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What I like about Pine School is that they have amazing teachers that will always work with you and help you succeed. To become better I believe Pine School should also offer after school tutoring for the students who need it.
I enjoyed attending Pine High and would recommend this school to anyone due to the teachers taking time to teach and make sure that no child is left behind and the academics are excellent. I learned a lot from this school that other schools do not offer, like the welding program.
I went to school here as well as 3 siblings, numerous nieces, nephews, and my own children. This school in no way prepares students for an actual college education. If a student wants to excel at life and test the boundaries and do more and be more they will quickly learn how truly this ill prepared, "wonderful" school has set them up for failure. Maybe, like me, you are lucky enough to have kids that question everything and don't just take them at their worst because they are "teachers". It maybe the best school in the parish, but that isn't saying much.
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The teachers are all so kind and have helped me prepare for what life will be like after high school.
Pine school is a very awesome high school. I was blessed to be able to go to a school that puts academics first. The teachers here want to see their students become successful! I would recommend this school!
The people are great and so is the community. My teachers and some of my classmates are like another family. The faculty and staff at Pine High School is dedicated to ensuring we have the best opportunities to succeed in life. They have done a remarkable job at making sure that we are ready for college. If I had the choice to choose which school I would complete high school, I would have chosen Pine every single time. My mom works here, my cousins go to school here, and so does my friends. I wouldn’t want my four years of high school spent at any other school. This can be simplified down to one thing. This one very important thing is that Pine High School is my second home.
We are in a small school so not a lot of culture and diversity is here. Everyone is friends and everyone knows everybody. Most of the students get along and there are not really "cliques"
Our school has a lot of good policies to help on the other hand some are ridiculous. Girls can not wear headbands that are bigger than an inch I do not understand what a headband has to do with learning. Also, we can only wear certain color undershirts I do not feel like it should matter as long as the students body is appropriately covered.
I have had a lot of unique and favorite experiences at my current high school so far. What makes this school unique is the technology we have to offer. The technology we have to offer gets students, faculty, and staff familiar with the latest technology used in everyday life. I have had a lot of great memories in this school;compared to others schools I have attended, this school is the smallest. I love how you can have a one on one relationship with the teachers.
There are a lot of different options of clubs. Many people join clubs ,but I wish there was more of a variety. The clubs consists of traditional clubs such as 4-H, Beta Club, Bible Club those are all good ,but I wish they had something more exciting like more Performing Arts clubs; Clubs so that each student can have a club of something they enjoy such as book reading club or study club or some things like that.
Some of the teachers are very good teachers ,however some are not so great. I assume most schools are like that as well. I feel that our priciples are very interested in helping us achieve our goals and we get awarded when we have reached academic achievement. The last few years we have gained five new sports and the principles are trying include every student in activities. All in all the school is alright it just needs better food.
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