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The education I have received at Pine View has been excellent. The teachers are very thorough and helpful. The school offers many clubs and gives kids more freedom than other schools. I have enjoyed attending school here!
My school has shaped who I am today, for the encouraging and inspiring environment pushes me to my greatest. The teachers love to teach and it’s amazing to academically succeed with my peers.
Pine View is a great school, but it does have a bit of a toxic learning environment caused by the competitiveness and overall pressure on the students.
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I truthfully don't know what my life would be without Pine View. This is a school that one can be undoubtedly proud of attending. The student body at PV is amazing, as we play off of each other's competitiveness, creativity and intelligence very well. The amount of opportunity offered at this school is second-to-none (literally). Whatever you're into, whether it be exclusively academics or extracurriculars and community service, PV is definitely one of the best options out there.
Pine View is a unique experience for everyone who goes there. It is a smaller school, which means it has certain social limitations. The teachers, overall, are good and care about you. The school also, however has an immense amount of pressure on their students to maintain their 'prestigious' gifted appearance. The administration and guidance departments often are incapable of helping with basic issues.
I went to Pine View School from third grade to twelfth grade, and I can easily say that this school transformed my life in a way no other elementary, middle, or high school could do. This school carries an atmosphere of community involvement and educational engagement. With a passion to learn, I felt right at home at Pine View, with teachers and peers always ready to help.
Once I started attending PVS I no longer experience bullying and gained some great friends along the way.
I went to Pine View for ten years. It definitely shaped me into the student and person I am today. While it was definitely a tough school and sometimes seemed too demanding of young kids, I also shared some of my best memories with my classmates who became family over the years. Pine View is a unique learning environment and I am forever thankful for the education I received while there. Pine View truly prepared for me college and helped to develop my work ethic.
I loved attending Pine View. As the years went on, the class size dwindled down and I really got to know each and every person in my graduating class. I could tell you almost all, if not completely, of the first and last names of people in my graduating class. The relationships maintained there are ones that I know will be there long after graduating college and I know I can always go there and feel at home, even after being away for a long time. Events are always put on by students and are successful in their own merit. The school is big on parent involvement and students taking charge of their futures. I think this was a great thing, as compared to other schools where they would only get thirty minutes for lunch and not be able to let their energy out. At Pine View, an hour is allotted and there is an option to go and play by the fields or go to the library or even sit outside for the complete hour, just as an example.
Pine View School is one of the most competitive public schools in the country. The resources and classes available are top notch. There are many opportunities and freedoms for students here to pursue whatever they like.
I like the environment of Pine View School. Everyone is very friendly and well behaved. The schoolwork load is just enough. It is more than your average school, however it is a fun challenge. I would recommend Pine View School to anyone who is considering it.
GOOD school and the environment is safe. I learned a lot just my attendin this school the teachers are so great and support.
Pine View is sometimes criticized for lacking diversity, and it one key reason why this school isn't consistently ranked #1. That's because the school is a true meritocracy where your character, intelligence, discipline and hard work are important and ethnicity is not. Getting into this school is easier than staying in so parent engagement and participation is just as important as the student's.

Like any public school where teachers are protected by an omnipotent union, there are a lot of them that shouldn't be teaching, but are tolerated because the union forces the admin to do so. Parents must navigate their kids through the bad which is an unfortunate reality. However, the good ones will make you forget the bad because the good ones are really, really good.

When graduates come back to talk to current students a year or two later, the universal comment is about how easy college was for them because they were so well prepared at Pine View.
This school prepares you for college- and it does so well, even if the work sometimes becomes overwhelming.
Pine View was an incredible school to grow up in because of the strong bonds you can create throughout your time spent there. Through the years it's been hard to see a lot of incredible teachers go but Pine View still has an incredible group that really cares for their students and their fellow staff members. I will never forget the incredible years I spent at this school, I have such warm feelings for it.
Academic oriented school providing 100% college readiness. Most teachers are involved and engaged with their students. Very limited high school sports (no football or basketball teams). If you want to be involved in a sport you must join another local high school team. Lots of clubs to join.
No diversity, over competitive, and over focused on testing. Everyone is anxious depressed and an insomniac. On the other hand there are some great teachers and unique approaches to education. On the third hand there has been non-stop construction for the past few years and I'm dying.
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I have had a high school experience like no other, at a school with no sports but excellent academics. It has no sports teams but still finds a way to get everyone into school spirit with senior fridays and dodgeball games. The teachers are unique to say the least, good and bad like every school, but overall form long-lasting relationships with students which is very important.
Pine View has a very uniform campus: most students come from rich families, there is very little diversity, and the food is just as unsatisfactory as most schools in the district. However, the staff is incredible. They are warm and friendly, all while preparing their students for college and other circumstances. The teachers recognize their student's willingness to learn and present them with the same effort.
Excellent experience at Pine View, teachers are incredible, many better than those I have in college now. College feels like a breeze due to how well my teachers prepared me.

Love you Dr. Dean!!!!!
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