and I had to seek counseling for her emotional trauma. This School needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. Not one single staff member should stay on and I believe they most should be prosecuted for crimes against children.
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