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Pine Tree Academy is an excellent school. It teaches children responsibility and how to be prepared for their future endeavors. It is a close knit community where all students know each other and interact with one another. It develops teens into young adults with motivation towards their future. Pine Tree is an exceptional school in which students become connected to this school.
All throughout my time there, the academics have been solid. Soccer, basketball, and disk golfing, are teams available to join. The coaches strive for togetherness and are very encouraging. The teachers are always making efforts to get to know you, and make your time worth while in class. Classes can get to know each other by the 8th grade trip to Boston, the Junior heritage trip, the Senior senior survival trip, and the mission trip to the location of the class' choice. My class went to India for our class trip. The music program is top notch, it includes bells, band, and choir. The NNEC Art clinic, and music clinics, are held at PTA, which give students the opportunity to work with and meet people from all over the US who come to participate in the clinics, as well as perfect their art and musical skills. Overall, I highly recommend Pine Tree Academy to all students, because of the great opportunities and a well rounded education it offers.
I had a great experience at Pine Tree Academy. I wouldn't trade those years for anything! I was lucky to be apart of a class that I loved and to have teachers and sponsors who truly cared about me and my class. PTA isn't perfect, but no school is and I wouldn't my experience there for anything.
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The Teacher are amazing and helpful! I enjoyed going the for 5 years. Yes there were there ups and downs but I wouldn't have gone to another. As a black female I went though so rude comments. But I knew how to handle myself, the teachers were enjoyable, hard but enjoyable and the principle is a amazing!
Pine Tree is a very small school but I honestly love it there sometimes the teacher helped me a lot. And the best thing about it there I don't see my teachers just teachers but mentors people that love me that want to see me succeed in college and after college.
Pine tree academy is one of the best schools I've ever been,both teachers and students are so nice and they can help you with your Homework and so.
I think that the teachers are great and are interested in their students. They really want their students to succeed and are willing to help those who need it.
The school could use some renovations, but considering the budget, they have a decent building.
I think that this school is very safe. I wish that there had been a school nurse and/or a guidance counselor who was there regularly.
I think that the school policies were fair and well enforced.
The class that prepared me for the real world the most was probably the personal finance course.
Dress code has always been a struggle. The students comply, but begrudgingly. The code has been amended multiple times because students keep finding loop holes around the original intentions.
We occassionally have fire drills and school assemblies to discuss safety policies. Very bacis proceedural things, but they are upkept.
The sports teams always have players that are really dedicated to the sport. Most of the team is hyped and energized for every game and practice. Of couse, not every player is this way. And the only drawback is that it is usually the same players playing every sport.
The school has recently experienced a reshuffling of sorts in the staff at the school. Multiple teachers have recently resigned their positions and the school has been hiring new replacements. New teachers are always hard to get used to. But these teachers are quite likeable even if their teaching styles can be somewhat disagreeable at times.
The school has recently been holding discussions on racial discrimination that has been going around the school. The school is ethnically diverse, and most people are respectful. But the ocassional racist comment has become more prevalent in the classroom. But it is a trending problem, not a growing one.
The school is in a transitional phase as claserooms are being upgraded with more technology. Almost every room now has a projector in it. But as the teachers are still learning how to use everything, technical difficulties are quite common.
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The school is really bad at scheduling events. Every weekend is always full and many weekends are double booked. It makes being in multiple extra-curricular groups very difficult if almost impossible.
The school does not have the funds to hire a school nurse to come in on a regular basis. Bullying is not a big issue at the school. Bullies exist, but incidents are usually few and far between without much trouble. I know some people who have been on drugs in school or who have brought drugs to school, but the issue was well handled and treated very seriously.
Again, there are not many options in the athletic department, but the school tries to provide the best it can based on what they have to work with.
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