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I’ve been attending Pinecrest High School for almost two years and i enjoy everything! There’s four 90-minute classes and everyone gets a 25 minute lunch during the 3rd class of the day. The teachers do their best to help you understand and are willing to negotiate extra credit. The kids can be pretty rambunctious but they’re great people. All of our sports teams are doing well and we recently were awarded $50,000 for having the best high school football coach! It’s a great day to be a patriot.
I think Pinecrest High School in one of the best high schools to go to. The teachers and staff are really helpful when you really need the help. I would really recommend this school to people to have their children be a part of this most influential school.
There is a wide selection of AP courses and those teachers are great. However honors and regular courses are boring and the teachers are hit or miss. There is also over 2000 students so the hallways and courtyard are always crowded.
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I joined the Marching Band, and the sense of community within each niche is amazing, we all know each other so well and we can all come together to make amazing things happen.
I loved my AFJROTC program at Pinecrest as well as some of the other classes I took. I would love to see the crime and police efforts be taken more seriously.
I like the variety of courses provided to students and the quality of teachers. I like how the support staff is ready, willing and able to do whatever they need to do to help the students solve or come to a compromise with an issue. The school spirit is one of a kind. Teachers reply to emails within a short period of time; Moore county supplying the schools with Chrome books to work on has been a great addition to any education, being that we are in the technological age. Also, despite the school being very sports oriented and dedicated to all sports, there are multiple clubs that can suit everyone's needs and the school still comes together as one and its like a big extended team/family.
The arts programs have been phenominal, especially theater! The campus can be a little drab or intimidating if you aren't accustomed to it, but we do have a large courtyard and almost everyone has to cross through the outdoors between classes which is refreshing. The quality of the classes one takes really widely varries based on the teacher. A friend of mine has taken honors engilsh classes all four years and has yet to write a single essay. Parts of the school work very well. Parts of the school do not.
My experiences at Pinecrest continues from this day on are very challenging. The best part of Pinecrest are the activities and sports. School can be fun if you get involved.
All teachers I’ve had push you to be your very best. All AP’s offer after or before school help. Well rounded school with gifted athletes and scholars.
I would like favoritism to change . I believe that dress code was something that didn’t apply to certain people . There are some amazing teachers at pinecrest though ! And the arts program is incredible (music theatre etc ..)
Pinecrest high school gives its students every opportunity to succeed, with teachers who do care about their students. However the administration which runs the school is flawed. They have been unable to keep a principle for the school for more then two years. Other issues within Pinecrest stem from its community more then the school itself. Pinecrest has a large amount of students who are financially fortunate as well as those who like me are less stable in that area. Due to this fact I felt in my time at Pinecrest that the students who had a higher financial status were made the focus of the school leaving those who were not as fortunate on their own.
While in attendance at Pinecrest there was always a lot of things to do to better yourself, which includes joining clubs, playing sports, and working out. The biggest upside about the school was how much support you received from everyone in that community, nobody ever wanted to see you fail.
I like the open campus at Pinecrest, you're not trapped inside all day. The campus however would make it easy fro random strangers to come in. The school spends a lot of money on golfcarts when they need to be putting it towards something more important.
Pinecrest High School offers a variety of classes for all academic levels. They offer classes for students who plan on attending a 4 year university and there are technical classes for students that plan on getting out of high school and entering the workforce. Pinecrest High School offers a long list of clubs and activities for students to join. There are many sports teams for both boys and girls. The majority of the teachers at Pinecrest really care about their students and take pride in helping them with their future plans. Many parents get involved at Pinecrest by volunteering through the PTA, band, ROTC and the PAC - Pinecrest Athletic Club.
Attending Pinecrest was surely an experience that my classmates and I will remember. Yes, things could have been better in a hundred ways, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. All of my teachers made an effort to be a part of their students' lives, they actually cared. Not only that, but they continuously challenged us. They would teacher more than the curriculum asked for so we were way above prepared for any test. The student body was pretty amazing as well. There are no cliques, no stereotypes. This was a friendly environment that encourages participation everywhere. I know countless people who were in sports, music, and multiple clubs. The academic rigor is stimulating enough, but it also allows for extracurriculars. The school spirit was spectacular ad well! Games for sports at home and away always had the bleachers full of supporting students and parents. I thoroughly enjoyed being taught here, especially since everyone is crazy friendly.
There are many issues within the school. For example, I felt the school can do better with the campus. The campus feels like a safety hazard in some areas. There are bricks or concrete that causes students to trip. Another thing I wish would change would involve the bathrooms. The bathrooms do not have warm water or paper towels. If I could change anything about the school, I would want there to be more sanitary at the school. I know there is a budget, and I know the school can't always afford these things. However, warm water can prevent illnesses from spreading through the school, and it can seem more inviting when people visit the school.
Pinecrest is great, if you're an AP student. The school does a great job at preparing AP students for college. Meanwhile, the standard classes are overlooked and administrative staff is super bad when it comes to planning and COMMUNICATING.
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My experience at Pinecrest High School was positive and rewarding. However, organization and communication from administration to students was often subpar.
I think that Pinecrest is a good high school and I would say this is my best high school after being to now three high schools. The teachers care a lot about what is going on in your life and how they can help you. I would also say that I have found one of my favorite teachers ever in this school and they teach well and care a lot about their subjects.
My overall expencie at pincrest high school was great What I love about Pinecrest high school is that there are so many clubs you join like debate , Spanish club , film club , math club , Pincrest high school is a very divers school with many races . They love helping the community so have a S.A.D.D club they helped clean up all of Moorecounty we had a storm. They also gave school supplies out to children that need it so at Pincrest I had a wonderful experience .
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