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Pinecrest Academy of Nevada Reviews

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I appreciate all of the teachers! They are very involved in every one of their student's academic plan. They offer lots of extra help in order to see you succeed.
their home life , and have people ask your kids if there is enough food in your home, do they have beds to sleep on , and tell them they are lying because there is no abuse,neglect or mistreatment of them well THIS IS THE SCHOOL FOR YOU. They tried to tell me my children spoke with a retired judge and Pinecrest staff members in a meeting.WHICH I HAD NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT OR WAS INFORMED SO I CAN BE THERE WITH MY CHILDREN, about a Truancy diversion program, which I would think it pertains to absences and tardies, not if my children are fed accordingly, to question my care for my children and my care for their education. Pinecrest is a joke, the school is so small if you turn to faat you will miss it. There is no structure, and the prize of your children attending is no breakfast,inedible food,and secondhand teachers and staff member's nobody wanted.CONGRATS!!!!
very disappointing school. dont go here i teel you plxz dont cuz you will not tdo goood my grammar is not the best but you can see me thougnt the window cux fjhj dxosoem iwloio down too gfor rme and you well see me ansd my speeli gn so better than yours what i tell yoi see m e walking down sttet
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Overall this is the best school I could ask for. I currently have two children attending and my 3rd will start next year. The Principal and Admin are 2nd to none. Teachers are amazing. Sports are offered beginning in Kinder. Parent involvement is dramatically higher than public school. I wish there was an option for hot lunch, especially in the winter but overall awesome school!
Both my kids went to pinecrest cadence academy in Henderson Nevada. We have great experience and the school has a high eldest son has special needs for speech and pinecrest has the best program for special needs like my son for speech. I love all my kids teacher .
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