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Pine Valley Central Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Courses offered to me were great. I completed college hours and have most core classes finished. Administration is poor. No support for teachers and moral is low.
Pine Valley was a great high school! It involves the entire community, the teachers are educated and kind, and the school allows you lots of opportunity for success and advancement! College/AP classes, sports, theater, community service, art, there is all this and so much more that this school has to offer. The community is safe and very family oriented! I highly recommend!!
I would like to see better teachers and better education. I would also like to see an improvement on the education. Also, better preparation for college.Also I would like to see a brighter future for the school, because i don't think the school has a very bright future. Also, would like to get rid of the technology and go back to paper and pencil or pen.
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In the beginning, my courses that i was learning was what i needed but the school started falling apart and were loosing all of their teachers, but i still came through to senior year with all of the classes i needed to be able to graduate how i wanted and successfully.
At Pine Valley, everyone knows everyone, and if you do not know someone, you will quickly. Things tend to get around rather quickly. Some of the good things in this school are the sports teams and the location. The district is so small that you will not have to drive far to reach the end. Also, Pine Valley is known for the former Girls Basketball Coach, Tim Nobles. The court is now named after him and there are multiple state championship wins in his name.
I never feel afraid for my safety.
Mainly sports. Arts and theater are pitiful.
It's small, and there aren't cliques. lack of bullying
Some of the staff are immature and disrespectful.
I've had the worst four years of my life at Pine Valley. It is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me. From teachers to peers, everyone is petty, rude, and disrespectful.
The teachers at my school are nice and are pretty approachable. But, some teachers have the attitude that is almost as if they do not care at all. A lot of teachers are extremely biased with their discipline procedures. Sexist is an appropriate word for the way discipline is handled. Also, teachers ultimately feed on drama. They get involved, antagonize, and love to hear what kids are doing inside or out side of school. When really, they are at work they should be working, not gossiping.
The school is just a building. It's the people in the school that make it run. The issue with this school is the fact everyone think they run the world. The school needs to relize that in the real world you have to work together. I belivie if people work together thence school would be better off. It would improve the overall feeling of the school.
Its like most schools it has all the things a student needs to have a decent education and life.
No cafeteria, we eat in the old gym. Food is made in the elementary cafeteria and shipped to the high school.
I love the musical experiences I have had here, both band and choral.

I like the hometown feeling of this school.
communication between students and faculty is good. Help is always available, If not from your class teacher, there are always teachers willing to help you if you need help with anything.
our regular guidance counselors are not very informative, but we have a fill in guidance counselor that is here for a teacher on child rearing leave that has been wonderful with the senior class this year. Mrs. Kara Smith.
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We have an Honors class program for each grade in high school.

The curriculum in challenging, but the teachers are very committed to helping the students

to help us succeed.
Our new principle in high school very involved. He is making changes for the better, with sports, school spirit, staff involvement. We have a no bullying policy.
faculty has commitment only if monetarily rewarded.

musical activities, tournament activities are the most enjoyed.
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