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Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School Reviews

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something I wish to see changing or this school is the academics. more learning from expericnce and not text books that are outdated
It’s not a bad school , you get a lot of attention from the teacher in individual they help you. Also they help you get around a lot when you don’t understand something or you may be confused
I like how small the school is in comparison to other schools in the area. The school is very focused on preparing students for college, so they provide many programs to gain college credits. You start taking the PSAT in 8th grade, if you attend the school through middle school, so I fell like our students are ready to take the actual SAT. My few critiques of the school are that I wish it had more clubs, the few clubs the do provide, along with honor society’s, don’t cater to everyone’s interest. I also wish they’d provide more language classes other than French and Spanish, like some other schools in the area do. One last critique is that I feel like sometimes the school heavily enforces some unnecessary rules and ignore some of the more important ones. I’ve attend the school since the 6th grade, currently a sophomore, and have had a well enough experience. Most of the students are welcoming and there is little to no bullying.
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The experience at Pinecrest was very different than any other school around the area, mostly because of it's charter roots. Due to it being a small school, the number of students per class was limited and almost forced you to be friends with everyone. Aside from that the teachers were nearly always great at their job which made the academic portion of the school easy to handle.
My school provides unnecessary policies than any other school. A small school, which everyone knows each other, however, its conduct isn't pleasing. A new schedule came about which every A-day and B-day our periods change every time. Fore example, one day would be period 3,5,7 and other day would be 5,7,3 ( a bewildering mess). The assistant principle decided to close hallways until 7:35 so no one can be inside. School starts at 7:45, and ALL bathrooms are inside. My friends and I never caused a ruckus, yet it was "improper" of us to wait for classes to start. Also, I have to get to school at 6:20 because of my mothers work schedule.My school decides to not improve on clubs or sports; nor school lunch to provide us the "healthy meals" were supposed to intake. My apologies go to who is reading this, but I have to speak the truth. I would ever want to utter such harmful words to the school I am in, but I know what is right to fulfill the best educational environment.
I have had a great experience at Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School because it is an all around good school. The teachers and staff are amazing and really care about each and every student. There college readiness programs, like advanced placement classes, dual enrollment, and prepory are extremely useful and helpful to the students who take advantage of them. Overall, PPMH is a great school.
More care and dedication to the sports programs. Add more diverse classes and more class options. Get more clubs involved in the school. Try to encourage athletes to play college and reach d1 or d2 levels.
PPMH has amazing education for high school students. Teachers treat us like adults and independent students. Many high school teachers support us and help us a lot when we are struggling with learning a specific topic. Also, teachers do obey the rules created by the administration. Although, administration has created some rules that are too strict for the students.
Pinecrest Preparatory Middle High is a great school if you want to learn in smaller classes and be more connected to the teachers. Overall the teaching is great and very educational.
I like the fun activities and the close niche of the school; however I'd like to see more activities, clubs, and funds for the school in order to have more programs for the students.
The experience was wonderful; the school was like my family. They prepared me for college in an exceptional way and I was able to graduate with an associates degree!
Going on my seventh year of attendance to this school, I’ve seen their policies come and go as well as grow. Academically they’re beginning to grow. But, my class and classes before have been test subjects. What I’ve learned about the school in a nutshell, is to grow good enough relationships with teachers and administration and you will glide through your time at the school. You could be lucky enough to become a teacher or administrations pet and that opens a whole new world of opportunities to slack off and become a favorite. Otherwise, if you are not a favorite and speak your mind you will be shut out and treated differently. They advocate for students to speak their mind and put on a show for others visiting the school to make it seem like the perfect institution, but in reality it is one that administration is just as corrupt as politicians and it’s teachers have no voice or options, just as the students do. I mean what I say to help change the corruption.
Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School even though it is very small the administration was able to create a wonderful atmosphere for their students and provide many opportunities.
I have been a student at Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School since the 6th grade. I have watched the school grow and change throughout the years. Pinecrest creates such an amazing learning environment and it provides a tight-knit community for students. They have a diverse amount of clubs and organizations. The teachers are great and are always there to help the students. For future students, I would love to see the school grow its athletics program, and integrate more electives and core classes into its curriculum.
This is an amazing school that puts education in front of everything. Im glad to be part of this school because everyone get the education they deserve.
In 2016, I enrolled in Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School as a Sophomore. I can assure with much confidence that there was a significant improvement from my last school. The learning environment made my interest in academics reach an untameable desire which has helped surpass new boundaries that once were thought unreacheable or distant. One factor that contributed to this "revival" was the small and safe environment that the teachers, the staff, and the administration provides. This school has done an amazing job in shaping me as a responsable individual and a great scholar.
Good school with many teachers to help you out. They put in effort to make sure you accomplish your academic goals.
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Here at PPMH , since we are a small school everyone has easy access to information and academic resources. As well as the availability, another advantage of being a small school is that everyone knows each other and their relationships only go stronger as the school year passes. One thing that I would like to see change is our athletic programs. Most of our equipment is donated by the athletes or funded by the team. Personally, as a volleyball player for the school it can be difficult and dangerous to practice with damaged equipment.
The school offers various different AP and Honors classes. Academically, it's a good school, but there's always room for improvement. Based on sports, it's very lowly ranked. Faculty and staff are very friendly and attentive as well as administration. Sometimes a bit unorganized though. Very small campus, so it's a very close knit population within the students.
PPMH offers a lot of opportunities to complete college courses while still in high school. The school's main weaknesses are with quality of teachers and staff.
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