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Pinelands Regional High School Reviews

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Having a senior trip to Disney World was very exciting and something not every school has. There are quite a few clubs but nothing much goes on at this school. Academics are mainly a joke.
Personally, I've had a fine experience at Pinelands. I love all the teachers, sports, and activities. The down side is having to be in the middle school because of the construction.
Pinelands felt like home, all the teachers there were very involved in their students lives and cared about them. For the school being so small they were able to offer a lot for their students.
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Pinelands was good until last year when there was asbestos and our school got shut down. Now this year they crammed grad 8-12 into the junior high school for the year.
I am going to be a senior at Pinelands this year. The school environment itself is pretty good and most of the teachers care about your education and well being.
I grew up going to school in the Little Egg Harbor area. All my childhood experiences are in this town. All my friends and loved ones are here. I cherish that more then anything. The years spent at pinelands were good and memorable. I felt it was an average experience but good for the friend memory aspect. The education is fine but over the years I feel like students are dropping out of school like flies or just not trying academically anymore. Up until my junior year the school seemed fine but with the contrustion issues seemed to cause controversy among my community. As well as many students having bad behavior and constant fight, its just teenagers being teenagers i guess. One distinguished feature though is ive noticed with the new classes coming in, the diversity of the school has grown slightly. Being a minority in such a small town is hard but with the growing diversity is good to see. Without my education, friends, and teachers I don't think i would of been who I am today
Pinelands is an average school . I do like that it is not a very big school I like the smaller schools.
I'd like to see an increase in security within Pinelands Regional High School. There are various doors throughout the premises that are easily accessible and often unlocked (especially during construction months). There are great programs for drama students and athletes, which helps to maintain great school spirit.
The teachers are very nice and the people at the school are very nice but, the school is falling apart and the administration does not communicate with the community.
Pinelands Regional High School plays a huge part into the person I am today. Going to high school at Pinelands had really taught me many life lessons as well as push me to do m best. What is great about Pinelands is that administration, teachers, and fellow students are always pushing you t be you're very own best and always give everything you got. Pinelands is very focused on keeping their students in line, as well as providing all different sorts of extra help activities and designated SAT Prep classes. The atmosphere at pinelands regional is what I love the most, being a member of the Football team had really given me a better look at how much pride is brought not only throughout the school, but the community as a whole.
The only disadvantage with going to Pinelands in the next upcoming years is the amount of construction being done to the school. The best of Pinelands Regional has yet to come for it is going to be a major high school in New Jersey school districts.
My time at Pinelands was overall enjoyable and offers a wide variety of Honors and AP classes. Teachers are very understanding but still are challenging while students strive for academic success.
Overall good experience at school, some obstacles this year with school closure due to construction. Should be a 5 star by 2020.
In Pinelands, I really enjoyed the sports and clubs I was involved in. The coaches made the four years of playing three sports extremely enjoyable, which will be something I never forget. I really liked being involved in Spanish Club and Surf Club. The teachers were enthusiastic for the most part about learning, like my biology teacher, physics teacher, algebra two teacher, history teacher, and language and composition teacher.
The staff's support to their students is overwhelming. I have enjoyed the high school up until this year. We currently have just been moved back into the high school after Christmas of my senior year. I can't wait to graduate as a Pinelands Wildcat in our home.
The small school allowed for everyone to constantly work together and develop a sense of unity amongst students while still allowing students to explore their own values within clubs and organizations. For me to be so involved after school, it was easy to stay involved with my numerous clubs during lunch with the extension of lunch to accomodate students like me. When I had no obligations, I could go to office time or study. The school is full of pride and is united more than a typical high school.
Pinelands isn’t a season bad as people seem to think, it is a great school with a fantastic staff and BOE
Overall a very pleasant experience. Teachers are always willing to help, and do truly provide an education. You get what you give, and if you are a student willing to learn you will.
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Pinelands isn't the worst school but there can be a lot of improvement, such as more things for kids to do, more interesting classes, and have more classes for seniors for life skills and about college.
As a Junior, I had transferred to this school. It was a very awkward time to move due to my age in school. I didn't know anyone and felt very out of place; but I soon learned that the kids in the school were very friendly. In my first class of the day I had been greeted by several students and they had offered to show me around the school and asked me to join them to lunch. The atmosphere is very friendly, most of the teachers and staff try their best to help you in any way possible, and the amount of school spirit the staff and kids have is incredible.
What I wish to see change in the school is how they place funding. When I first moved there, I had noticed that some of the equipment in the school is a little outdated. I hope that one day they will use some of the money used on sports into updating items around the school. Overall, Pinelands was a great school to attend to, and I hope to visit the school again one day as I live in a different state now.
The classes they offer prepare you for university, however, some teachers are unfit to teach. Although there are a few most of the teachers found here are interested and more than welcome to help you.
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