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Pine Valley Elementary School Reviews

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I loved growing up at Pine Valley Elementary School it was where I learned how to calm down my anxiety and really start to succeed in school. I loved almost all of my teachers and made so many different friends. If you are looking at Pine Valley as a possible school, PLEASE go. It is amazing!
My children had a great recent experience at Pine Valley. The teachers all get along with each other well, and the kids all seem very happy with the environment. It is truly a neighborhood school, with many walkers. The county is finally going to replace the facility, planning an $18 million new school. This update is sorely needed for the neighborhood, school and grounds and will make Pine Valley look as amazing as it is.
This school continues to impress us with its dedicated teachers and enrichment/extracurricular programs.
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The staff and administration truly work as a team. They genuinely care about the success of all students. When you have staff that works as a team you have happier teachers and admin. This makes for a better learning environment and happy, engaged students.
PV teachers are highly committed to loving and teaching our children. Many of them have graduate degrees and/or a National Board Certification. The administration and PTA work together to make sure students and families have all they need to be successful. The school offers extracurricular activities such as Science Olympiad, Girls on the Run, and STRIDE. The diverse population helps students learn to accept others despite differences. This school is warm, welcoming, and holds the students to high standards.
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