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Pine Ridge High School Reviews

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I would like to see them to prepare the kids more for college and help as much as possible.
It’s a nice school but anything can happen without anyone knowing because it is not that protected
Pine Ridge has given me so many opportunities to grow and prepare myself for life. With a variety of clubs and programs, sports, access to higher level learning, and amazing teachers and staff I am proud to say I will be graduating as a panther!
I loved all of the staff and how they cared to listen to students. I enjoyed being involved in clubs and getting to take part in various events throughout the school. They were always open to trying new things that we would come up with.
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Over the years with getting a new principal. He has made this school better in many different ways. He has changed it for the good and is helping the students strive to be great
Pine Ridge High School is an okay School. I would like to see more time and money put into other sports other than just football. I would also like them to remove the uniform dress code and no hoodies/headphones allowed. The rules are so uncalled for, and doesn’t help students with their education whatsoever.
I love that this school listens to our concerns and tries to make a difference and wants our input. I just dislike the dress code which isn’t the school’s policy, but the county’s.
I enjoyed being a student at PRHS. The band program is fun and is a great experience. The best aspect of the school is the clubs and activities. The teachers involved with the organizations are very good.
Pine Ridge has had a rough past not going to lie, but we have gotten a new principle who is doing all that he can to help our school excell and become better. My experience with Pine Ridge has been incredible. I honestly don’t want to leave.
I liked everything about Pine Ridge High school i was an athlete there and played three sports all four years i attended. I feel like one thing they should improve on is a little bit more of college readiness. A lot of kids think college is going to be just like high school, i feel like the teachers should stop holding the kids hands and treat them like professors do in college
The teachers and the staff are good people and friendly and make you feel at home. But the way the handle irresponsible students can be better, and the school culture ans sports culture is bad
My experience at Pine Ridge has been good and bad. Doing activities outside and in school make school not so bad. There is a lot of classes, sports, and clubs available at Pine Ridge. Teachers are average, some are really good but also some teachers don’t get the point across when teaching and they come across as bad teachers. The food is poor, either cold or shriveled, the food most of time doesn’t look apilling either. The school itself it a good school but the students who attend are partially to blaim in the average/poor rating, kids think they have all the power at school and are just totally disrespectful most of the time to teachers and leave the school a mess leading to bad appearance and rep of Pine Ridge.
What i liked about my school was how hard teachers worked for their students in order to make sure they get good grades
I was only at PRHS for 2 years (my junior and senior year). The school felt welcoming to me. I was easy to adjust with the help of the phenomenal teachers and staff. Learning was fun at this school, and everybody felt like family. I would like to see more trees around campus, but other than that, the school was always clean and beautiful and organized.
The teachers always made sure to help me when it was needed and keep me on track. The faculty there was always involved and helpful to many people.
Pine Ridge High Shcool is exellent. My teacher are very nice and treat us all equally. They have helped me alot in my senior year. I've also learned very much this last year. The learning experience is fantastic. I feel safe and comfortable with the campus. Administration is always willing to help and to keep the peace in shcool. I am very satisfied with my experience and I recommended to anyone who is pursuing high school.
Most of the teachers are great and really care about their students. I was in honors and AP classes and those teachers are hands down the best. They're tough but caring and do a good job of preparing you for college. Guidance Counselors aren't the best though.
My is a wonderful experience because I am involvement in the program AVID. This program not only helps you prepare for college but it also teaches you skills that you can use in your day to day life. It makes you a better person ready for the real world. Something that I have to deal with almost daily and weekly being a female is the bathrooms at school. Don't get me wrong the custodians do an amazing job. It's the student that trash the place. I sometimes questions myself of some of the females actions. I believe that this issue should be address with cation and authoritative manner.
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I love the amount of school spirt you see around campus but I would like to see better maintenance on it.
I liked the teachers and how involved they are with trying to get you ready to graduate and take finals. I wish the campus was a little cleaner though!
Despite our reputation pinehigh school is not all bad. Sure the occasional fight breaks out but what high school doesn't. What i really like at my school is our band and chior program. In these programs i feel like it provides a home away from home. What i would like to see change at my school is actually three things firstly fix up of our school bathrooms. I heard in the guys bathroom a door is completely off the stall and in the girls bathroom locks are broken/gone or doors won't shut. The second thing is I want to change the lack of disapline althought i see there is an effort by our principal but its not enough. I see pepole who show up to school high/ drunk and sometimes i am sure they bring it on campus. Thirdly is the food some meals looks like barf and taste like it too. I would like to go back to when school food taste good which was elemarty school 8 years ago
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