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Pine River-Backus High School Reviews

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Everyone (students, staff, faculty, parents, etc.) was incredibly friendly from day one. They are all supportive and welcoming. I loved coming to school everyday.
Some of the teachers are excellent, but there are some who are tenured and dont bother teaching.The size of school is nice for forming friendships and for a small student to teacher ratio, but the size also means not enough students to fill out some sports teams.
Overall there is some cultural diversity and students mostly respect each other. The facility is nice, and the safety level is high.
About 20% of the teachers are GREAT. Several are average, but unfortunately the terrible teachers number 25% or more and overshadow the rest.
Textbooks are not assigned and students are expected to do all work on the computer which is not fair for students who may not have internet at home. It’s also hard on students to have to stare at a computer screen all day. The school board is non-responsive to any issues that may be brought up.
If you’re not a teacher’s kid or have a big name in town, don’t expect to get to play on varsity sports teams.
This is pretty much just a school to get through in order to earn a diploma. There’s nothing that stands out as great, and you will be just barely prepared for life if not somewhat behind after attending this school.
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I liked that there are bery vew people that bully, or do drugs. I liked that the teachers really care for you and notice if your having a rough day.
I like the close community and good teachers. I would like to start seeing students being recognized for things that usually go unnoticed.
Overall, Pine River-Backus High School is an excellent place to learn and the teachers here are absolutely amazing. My teachers help me with any given topic in the subject and do their best to help me understand the material. The school offers CIS courses, which givens students in 11th and 12th grade to take classes for college credit, for FREE. This is a huge help for many students, and by the time I graduate I will have nearly two years of college completed at no cost to me! While the academics and teachers are great, one thing the school struggles with is diversity. This school is prominently Caucasian, and there are not many people of color. I wish to see that new kids from different backgrounds and cultures come to Pine River-Backus High School in the future. It would be a great opportunity for kids to learn about other cultures, and I believe that this would result in kids being a lot less ethnocentric.
The school is great and people are very nice. Staff makes sure you are keeping on your grades and help you to not fall behind.
What I like about Pine River-Backus is the overall atmosphere. Everyone here, including teachers and students, are so welcoming of each other. The academics and activities overall are pretty good. The school does have a great custodial and teaching staff. It's a small town, so everyone knows everyone almost personally. If I were to change something about this school, I would just add more activities, clubs, and more class options.
Coaches push you to do your best
It's hard to speak your opinion without getting judged
Some teachers spend more time explaning and less work time
As a small school, the extracurriculars are limited and often poorly attended.
Our food is provided relatively cheap which limits the amount of options we have.
Our school is fairly small and does not provide a bunch of sport options, but overall we are fairly good at what we do. School spirit is where we are lacking.
Rules and policies are clearly set and most students do follow and listen to their teachers.
Most of our classes prepare students for college, but a few are lacking in the area of preparation.
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