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Pine View Middle School Reviews

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Pine View Middle School is a fantastic school. The teachers and administration are always willing to help and push you to do your best. The principal at Pine View Middle is awesome. If you get an A in math, he'll give you a candy bar! You can truly see that he cares about the students. The teachers help you have an understanding of what they are talking about, and not every school has teachers like that! Pine View Middle School is truly an excellent school.
This high school has been the perfect one for me. I have friends from all kinds of backgrounds. Nobody looks down at anybody. And my teachers really care about my future, not only the class they are teaching.
I enjoyed going to Pine View Middle, although there is a need for improvement. The electives need more money for them. The science department could use a little bit of help. Everything else was amazing
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I liked Pine View Middle School because it gave me an idea of what to expect in high school. Also it gave me the chance to try new things like cooking, sewing, and woodworking.
Everyone seems to get along. The teachers are all really good at interacting with their students. It is really easy to get help when there is something you don't understand, and there are many fun activities to be involved with.
The students and teachers are all really supportive, respectful, and all around great. Students strive to do their best, and are supportive of their classmates,
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