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I have learned several lessons about myself and others since attending Pine Richland High School. I have been taught several skills needed for college, such as time management, organization, and prioritizing due to my busy schedule and workload. Going to a big high school also guided me in my college search because I knew what qualities I wanted in a university by comparing it to Pine Richland.
There seems to only be really good and really bad, so the overall experience is average. The teachers I’ve had were either awful or awesome. The thing is, academically, this school is amazing. It is also very safe. Another plus is that it has like no diversity so there is little tension and division within the student body
Majority of the staff are friendly and helpful, however the students are disrespectful, rude, and unkind. Bullying is a HUGE problem at this school. The academics are typically challenging and well taught, but the amount of bullying is awful.
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Pine-Richland did a great job preparing me for further education. Classes I took there were often more difficult than my entry college courses. Academically, it's absolutely top notch. Athletics, clubs, and band are popular and fun to be apart of, as a participant or fan (The Mob). The administration was good for the most part. Front office resources for college advising were outstanding. Almost all the teachers I had genuinely cared and would be willing to take time to help you if you asked for it. The school's main downside is a lack of diversity, both racially and economically. However, most students were down to earth. There is a definite competitive culture at this school, and that can be both a good and bad thing. All in all, while it wasn't perfect, I'm glad I went to PR.
The school district has an excellent academic reputation along with a strong music and arts program. There are so many student options in way of clubs, activities and athletics.
I liked the staff and positivity that was throughout the school. Some issues I did not like were the way the staff and council handled and avoided certain situations that needed to be addressed.
At Pine-Richland High School, I have found that my overall classes to be fair. There are a variety of teachers for almost every subject, although in my experience not all teachers in my opinion to be at the same level of teaching. The Social Studies, English, Physics and Engineering departments had some of the best teachers while the other departments ether had good teachers, mediocre teachers, or I did not have experience in the elective departments. I have been apart of two major clubs at our school, Students Against Destructive Decisions and Technology Student Association. I found these clubs to be both informative and helping in getting me closer to my fellow peers. In my High School Career, I have participated in both Track and Swimming/Diving. I have enjoyed both sports and would highly suggest them to anyone wanting to be a student athlete. Over my past four years at Pine Richland High School, I have found my overall experience to be pleasing.
Pine Richland is a welcoming, supportive and high achieving school. It provides their students many opportunities to participate in clubs, the arts and athletics. It was the best choice for our children.
PR has recently gone under great scrutiny about their unisex bathrooms
There's many opportunities for everyone
Some parents try harder to get their child a good grade rather than the child working for their own grade
Some of the teachers are awful and have little to no respect for their students but other teachers go beyond what is expected of them and have big influences on student's lives
To start, bullying here, in its classic physical form, is almost non-existent. I have never been physically bullied here and I don't know of anyone who has. There's maybe 1 or 2 fights a year but that's essentially it. Occasional verbal taunts do exist but its not anything prominent. The closest people usually get to fighting is on twitter. There's a policemen on campus but he's rarely noticeable, and the drug dog sweeps are ineffective. The security is great however. Visitors cannot enter the building unless they go through a series of locked doors through the office and are giving visitors passes and camera are everywhere. The nurses are nice and helpful Anonymous bullying systems exist, and the school does its best, but usually if anyone reports something the other will know who reported them. I personally, never have ever felt unsafe here. Not for a second. Nothing much happens inside the school walls, especially anything threatening. Drugs and alcohol are widely used of course with most all upperclassmen partaking in one or the other to some degree, but generally not while in class.
I can't really say many bad things about sports and clubs here. I've participated in a few of both, and if I had to pick one thing I'd say they're a little too competitive at times (sports). But overall all the athletic teams perform well and take pride in their sport. Teammates are very involved and compassionate for each other and it shows. The clubs here are phenomenal. Their is a club for almost everything here. We have dozens- community services, peer support, foreign language, academics, arts, music, etc. The teachers do a good job of getting involved and supporting students. Personally I have enjoyed playing lacrosse here, as well as my involvement in various clubs. Lacrosse especially has been fun and beneficial for me, and I've made some lifelong friends through playing.
