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I like the atmosphere overall. But the teachers are MEDIOCRE for my first two years all we really did was watch videos, no one was actually teaching. The food is not that good, and administrative is not that helpful especially when it comes to finding scholarships and getting help with fasfa and going into college prepared. Pine tree is very diverse and is friendly. Coaches are good. School is spirit is good but could be better, especially when it comes to supporting athletes at games.
Pine Tree High School has great teachers who help the students learn what they need to learn. I like that they have a lot of AP classes, and their Dual Credit program, which allows students to take high-level courses while also gaining college credit, is interesting. Overall, I'm satisfied with PTHS.
The student body is pretty diverse. the school spends all the extracurricular money getting sports uniforms contracts with Adidas. this departments the Art Club and Theater are slowly getting less and less funds every year. The band is very good, the football team not so much. the swim team is good. teachers take the kids academics seriously. Plenty of AP courses
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Pine Tree High School has been a great experience! I wouldn’t want to graduate from any other school. The education there is really good and helpful.
Going to Pine Tree was difficult sometimes, but I made many connections there to all of my good friends. The academics can be very competitive if you’re ranked in the top 10 percent, which I was. Most of the AP teachers are great as well as the dual credit teachers but that’s about it. The administration isn’t the best out there.
Your average typical school. I do enjoy being around different ethnicity. They could improve on their bullying ,academics, and activities.
My experience at Pine Tree high school was alright. Our school was so focused and strict on the little things such as dress code.
My experience at Pine Tree High School was definitely a place to remember. I look back on our schools security and thank them for having it the way it was. It is important to me because now all we see on the news is student shootings at school. I believe the two way entrance with tall fencing, certain employees being the person who decides who can enter and leave the building. This was a great school that understood the importance of student safety.
I like that Pine Tree is a very diverse school which gives you the chance to interact and socialize with so many people. Pine Tree is also a very supportive school, they will support you in everything you do even if it’s not school related.
Well they made it very easy for one to get in contact with a counselor and they helped out greatly when it came to taking the ACT and SAT.
How Pine Tree treats their students, in general, should definitely change. They treat each student as if they are just a face in the crowd with no brain or soul to go along with them. The way that the school in general is run isn't anyone's cup of tea for sure. However, I have not been to any other schools so I have nothing to cmpare my school with
There have been good times at Pine Tree I just wish the admin team was a little nicer. I can personally say that Pine Tree has some amazing teachers and they do an amazing job at letting you take classes towards your future career.
Teachers and coaches are constantly being hired and fired/leaving, there is not much consistency that allows change to be made. There are a handful of high quality teachers and the facilities are fairly nice.
It is a pretty decent school. Some of the teachers are nice and teach, others do not. Some use technology for class and help but others use it as a method to teach so that they will do nothing and sit down and relax. I wish they would pay more attention to teaching and see if we are learning about the topic instead of focusing so much about our grades and for some teachers to be actual teachers and teach a class.
I first came to Pine Tree my freshman year of high school. I was visiting schools because my family was moving to Longview. The greeting I received at Pine Tree was so warm and welcoming. The counselor was friendly and went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. Then I met the band director and some of the band kids. That sealed the deal. I made the decision and I have been happy ever since.
Pulling into the student parking lot is not generally and exciting occurrence for me, but that is how my morning starts every weekday. The entire school, including the parking lot and drop off area, is enclosed in semi functional black metal fencing that only really serves to create a feeling of imprisonment. Otherwise, the interior of the buildings are unremarkable, with graffiti and phallic images on the bathroom stalls and the ceiling stuck with pencils thrown long ago. The teachers are generally nice enough, with most giving off only a slightly stagnant attitude towards the students. But then walk down the math hallway and you will hear soft jazz floating out a particularly appealing geometry class that is packed to the brim. When the school bell rings, there are many who stay simply because they can, and that is a sign within itself. Overall, the school is alright, if not downright average.
It was pretty decent, I had really good teachers, overall. It wasn't outstanding, but it wasn't bad either. I enjoyed the school.
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Happy with the switch. Excellent teachers and not given enough credit. Administration staff are very friendly, prompt and helpful.
The school is fairly safe.
Our school has many athletic opportunidades
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