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I really have enjoyed the four years I have attended Piner High School. Their career pathway programs are definitely a nice touch, and really help students decide on a career. What I don’t like about Piner is that not all parents are involved, and I’ve heard the school lunches are not very good. I have definitely made a lot of memories at this school, and friends who I will stay in touch with even after I graduate.
The teachers there are wonderful, the students can vary depending on whether they even want to be there or not.
My experience at Piner High School one could say is "okay." My very own principal thought I was new student at Piner when I'm in the top 10% of my senior class. There are several teachers that give out work that we haven't learned and expect us to already the material.
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What I like about Piner High school it offer a Progarm called ECM where students can take College courses at the Santa Rosa Junior community College. Also, what I like about my school they have steam classes. My experience there was okay.
Piner High School is a very diverse community that offers creativity. We not only have programs that give us the opportunity to have new knowledge (Early College Magnet Program, STEM, etc.), but we are also the only high school with a planetarium, which is great. The only problem is the communication, within staff because the staff would often stop students with the idea of them ditching classes when in fact we have a short period schedule.
What I like about Piner High School is the diversity. What I would like to see change is how supervisors and principals go forth with the disciplining of students that do not behave.
When I was a freshmen/sophomore, I thought that this school was horrible. There weren't strong regulations, many kids bullied, brought drugs, and some teachers just didn't care about what you did. However, I am seeing some major and positive changes. We have an amazing planetarium, of the very few high schools that have them, the STEM program, and teachers are intended to help students graduate.
this school is a good school the staff are great. some of the teachers are great nut strathman is ok teacher he not bad but he is ok lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
What I enjoyed about Piner is the atmosphere of the people around me, diversity and creativity is what makes Piner a good school. Growing up I heard rumors that Piner is a bad school that only bad kids go there but it is completely false. We have one of the best teachers that support and want us to succeed in our futures. Not to mention we also have the only planetarium in a high school in California. In California! If that's not amazing I don't know what is. My view of Piner Changed after starting high school here. I learned that a school isn't bad but sometimes it is the students themselves that make it seem it is bad. I have had no issue with no teacher but support and courage to pursue a career that I will love! I love and will always love Piner High School
The four years I spent there were some of the best and worst of my life. I was given some great support in and out of the class rooms by most of the faculty. However, there were some faculty who failed as educators. One of whom was a student teacher. It was through his specific disdain for me that I was almost denied the ability to attend a four year university right out of high school. But I will say that halfway through my time there, we got a new principal who worked at the school as an assistant principle the years prior to that. I was thrilled to hear he took over, because he was someone who listened to the students and took the time to get to know us by name. even after he assumed his role as principal with all of his new duties, he still managed to be active and just as involved. which was definitely a step up from the principal who was in charge the years before, who i had never even met.
I enjoyed my AP class teachers just because they were more dedicated to their students, but the environment at Piner is just terrible. People are so superficial and will only talk to you for their perception of you. The counselors also did not take the time to connect with students so it was hard to make any change in schedules or to even make an appointment with them. I am making sure my siblings do not attend this school.
Very diverse community. Loved their biotechnology pathway, most teachers are amazing. All teachers having a willingness to help and teach.
I like the diversity in the student body as well as the teachers and staff. I wish to see more elective varieties in terms of arts and sciences classes and programs in the future.
Piner is a great school, but I found that it lacked in only the basics such as food and in diversity around the campus. The students here tend to keep to themselves and with their individual groups.
I like how all of the teachers and administrators are supportive and wanting you to success. I would like to see more motivation from the students.
Attending Piner High School has been an average experience so far. Attending a school with a small campus allows close knit relationships with many people, and the ability of knowing everyone at school which was great. However, there are things I wish I could see change at this school. Such things would be a greater variety of resources for specialty of arts here at this school. This school is very focused in science fields but I feel it should not limit itself at just this. More funding should be focused on arts at this school as it is important for students' creative sides just as much as their mathematical or scientific sides. I have seen a lot of students lose their interest in their crafts and arts as much attention isn't payed to it.
I liked that they helped seniors with college and one thing I would change is to help students on what classes are the best.
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Overall Piner is a great school. However, the school could always focus a bit more on academics. They're very few good teachers in the school that are actually willing to teach and make sure their students learn the required information to advance in their education. Overall I enjoyed my stay at Piner
I love Piner High school because it is synonymous with openness to reality. We are a family where everyone help each other in self-growth and academically as well.
Piner High School has given me a chance to learn what classes I enjoyed taking and what I should invest my time into when college rolls around. My favorite class my senior year is culinary with its great academic material and the hands on learning you achieve in class. The teachers are wonderful influences and they guide you every step of the way! I also love the ECM program that pays for your SRJC textbooks and gives you opportunities to start taking JC required classes and gerneral education classes as a sophomore in high school! I enjoyed all my time at this school and I’m glad I can say that I graduated from Piner High School!
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