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The teachers are awesome. I really felt the school spirit. Everybody seemed happy with pine view. So much diversity.
I absolutely love Pine View High School! The best part about my school is that we are all united as one. Each of us knows that we can turn to any of the students, staff, or teachers and they will be more than with to help with anything! I also know that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I guarantee that almost every student in our school would say that Pine View is the best school in our district because of the pride we have and the kindness we share.
There were definitely cliques at my school, but most of the students were kind to each other. There were also many AP class options and concurrent enrollment options.
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There were a lot of things I enjoyed about Pine View. However, my favorite thing was how all the faculty and staff strive to make my high school career the best years of my life.
Pine View High School supports students in finding their talents and then growing and developing them. They provide you with opportunities to find what you love and make something out of it. They get you involved in the community outside of school. They prepare you for life after highschool with basic need-to-know skills that are necessary to function in society. And most importantly, they help you feel like you belong.
PVHS has been an amazing experience not only through academics but also sports. The teachers and faculty at Pine View offer time before and after school to ensure that all there students understand and can excel in there work. In sports the coaches are there not only to be of assistance in the sport but to also expand each athletes future to help them be the best in anything they want to be.
Pine View was a fantastic school and I loved going there. The teachers are great and the community there is awesome. It was a great 3 years.
Pine View is a pretty well rounded school with good programs in academics, sports, music, and more. It has been a good place for me to discover what I love and to develop who I am as a person. Pine View is known for being very accepting of everyone and for being kind.
Pine View is an incredible school, the faculty and staff are awesome and our extracurricular activities are the best! Pine View could update some of our supplies like printers, some projectors, some parts of the ceiling for look purposes. Still, I'm proud to be a Panther!
I like the variety of teachers and classes. Also the many ways that the teacher teach. I also love how everyone is treated like family, theres no one without a friend. It’s nice to know you’re not alone ever. I love the attitude of the students as well.
I love Pine View High! The students, faculty, and administration are great! There is a lot of school spirit and involvement. Because of that, there is a lot of events and fun activities that student Panthers get involved in. It is a great school!
I had a wonderful high school experience. I loved the teachers and sports offered. A lot of people know the schools name. I will always be proud to be a panther.
Pine View High School has provided me with an amazing high school experience. From attending the football games to participating in clubs, I have made so many memories here that I will never forget. The students, teachers, and staff are some of the most incredible people on the planet. I have been so lucky to call myself a panther. I wish that I could spend at least one more year here or never have to leave. The environment is safe, comforting, and supportive. PVHS is no doubt the best school in Washington County.
Pine View is a school that includes everybody. Is very "college ready". It is a school where athletes and nerds can co-exist. Where teachers care beyond the classrooms. And where been a teen with a lot of questions is the right thing to be.
I love Pine View Highschool because it has such a great environment. All of my teachers are so involved with the students and after school activities, and are also super easy to talk to. There is also a lot of service that happens at this school that unifies the students and teachers. Pine View also has amazing sports and fine arts programs, that lets students express themselves how they want. However, one thing Pine View Highschool needs is more money for P.E. equipment and minor things like that.
Overall I really enjoyed attending Pine View High School (PVHS). It has such a great environment and there is always fun activities to participate in. The academics are incredible as well. I feel that all my teacher truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed.
Pine View High School was exactly what I needed as a teenager and rising young adult. I needed those teachers, I needed the staff, many of whom did much to shape and kick start my life for more success than I knew what to do with.
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I loved attending Pine View High School. It has a very safe environment with wonderful teachers and staff. It has a wonderful fine arts department and athletic teams. Overall, it is a well balanced school.
Pine View High School has been such an amazing school from me. There are so many kind and caring people here at Pine View. I have made so many friends here at this school through clubs and extracurricular activities, like the school musical. I feel like our school has such a great bond, and with it we can all come together and accomplish great things.
I love being a Pine View panther! I've had some great teachers and coaches that care about me becoming a better student, athlete, and person. There are lots of cool classes that help you discover and develop hidden talents (I love ceramics!!) This school definitely isn't perfect, but it sure is pretty great!!
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