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Pinellas Park High School Reviews

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I was there for 4 years and I loved it there. I specifically enjoyed my teachers as I was in the CJA magnet program and it was very fun
I like the programs that they have for the students that want to take a certain route like criminal justice academy or first responders and auto tech.
I would love to see a change in the staff some, however, not all staff could be more engaged. I do however like the staff members in the office that do seem to care more and have great attitudes.
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I love the administration. The principal and both assistant principals are absolutely wonderful. They are all about the students and do anything in their power to help.
I enjoyed the Criminal Justice magnet program at Pinellas Park High School. It made high school fun, and had great educators. If I could change anything it would be the clubs. There were not many options to choose from, and they were not run efficiently. I enjoyed the sporting events, but there always seemed to be a lack in school spirit. I am proud to say that the school is very safe, and takes many precautions on and in the campus to keep it that way. I am proud to be an alumni, and I hope they continue to educate and send off kids to college.
I really enjoyed going to this school because the teachers were always very helpful and it was a safe environment for me. I always had someone to talk to if needed and I felt comfortable there. I loved all of my coaches, teachers, and friends through my four years at school. The only thing that I would change is the cleanliness. The bathrooms weren't cleaned very well but overall it was a really great experience attending it.
The student population was fairly diverse and so were the staff. The education wasn't outstanding but had a lot of different options of classes including several AP classes. However, some teachers simply passed out worksheets and expected them to be filled out to get credit. Though there were many teachers that did care and were very passionate about the students. Just the chance you take with a public school
Pinellas Park High has some of the best teachers who are involve and very supportive of their students and a variety of school activities and extracurriculars. It’s a safe environment for me. Although, the school could improve on how they instruct class materials so it will be engaging for the students.
Love the dance team/color guard.
Teachers, not that great, most are but..I would get rid of some.
Safety, no matter how many jokes we make, there has never been a safety problem.
Sports, only football is good.
Food, vending machines suck, always empty, never work, almost break down every day, lunch has got to change, we need outside food, not crusty food.
Parent involvement, not that much, would be better if there was.
I have enjoyed my time at Pinellas Park and look forward to spending my senior year there. The teachers I've had are spectacular, and were extremely helpful whenever I needed something.
The teachers were nice and sometimes understanding, however I felt that there was a giant gap between administration and the student body. If they improver on that I feel as if the school would be of greater success.
Great school, with even better teachers. Loved all four years here, being involved with clubs made it fun.
I liked the diversity I saw. There could have been more acceptance by the students but most of the students were very open. Also I enjoyed the magnet programs: Criminal Justice Academy and First Responders. I was in the Criminal Justice Academy and loved learning about the Criminal Justice System and various other related jobs.
I am shocked at the way that they let the teenagers run the way they go to school. If they have Extended Learning Program and don't go they dont discipline them. If they don't pass a subject instead of holding them back a grade they say summer school. Yet will they really make them go? What has happened to our schools?
I love this school. I had the best 4 years of high school. The teachers are very helpful and I loved being part of the criminal justice program!
Safety and academic progress of the school. The school should be protected from all the hazards that may be brought to the victims, such as staff and faculty should be more cautious of incoming drills and be %100 prepared.
The Criminal Justice Program is great! It provides so many experiences to learn about Law. The teachers are great and very helpful. I am only in my first year of high school and I am excited for the next three years. The CJA program helps connect you to local community service experiences that take what you learn in the classroom and see it in real lie. They offer many extra curricular activities. My favorite are Mock Trial and Future Business Leaders of America. I am glad I chose to attend the Criminal Justice Magnet program at Pinellas Park High School and would recommend it to my friends.
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I attended Pinellas Park high school because of the Criminal Justice Academy that I am currently attending. I feel that Pinellas Park has such a good atmosphere, and the Academy has taught me a lot and has persuaded me to pursue my future career as a medical examiner. I can truly say that there is nothing negative about this school.
Pinellas Park High School is an amazing school with programs that steer you in the direction you might want to go. Also there are teachers there that do not mimd helping stdents at all.
Not very well maintained, very frequently had an odd smell. Some teachers were nice but others didn't care and it showed.
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