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Pine River Area Middle/High School Reviews

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I love Pine River. Everyone here is very close knit and has friends of all different types of people. There isn't much cultural diversity but everyone has different views on subjects and everyone is very easy to talk to. The staff at Pine River is very nice and they care about their students. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to a student in need.
Pine River High School is the best high school I could have attended to be on track for college. The teachers are all caring and encouraging. They do everything they can to make sure that you understand the material that is being taught and that you're ready for college. They expect the most out of you, which is very beneficial to the students because you put your best work forward. Pine River Area Schools is a great district.
If a student is playing in one sport they are most likely in a fall, winter, and spring sport. The sport options at this school are the standard options, no swimming or anything. There is definitely some favoritism towards football and basketball. The wrestling program is the best one there, but it is not given the credit. The band isn't the best but the teacher loves her job and each and every one of the students. The volleyball coach is only in it for the money and doesn't help the players. They do not get any better. That's why we haven't won a championship since she has been there. As far as clubs go, there isn't any. There is a few organizations like NHS but not even that many of those.
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I would 100% not attend this high school again and I feel sorry for my little brothers because they aren't anywhere close to graduation. The new superintendent does not like to listen to other peoples' opinions and the whole environment there gets worse and worse every year.
I say it's okay because it is about half and half. Some of the teachers there are really great; they make sure each and every one of their students is actually understanding the material and they are letting the students engage. The other half of the teachers are judgmental, rude, and choose favorites. Often if you are not one of the favorites, you are found struggling or falling behind.
I would not understand anything in my classes if they never worked with me outside of class. They are under-appreciated in my opinion
School liaison officers used to be in the school everyday but funding became an issue and they are not used anymore.
Mostly the clubs at this school are gear around Honor societies or student led groups like athletic training and tudoring.
This school is small enough that all students know each other and are supportive of each other. Due to the rural nature of the area, I would attend this school again if I could do it all over again.
Our teachers appear to only do enough work that is required. Only a few go above and beyond
I like the small, home town feel. Everyone's like family here. Not too many fights, not too many large, over powering groups, or gangs. And if i had to do it again, i'd do it here.
Everyone knows everything about everyone because it's a tiny school and community.
some of the teacher are not the best i dont know how they got jobs here.
the teachers at pine river are very friendly and most have special bonds with some of the students. i myself am very comfortable with the teachers and they help alot with school and non school issues. there isnt very many students and the ones here are relitivly kind. its so easy to make friends and have fun.
I really enjoyed my time at Pine River High School. I got along well with all of the staff and all of the students throughout my four years there. The community surrounding the school is very small, but is very close to one another which I really enjoyed. When I attended this school, I felt as if I mattered and was noticed by a lot of people which definitely makes you feel good about yourself.
There is always teachers that are always there to listen when you need it.
There is a great variety and is very health choices. We supply foods for anyone who has allegries and such.
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If you aren't straight and christian, you'll probably stand out a bit, but people are still accepting and considerate.
The band was my second family and we had many opportunities to travel, including trips to Chicago and Cedar Point. Every other year the Spanish 3/4 class goes on a trip to Mexico City, Mexico for a week which is an amazing learning experience.
Classes get more challenging as you progress, but are never really hard. You don't learn to study really if you are a "good student" because you never have to struggle.
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