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I love how small the school is. All the students know and get along well with each other. Teachers really care and take time to help each individual students. Along with the good people, on the educational side of things the material is well spread and there is a wide variety of classes and options for students of all kinds.
Pinedale High School pushed me everyday to strive to do my best and work for success. I loved my teachers and they truly helped me work to my fullest so I would be ready for university and eventually graduate school.
They have many wonderful teachers and many opportunities for this small of a school. I was able to attend for only 3 months but they were by far the best out of the short time I have spent in High School.
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I think in general our school is kept clean which does help with the health of students. However, there are areas of the school that need to be updated for better use and safety of the students.
There are several clubs and organizations that have events and activities outside of school. We also have an aquadic center that offer jobs to students as well as sports activities, clubs and general activities for the public.
In general, the parents of students at my school participate in events throughout the school year. Parents are often more involved then some students when it comes to attending games and other activities to support fellow students.
In most cases teachers are very honest and helpful in their classes. There are a few teachers that have confusing grading procedures; and a few that are not willing to see reason on assignments, reviews etc.
Some of my favorite experiences during high school is being in a class called "Wood Shop." The class was interesting and not many other schools have that chance of being able to apply that class. I would do that class all over if I had the chance.
There are some teachers that go out of their way to help other students, but then there are other teachers who simply don't care. Some have good communication skills towards students and help them out.
The Chemistry and Physics programs are wonderful!
This high school has given me the necessary equipment to achieve all that I wish to in life. Some opportunities were not fully given however, and there have been many issues in communication. School spirit has little appeal. My work study experience, of which I am currently involved in, is profoundly affecting me and preparing me for my post-high school pursuits, which I can not appreciate enough.
It's a pretty small school so I grew up with and went to the school with the same people for 10 years. It's great growing up and being able to know everyone and always having a friend around. The school offers a lot of great extra curricular activities and classes. There are a few things I would change but if I could go to high school all over again, I would come back to Pinedale High School.
Athletes get special treatments and i feel like not every administrator is doing there job fully.
My school is sports centered. If it's not a sport students and teachers barely support it.
Unless it's football or basketball it is a struggle to get fans. But for those sports that people like it is amazing.
3 of the 4 years I've been at this school have been some of the best years of my life! The first year I felt left out and excluded by not only students but teachers.
The teachers will usually try their best to help a struggling student or class to understand what is being taught. SOme classes have a heavier workload than others (such as math compared to history). The popular classes are usually the harder math classes or electives (such as woodshop). This is because the importance of college is highly stressed in this school and every day skills are valued in this area.
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The teachers and staff are usually pretty helpful. Once is a while they try to do too much for us and become combersome. They participate and try to plan activities for us as best as they can. Some are strict and some are relaxed when it comes to dress code. Attendance and grades are heavily focused upon in my school.
This is a very clean and safe school. The school nurse is great and is usually more helpful than going to our local clinic. There is very little bullying but there is some. Most groups get along together but once in a while there is someone who likes to cause trouble.
Everyone has their friends and prefered classes. Everyone gets some type of peer pressure, but it is just a normal thing and it is a back and forth type thing (not bullying type of pressure). New kids are easily accepted into the school when they arive. The school has a white majority but we have hispanic kids too.
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