As stated in my last statement, the teachers here are great, which helps for a positive experience. One of the things that makes Pine-Richland great is our community. We live in an area that, while certainly not without its fair share of problems, is a great place to raise a family. Everybody here really cares about each other. There's never a friend far away, or a harsh neighbor. While I certainly think some parents are way too involved, and put a large deal of pressure of their children, it is relatively small problem and typical of suburban lifestyle. PR is unique in the sense that we really do have people from all different backgrounds. There's rural areas, new suburban development, historical housing, high income, low income, it has it all. That's part of what makes it special. We all learn to appreciate different paths of life at a young age. My favorite experiences often stem from sports here- even ones I'm not involved in. I play lacrosse, which isn't exactly a huge crowd draw at any level. Yet when we went to playoffs, or played our rival, their would be students and parents alike packing in the stands cheering for us. It really brings a sense of community. I love participating in our "Mob" Student Section. We have "student section leaders" who bring music, chants, tailgates, and good times to all our football and basketball games. Our football team made it to the Pennsylvania AAAA state finals- the biggest high school game in the state. It takes place in Hershey, which is over a 3 hour drive for us here in Pittsburgh. And yet, the school arranged buses for students and parents alike and we piled thousands of people into the stands to cheer on our Rams in an exciting heartbreaker of a game. For better or worse, our community is one of pride and passion. I've lived in other areas, other states even, and nothing compares to here. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I might not get along with everyone, but we all manage to come together in the end.
Overall, the quantity of high quality teachers here certainly outweighs the bad. Our science department is the only area in particular where I have had issues. It seems the teachers there have more interest in the high-performing students. But that being said, they are still consistent in their methods, and all knowledgeable. However, there are many great teachers here. I have had teachers here who have legitimately changed me for the better as a person, and a student. I had a German teacher my sophomore year, who not only got me to love German, but to appreciate different languages and cultures. In 8th grade, I had a D in math. But once I switched schools and came here, my grades improved drastically. The teachers really cared about my success and offered to meet with me whenever I could. In English, I started at standard English 9. The teachers I received got me interested in reading and writing as a whole. They incorporated modern day effects of historical literature, and got me excited to go to class every day. By the end of my junior year, I finished AP English with a high B. History I have nothing but great things to say about. I always loved History, but they took my passion to new heights. The teaching I received is what has influenced me to become a History teaching major. Every teacher has been a great story teller, and puts everything we learn into context. All very smart when it comes to their craft, and it showed in their compassion for the students. My APUSH teacher was especially exceptional. In addition to her always offering fun and intuitive learning experiences, she was a role model to us. After one of our classmates committed suicide, she dedicated the first half of the period to giving an emotionally driven speech to us about how their is always beauty in life. Everyone I know respected her, and hearing her words helped us cope. The teachers here truly care and are highly qualified and I have been grateful for what they have taught me.
There are a lot of clubs and extracurricular opportunities. The ones that are student run aren't as good as the others, but they are all still very fun and inclusive. I really enjoy Spanish Club (it is run by students) because we do so many activities to explore the Spanish culture and everyone there is very fun and kind.
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This school has come great opportunities and it has drawbacks as well. I am in the gifted education program, so I get some opportunities the other students do not necessarily get. I have been able to hone my career options and college searches through the gifted education with the help of my gifted teachers. This has been one of the best experiences at this school. However, this school does not seem unique. There are no special options or clubs/groups, and the school as a whole does not seem to care about the well being of the students. Like I stated earlier, however, there are a few exceptional teachers who do really care about your health as well as your education.
There will always be that one teacher who doesn't adequately teach their classes, and, of course, this school has a few. However, the number of great teachers who engage with the students outnumbers those unsatisfactory teachers. Many of these teachers are actually concerned for the students' well being and for their education. Their grading stays consistent the majority of the time, and they provide the students with appropriate education. As for those teachers with inferior qualities, they can ruin a student's day very quickly. They don't seem to care about the well being of the students and they definitely do not care about their education either.
Overall it is a good school, but there can be a lot of mounting pressure on students
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