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My experience attending Pinecrest High School was decently positive. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the school that is created by both the staff and students. There is a strong sense of 'PC Pride' at every pep rally, sporting event, and dance. Although my experience was overall positive, there were a few negative aspects to my time at Pinecrest. The administration fosters more of a dictatorship environment. There is very little student input and freedom for students in decision making, school events, etc.
Pinecrest is a good school. It has a very open campus. The school is very dedicated to its football team and most of the athletic funding goes to the football team
I receive a quality education, but there are constant maintenance issues on the grounds. I see great opportunity for growth at my school though, and new leadership is making it happen.
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Going to Pinecrest wasn't that bad. There are tons of clubs and organizations as well as sports that allowed the teens to find new interests. I really enjoyed going to school since they had great teachers that taught the lesson well. While I attended, I was in both choir and art, which allowed me to explore many of my other talents. There is a great range of students that attend Pinecrest, ranging from whites to blacks and Hispanics as well as some Asians. They also have great administration there. The administration gives you a great sense of comfortability, which allows to confide in them in times of need. It's a pretty safe school since it has two to three school resource officers hang around. There are many resources including the library, counselors as well as the teachers who can help prepare you for later in life. There are also fun school activities like prep rallies and tournaments, which bring the school closer together.
Pinecrest high school gave me an opportunity to grow, learn and better prepare myself for college. There are so many opportunities to excel and grow as well. There's a lot of faculty and other staff members who are willing to help and guide you, which helped me a lot as I was going through a lot of personal things.
The integrity and difficulty of the academic courses (Regular, Honors, AP, or IB) is prominent on the campus and encourages all Pinecrest Patriots to strive for their greatest academic goals.
What I like about pinecrest is that the people there really encourage you to be better. They make you feel comfortable. But what I would like to see change is how students and teachers treat each other daily.
Pinecrest High school is an antique school that is becoming more modern with each day. The arts program is flourishing even regardless of budget changes. The Atheletics is flourshing due to excellent Coaches that dedicate their lives to their craft. Unfortunately, the class ratio is often on the larger side. Most teachers deditcate time to students meeting with them after school or during planning periods to help with grades. As for the social life, the kids are about as modern as you can think. The walls of the courtyard have seen all of the fashion changes through out the years and protected the kids inside well. As for the food, often times the food will have mold on them and are not appealing to students. Students will sometimes buy the chips and snacks as opposed to the schoool lunch food.
Pinecrest High School consists of nearly 2,200 students. Each of which is treated as convicted felons. We are not trusted and are under constant supervision for the 8 hours we are there. The teachers seem to have given up hope on the students, lacking enthusiasm and effort.
I attended my Junior and Senior year, and I felt that it was the best high school I had been to education-wise. I felt that the teachers there were very involved and they always wanted to include every student, they always make sure that every student is feeling like they succeed. The best part about the school, though, is the arts program. The orchestra teacher was phenomenal and enjoyed his job. The band teacher was an extremely hard worker and loved every second of his job. The theater director was always on top of his game and always tried to make his students happy. And the choir director was just a sweet woman who knew what she was doing and I never saw her without a smile on her face. Overall these 4 teachers always worked together to get everyone involved and it made my time there twice as better. The school was just a great school to attend and to graduate from.
The teachers want you to succeed, and there are many class choices and chances to take AP classes. The school tries its best to find classes that would best suit you. The sports and arts programs get just about equal attention.
Pinecrest was a very opening school and it was easy to transition from another highschool. I came in as a junior and all the staff was extremely helpful.
Good environment compared to a lot of sad school environments I have seen but the physical appeal of the school can be improved 100%. Has a couple of overqualified teachers which shows that the teachers have the experience and knowledge. Have seen and experienced some ridiculous situations with the administration of the county and the school. Overall I had a good experience at this school and if you put into it you can get a lot out.
Everything here is terrible. The principle and all upper staff are utterly incompetent in all areas. They managed to make our high school the only single one in the nation to lose the entire junior classes ACT scores. Do not send your child to this unprofessional place.
Great teachers and academic environment, wonderful and supportive guidance counselors. My daughters came from a small private school and easily transitioned to Pinecrest, which although it is much larger still is welcoming and nurturing.
Rather strict. Looks somewhat prison-like. There is a large student body so things can become cramped. On the upside there are lots of activity options through the school with different sports, clubs, and have a great marching band. They also offer early college to gifted students which saves money and gives them a taste of college before they actually get started. The credits do transfer as well.
I attended to Pinecrest Highschool from the year 2011 to 2015. In my experience, theatre was the highlight of my time there. I think if they put more focus on the drama department and try to get more students involved, it could definitely improve the students high school experience. Seeing as how I only attended the theater in my senior year of high school, the beginning was a bit of a blur. I am also shocked at how many scandals there have been at that school in the past few years with the teachers and other faculty. I think it is important to strengthen the requirements that they have to be hired at the school.
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When I first came to Pinecrest I was a sophomore. My first day of school I did not bring my lunch and I had to eat food from the cafeteria. When I first started eating the food my first thought was this food is not really that good.
Pinecrest is a great school. The faculty really cares and I earned a real education and great experiences from here.
There's a lot of bullying and the teachers and faculty don't seem to think it's a problem. The academics are good. The athletics are good except for football.
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