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We have 2 kids at PSS and have been there for 3 years. First of all, does the founder encourage parents to get the word out? Sure! And what's wrong with that? People who post reviews are providing honest feedback from their experiences. The head of school and founder (2 different people) have been extremely receptive to all our questions and feedback. I find the staff amazingly engaged and very loving and nurturing to my kids. We value diversity of culture and thought, aim to provide our kids a global view on things, and PSS supports all of this. The parent community is down to earth, working professionals, from all over the world and a group of people that I'm grateful to call friends and acquaintances. I would love to help get the word out because I want the school to be successful. This is a world class IB education and I want the school to thrive, along with our children.
We are a proud Founding Family with our boys being at school for the last 4 years. IB curriculum, Mandarin or Spanish as 2nd language, a great focus on STEM, coding, engineering, sustainable development and an emphasis on project centered, public speaking and empowerment. We feel the school provides a very dynamic, modern and multicultural environment for the kids to develop their durable skills. All in a state of the art facility, with Top Notch teachers, under the guidance of Eileen Baker that delivers Dr Jennifer Jones vision with incredible acumen.
Pros: loving teachers, beautiful physical building.
Cons: narrow-minded administration, no help placing you in another school if you want to leave, exclusion of parents from the life of your child at the school (parents are not physically allowed in the classroom), no facilities like a library or gym, or swimming pool.
The postings on this sight are part of a campaign by the school's founder ti increase the school's media presence. She hand picks parents who never ask questions to write reviews and post them here. I know because I was at a meeting where she asked parents to do this.
There is no real physical activity at this school. Bullying is left unchecked. The founder says she doesn't believe children who complain - they are too young to be trusted. Think about that.
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I think of my children as global citizens and they must be multilingual, global thinkers with technological skills and committed with the planet. Pine Street School/PSS provides the best education with individualized learning, advance use of STEM and totally future oriented. PSS offers the IB curriculum based in inquiry and project learning and dual language immersion – Spanish or Mandarin. It is a school without walls where NYC is a rich resource of learning and interaction. The school focuses on sustainability, the environment and social projects. Our 6 years old twins are currently in Spanish First Grade and this is our fourth year at PSS. A strong partnership that makes us feel part of a family that shares the same principles, passion and desires for the future. The "Parenting for the Future" forum and book club is a school initiative that helps to look at the future and its impacts on parents and children. As a parent at Pine Street School I strongly recommend the school.
Years ago, we visited MANY schools before choosing Pine Street! Our son is now a first grade student in the Mandarin/English program and we couldn't be happier. The IB philosophy - a hands on and inquiry based approach to learning - has supported the development of our child's natural sense of curiosity. We do not speak Mandarin at home, but are in awe at how quickly our son and his peers have picked up the language! Beyond the approach and the school's strong academics - we are most impressed with how community oriented the school is! His peers and their families feel like an extension to our own AND the administration and his teachers genuinely make us feel as though they are in our "village."
In a city with a plethora of excellent schools, Pine Street School has significantly exceeded our expectations.

Our child is fortunate to have an exceptionally low student-to-teacher ratio (significantly lower than other private schools in the city), so there is almost an individual learning experience.

The learning itself is clearly very modern and does away with much of the rote learning of more traditional programs. For children like ours, who like to move, this is a big plus.

Perhaps more important for us than the curriculum, are the intangibles. Firstly, there is a focus on leadership for the students. Secondly, there is a real celebration of cultural differences, partly engendered by the wonderful language immersion courses. Within weeks of our child joining the Mandarin program, they were already singing Mandarin songs at their (non-Mandarin speaking) home. Thirdly, it is a very loving community. We feel genuinely lucky to be part of it.
Pine Street School is the school of the future. The International Baccalaureate curriculum which focuses on creating global citizens, combined with the use of technology as a way to empower students through the use of cutting edge tools, make this school superlative. I have twin girls (1st grade) who are truly flourishing in all of their uniqueness. As a parent this is exactly what I want.
This school has done nothing but exceed our expectations! Our child is in the 3rd Grade at Pine Street School and is thriving! From the language aspect to the IB method, we couldn't be happier here! We look forward to many more years with the PSS family and would recommend it to any and everyone!
I highly recommend Pine Street School. All of the teachers are so kind to each child, truly encouraging each to their strengths. My son is attending Kindergarten, Spanish. Although he is a bilingual child, I have noticed that his sentences are longer in Spanish than when he started. He is thriving , loves to attend and learn. I am confident that the school is setting a solid foundation for his learning path. He is truly developing a true love for learning. The school offers violin, swimming, arts, music, drama and stem program among others activities. The lunch is amazing and he is always excited about it. I am confident we made the BEST choice for our child.
Our daughter is in the Pre-K Pine Street School and has been flourishing. She looks forward to going to class every morning and is excited to tell us about her day every evening. The facilities and parent involvement are exceptional. We also found the IB/Montessori blended curriculum very appealing and unique. We visited numerous Montessori schools in the area and thought they were all good until we visited Pine Street School. It’s simply in a class by itself.